Quilts for Fire Victims

The quilts I enjoy making the most are quilts to donate to those who have suffered loss or just need a quilt.  Vince always asks how I know they appreciate the time and effort that went into making them and that’s something I never know and honestly, once a quilt is given away, it’s no longer mine and what happens to it after that is out of my hands.  I try to explain to Vince that giving the quilts is something I do as much to satisfy my own feeling of needing to help, as it is for helping those in need.

Last night I printed out the instructions for Option 3 for the green mono quilt and that’s what I fully expected to begin working on this morning but when I awoke, watching the sun rise over the lake through our open window (I did have to add another quilt on the bed last night!), I knew that instead of the the green quilt I’d planned to work on, I would work on a quilt to be given to someone who lost everything in a Texas fire.  My plan is to make 10 quilts to donate.  A friend’s daughter lives in or very near Bastrop County, one of the hardest hit and closest affected counties to where we live.  Marla is helping with relief efforts so I know I can get the quilts to her and she will make sure they go where they’re needed.  Her mom, Sandy, has been my friend forever, so once I get them done, Vince and I can drive down to Austin, meet Sandy and her husband for dinner, and I’ll give the quilts to her to give to Marla for distribution.

When trying to decide what pattern to use, I wanted something that easy enough but not so intricate that I couldn’t get 10 made fairly quickly.  The very first email I read this morning was from a blog reader talking about a Disappearing Nine Patch so the first quilt I make is going to be a Disappearing Nine Patch.  I figured in order to comply with the green mono challenge, just in case I don’t get it done, I’ll do a green Disappearing Nine Patch!  Pretty smart thinking on my part, don’t you think?  🙂

I may have to dig through more boxes for more green fabrics but the bottom left stack are the darks, bottom right are the mediums and the top are the lights.  Some are kinda interchangeable — lights/mediums — but I think these will work out quite nicely.


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    What sizes are you looking for?
    If I sent you a quilt top, would you be upset, or could you sandwich it and quilt it and send it off to someone who needs it?

    I’d love to help.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I just talked to my friend’s daughter and she will be glad to distribute the quilts. The ones I make will be in the 60″ x 80″ range probably but there will be the need for smaller ones too. If you have some to send, I’d be happy to quilt and bind them for you and then get them off for distribution.

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        I have one and will put one or two more together. I don’t have a long arm and it’s REALLY expensive here. So I’ll give you a hollar when I have another one ready and get your address. 🙂

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    Judy, I think you are so generous to make 10 quilts for those who have lost everything. I’ve recently made quilts for Japan, and sent a box of quilt tops to be quilted for Joplin. I too feel that I get the most enjoyment making quilts for those who really need them. I’ve never made the disappearing 9 patch before, so I am assuming it is easy. I used the Yellow Brick Road and I like the way it turned out.

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    Toni in TN says

    Good heavens, I just this past wekend finished a green and cream disappearing nine patch. I’ll be quilting it in strips while learning to do meandering quilting. I am so free motion challenged.

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    One of these years, I’ll actually make a large quilt and it’ll be good enough to donate to someone. Not yet, unfortunately, but it’s a wonderful idea to make quilts and donate. You’re a very lovely woman, Judy.

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    Thank you for being the kind and generous spirit that you are. Wish there were more like you.

    I was at the Pine Tree Quilters in Raleigh today and sat with Karen Stiles – who in turn just moved here from Nevada, MO and said she was in guild there with you and knew you as a very kind and generous person. She sure knows you and I told her I would say HI to you. Judy C in NC

    Glad Speck is feeling much better.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      How cool is that!! I just got an email from her this morning. There were three families that all left about the same time. They went to NC and another family came here. Give her a hug from me when you see her. She’s a sweetie and a very hard working and kind person.

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    Cindy Bartz says

    I was also wondering if I made a top, back and binding and sent it to you if you could quilt it and donate it?

    Email me and let me know. Glad to hear Speck is on the mend. I love dogs and enjoy hearing about him. My babies are pretty darn spoiled and I love them! Pets give so much in return. They know I’m bummed about some issues personally and they have been super extra lovey lately!

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    Linda B in MI says

    I will see what tops I have and get a package off to you…I have a friend on a yahoo group who lives in Bastrop. She is packed in the car and ready to go…yes she has her sewing machine packed…. She says the stress id extreme and crying does not help…

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    I had planned to quilt some kid-size tops and contribute them to the Central Texas Wildfire Quilt Drive (details here: http://moderndayquilts.tumblr.com/CentralTXWildfireQuilts) … but I don’t manage to turn my tops into quilts, I’ll send them with their backs and batting to you. I’ll email you for your info if I need to send them.

    The fires in this immediate area haven’t been too close, but I live next door to the very dry and dying “green belt” … when I was thinking how nice it would be to be so close, I never considered what could happen if there was a fire …

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    Mary says

    I know just how you feel about making and giving quilts. I always consider myself lucky that I’m in a position where I can spend my time doing it.

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    Glad we have another outet for charity quilts, Judy. I think there are a lot of us who make quilts for donation because of the way it makes us feel… not quite so helpless in the face of misfortune and adversity.
    I love the DNP… goes together so fast and ALWAYS turns out well, no matter if it is really controlled color or not. Find that making the center square of a really bright fabric (or contrasty one), because of the repeat, makes the DNP “pop”.
    Remember the “Wonky Stars” everyone was making for the “Bush Fire Project” in Australia a couple of years ago? Those were pretty quick to make as well.
    Texas should be glad to have you as a new resident!