Memory Sticks

Memory sticks for my cameras are so full of memories!  Yesterday I was looking for something and pulled out several SD cards and I guess it’s the modern day way of sitting down with a box of family photos!

Some of the photos brought back good memories and some . . just the look on Chad’s face, remind me of some of the years when I thought I wouldn’t make it!  He was probably 18 or 19 when this picture was taken and those were a couple of years that life wasn’t easy for either of us.

See that look?  He wanted to say something he wasn’t quite brave enough to say . . I know it!  🙂  He hated my camera!

The facial hair!  It’s been an issue since he grew the first one but I think at this point, I was tempted to shave him while he slept!

This one was at Bobby & Jenna’s wedding and I think he was 21-1/2 then and things were getting better/easier.  Is he cute or what?

Nicole looking at our chocolate wine and eating something!  I miss her so much!  She’s such a funny girl.  I think I’ve said it before but before I met her and Chad was describing her to me, he said “You can’t help but be happy around her.”  It’s so true.  Even reading her texts, when she isn’t saying something funny, I smile because I can just imagine her facial expressions if she were telling the story in real life.  I like her so much!

I don’t remember what Chad was so happy about but he was smiling about something.  This picture was fairly recent and this one makes me miss him a lot.  Everyone always told me during the worst of the teen years that by the time he got about 22, life would change and we would be good friends again.  It happened . . and now I don’t get to see him every day!  That’s life, huh?

 The scariest picture of all — the hair!  I must have taken a picture of an old picture from probably 20 years ago.  I think I was working with the kids at church one night.  It was late and I was ready to go home.  I think I was a grump that night!

That was a long, long time ago . . a different life completely.  I like the current “me” better!


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    Oh the Memories of this POST. I remember some of the Blogs that has these pictures in them too! It is fun to look back sometimes. I wouldn’t go back- EVER. The hard years with my 4 boys was when they were 13-14 and life was a JOKE. I was so happy when they realized it really wasn’t. I hate the facial hair too and they know they make more MOM points when they shave for family Photos.

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    Kathleen says

    I believe we all go through times that seem like they are lasting forever and we aren’t going to make it through but then as we look back, they went quicker than they seemed to at the time. Our hope is that we did make it through them and grew from those experiences. Sounds like you did!

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    Love cruising down memory lane with you this morning!

    What you need to do is go to one of the photo sites where you can make a photo book. Put the pictures of Chad growing up into a book. When technology hiccups you can lose your photos, or the newest computers won’t read your floppys any more and you will have lost your photos.

    I do this with my dogs, with my quilts, with my vacations. You can acually write words like a book format or just captions. I have done both.

    Not expensive either!


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    I have recently found photos that I haven’t seen in a while of my family and they made me smile. Oh, and I had the same hair cut at one time too. It was way hip at the time !! And my son is getting to the growing facial hair stage and he has told me of his ultimate beard goal…..not the usual beard either. ;0)

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Love the photos! What a beauty you were/are! I don’t think that our kids ever really stop being kids and kid-like where moms are concerned.

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    lw says

    I think you have to drop your “modern” filter when you look at yourself in old photos and try to put yourself back in that time frame. Then you can see a pretty, well-groomed woman with a current hair-style.

    I’m one of the few women I know who like beards, though I think Chad is more handsome clean-shaven with that strong chin.

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    Linda in NE says

    Looking at old pictures can be fun….or not!! As for the hair, maybe you were already trying for the Texas “big hair” look. Or maybe that was the fashion then & you were right in style.

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    I think I must have owned that blouse and that hair at some point in my life. Loved seeing the pictures – I always tell my friends with teenagers, “you will live through it, you just will not look the same.” Judy C in NC

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    I like reading posts like this one because they give me hope. I still have one child who doesn’t sleep through the night… why? He misses me 🙂 So while I know it feels like I haven’t slept in years I know sooner than later he won’t want anything to do with me anymore so I’m trying to enjoy it!