Yesterday’s Progress

Nine big nine patch blocks were made yesterday.  You can see the top left has already been sliced.  I had to do that one because I kept confusing myself about which squares couldn’t be the same in each block.  I have it all down now . . I think.

There probably needs to be twice this many blocks so I hope I can get them all done today but Speck has to go to the vet for another laser treatment so that will interrupt my sewing time a bit.  I’m making good progress on this one though and I think it’s going to be pretty.


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    Thus far, I have resisted making a disappearing nine patch. They look like so much fun, but I have obligations to finish first! Maybe if I just pick out some fun fabric…

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    Marla says

    I did one a few months ago using charm squares of the Lilac Hill line from Moda. I think that is what it was called. All those luscious purples with that spring shade of green was luscious. Gave to a friend for her 25 wedding anniversary. It was such fun to do. I tried to put a red shade fabric in the center of each final block and it was so neat!

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    Sorry to hear that Speck is under the weather. I do hope he is much better soon.

    Your disappearing nine patch is coming along……..

    All of my time lately seems to be taken up with insurance adjustors and things like that………

    Maybe tomorrow I can sew again.

    Thanks for the recipes. I have the printed and will be cooking them Sunday…..

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    QuilterB says

    I’m working on this pattern now. Using up leftover four inch squares from a scrappy king sized quilt. I put a light block in the center and used medium and dark for the outside squares. Everything looks so different after you slice the block. Turning out to be a very nice comfort quilt. I plan to back it with some left over flannel. Love getting a “free” quilt from leftovers.

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    Carol Campbell says

    This is a technique I’ve been wanting to try and this effort would be a great reason to do one. I’ve got plenty of stash to try it out. What size squares are you cutting for the 9 patches? I have a retreat coming up in a couple of weeks. Would be fun to work on there.

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    Hi to the other Carol Campbell! I have never “met” another “me.” My maiden name is Campbell… as I scrolled down half asleep this morning and saw “MY” name I thought oh good grief! I answered a post about quilting in my sleep and used a name I haven’t officially used since 1972??? I don’t know how to quilt, I just LIKE quilts….whew! I was relieved to get to the sentence about having a stash because I don’t have one so I guess I wasn’t posting in my sleep! I admire all of you ladies who are willing to make a quilt for strangers. Bless your hearts, each and every one of you. Judy, as someone who has lost everything in a fire…as a 12 yr old and parents had no insurance….please tell Vince, that yes, anyone receiving a quilt when they have absolutely NOTHING to hold on to…yes, they will appreciate it. It will be the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. Here in Amarillo our police officers have donated teddy bears and quilts in their trunks to give as comfort to victims of abuse or in times of lose, injury, etc as they do their job. and re: insurance….when my kids left home and got their first apartments they knew I would nag them til they got renters insurance, which here averages about $10 a month. Jut sayin’

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    I’m still accumulating squares for my disappearing 9 patch, and now I can’t wait to do it. This might be my first full-size quilt. This is such fun for a newbie quilter like me.

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    Sandy says

    I am currently making my first Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. I am using 3 Moda charm packs and I have a question. Since there are alot of different prints in a charm pack, when you cut the block apart after it has been sewn, you rearrange it and sew it back together, right? So could swap out different parts of the block to another block? Just wondering if anyone does that?