I Love Texas!

Our luck may have just changed. I’m afraid to say anything til we have a done deal but we’re both way more excited than we’ve been about anything yet. We should know something definite by mid-day tomorrow.


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    I was reading some of your older posts about the snake problem and rabies problem in Texas.

    I saw a news report about the snakes about a week ago and the vet on the news said that all Texas dogs need to be vacinated for possible snake bites. I have never heard of such a thing but evidently it helps lessen the affect if your dog does get bit. They’ll still get sick, but most likely won’t end up dieing.

    And as far as rabies goes, Texas has always been really bad. Years ago my brother got bit by a rabid skunk. He didn’t know which was worse, the series of shots or the fact that half the state knew that he was dumb enough to lose a fight with a skunk.

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      Our vet said that it’s mostly for outside dogs or dogs that go out unattended. He didn’t recommend it for Speck since he only goes out on a leash and with one of us with him and we’re real careful about watching for snakes.

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    Ruth says

    Keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer for you both.
    I hope you’re not disappointed this time.

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    WHOA! Hold your Horses and Stop the Presses! Judy LOVES TEXAS!!! Keeping good thought going for you and your sweetheart to find that nest to be empty in…

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    Sandy K says

    I sure hope you have good news tomorrow. Would love to have
    a happy ending to the house hunting .

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    Dawn in California says

    That sounds exciting! I sure love reading about your adventures! Can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon to hear all the details!

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    Laurel from Iowa says

    Well, Iowa State (my alma mater) beat Iowa today, so miracles can happen! Looking forward to hearing your good news soon. God bless!

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    Sandy says

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you get good news tomorrow!

    PS Did you ever find the handles to your longarm?

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      No! We’ve looked in every package we think they might be in and there’s no way we’re going to unpack every single box looking for them.

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    Deb Myers says

    you’re leaving texas?????!! already?? back to louisiana???!!!!!!!now, that’s be a change of luck for you, for sure!!! can’t wait to hear what the news is all about!!!!! you’ve got me/us on pins and needles!!!

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    I hope your luck has taken a changed for the Best Ever! and this is your dream place! Light fixtures? Who would have thought they would be a deciding factor over the now infamous gas kitchen range. Is there one of those? Looking forward to hearing about the new place!