Such a Great Saturday!

Vince and I had breakfast at home this morning, then left to look at the 300 acre ranch.  The house was amazing but it was way too big for  us.  It has over 5,000 square feet and that’s just too much house for us, no matter how you look at it.

We did end up finding land that we really want.  It isn’t exactly for sale and it isn’t exactly not for sale.  The owners will sell part of the land they own but the part we like isn’t for sale and they’re going to talk about it and hopefully let us know tomorrow.  I will be disappointed if we don’t get it but it did give me hope that if we don’t get it, there’s something else out there we can find.  Vince wants a builder out of Fort Worth to build the house if we build so if we find out we’re getting the land, he’ll take off one day next week and we’ll go to Ft. Worth and meet with the builder and get some idea as to when they can get started.

Remember . . this is central Texas.  It isn’t Missouri so what’s “beautiful” land here, isn’t “beautiful” land in Missouri.

When we’re out looking, I sometimes feel more like a blogger than someone in search of a home, I tried not to be obnoxious with my picture taking.

There’s 72 acres that we want and it’s actually surprisingly close to town . . again . . close in Texas terms isn’t what most of the world would consider close.  We had an amazing ride through the land.  The realtor specializes in ranch properties and drove across rocks and creeks and I had visions of what settlers must have felt like crossing the Texas Hill Country in covered wagons . . only we were in an air conditioned, four wheel drive vehicle.  Bumpy and kinda scary!  I could just see us toppling over while going over some of those rocks.  Obviously, we survived!

As we were driving along, a big, fat squirrel jumped right out of the top of a tree and landed right in front of us, looked at us and took off running.  It was one of those things you probably only get to see once in a lifetime . . if ever.  We all said “Did you see THAT?” and just sat there.

Several times we came across a whole community of deer.  They would scurry off just to where they felt safer and stand and watch us.

The highlight of the day . . a bobcat jumped right out of the woods, grabbed a squirrel for lunch and stood still long enough for us all to say “WOW!  It’s a bobcat!”  Vince asked the realtor if she planned all that for us to be so intrigued by this piece of property that we couldn’t walk away.  She said she’s never shown a property when she had so many interesting things happen.

For me, the highlight of the property was a huge Asian Pear tree that produces truckloads off fruit.  So far, it’s survived the drought and made a lot of fruit this year.  We love Asian Pears and I don’t buy them often because they’re so darned expensive.

Another thing I loved about the tract of land we want is this:

It’s an old home place.  Look at that fence.  I asked Vince if we could do whatever it takes to keep the fence standing and not let it deteriorate any more than it has and he said yes.  See the rock steps.  We were told those were the steps leading into the house.  Can you imagine how many folks went up and down those steps.  Oh, I would so love to hear the tales those steps could tell!  If we do get the land, I’m going to maybe take a better photo of this spot and get it framed to hang in our home.  There are probable some folks in the area who can tell me something about the people who lived there.

So, we wait and hope that this works out and this piece of land will soon be ours!


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    Sharon says

    These pictures look kind of like eastern Montana. And “close” in eastern Montana is probably similar to “close” in Texas. I hope you get the property.

  2. 2

    Ann Wight says

    I have been reading your blog. What an adventure you have been through…still to come probably. “Close” here in Southern Idaho is 60 miles to groceries, 28 miles to school and the post office. We do have a neighbor nearby (2 miles.)
    I’ll be back to check on you. :>D

  3. 4

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Where we used to live the prickly pear cactus were beautiful in the spring time when they were all in bloom. I’ll be looking for recipes from you that tell how to make prickly pear jelly before long! Good luck on the land. Aren’t old house places wonderful?

  4. 5

    Gwen says

    We often judge close by how long it takes to reach our destination rather than the miles. Have you picked a spot for the house yet?

  5. 6

    Brenda in South Texas says

    I am not sure sure Brownwood is part of Central Texas. For about 18 years we lived just down the road from Brownwood and we called it West Texas. Not all of Texas looks like the photos you posted. Of course not much of any part of Texas is anything but dry, brown and ugly and burnt this year. Hopefully the much needed rain will come soon and get all the different Texas landscapes back to normal ! And, I do hope the land deal works out for yall.

    • 6.1


      Check it out. Brownwood is about 30 miles from the exact geographical center of Texas. Everything around here is referred to as “Central Texas this” and “Central Texas that”. Brownwood is about as close as you can get to central Texas, unless you’re in Brady. I’ve never heard this area referred to as west Texas. If you look at the picture here –,_Texas – the red dot is Brownwood — right in the middle.

      • says

        If you’re questioning whether Brownwood is part of the Texas Hill Country, Brown County was added to the THC in January, 2011.

  6. 9


    So the realitor has never taken a client on such an adventuresome afternoon outing. She obviously doesn’t know you very well!!! Nothing you do is not an adventure! I wish and Vince all the best with the new plan.

    • 9.1


      I think she’s just never had Mother Nature provide such a show. The realtor is out of Ft. Worth so my guess is that she’s had some adventure — being from such a large city.

  7. 12

    Alma says

    Deers and squirrels and bobcats…oh my!
    If and when you build your house remember you were forewarned.
    Someday the drought will end and the landscape will change for the better. I have seen it happen in Florida, Georgia and other states. Lakes that had cease to exist come back to life and it turns green again.

  8. 13

    Diana in TX says

    I’ve lived here long enough to say I hope you get it. It’s not always this dry, love the history with the fence and steps. And it looks like there is some contour to the land. It’s not west Texas. There I would find it hard to live in some of the counties, but then again have seen some beautiful areas. It is an adventure when you get off the main roads-that’s one reason we have a TahoeZ71. We love to do that, no telling what you will see. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  9. 14


    Deer, squirrels, bobcats—-add coyote, raccoon and mountain lion and bumpy road and it sounds a whole lot like our place Judy. :o) We have a different landscape though. Dense woods and oak leaf mulched ground to walk through. I hope all goes well, and let the adventure of building a house begin. I envy you the new house and getting everything you want built into part of the construction. That’s the fun part! All the permits, inspections, supply delays—not so much envy there. Building anything here in Calif. is an expensive nightmare. I hope it’s much, much better in Texas and your county. I love seeing the old fence and homestead. Once you get the place you should dig around for old artifacts and research more about the history of the building and property. Interesting change in your plans, but we wish you and Vince the best—Always.

  10. 15


    I have a theory that you and Vince actually live in a 3rd floor walk up in New York City, and that Vince takes these pictures while travelling on business.

  11. 16


    judy, THIS is why you couldn’t find a house when you were looking! i think you are supposed to build here. sure hope it works out and things go smoothly now. good luck!

  12. 17


    Stop making me homesick for Albuquerque! I’m a Missouri native and my family is here, but my heart belongs to New Mexico. All the sand, cactus, mesquite, etc. is beautiful.

    • 17.1


      You give me hope! The people here are so nice and Vince loves it here so I know that some day I will too — probably once we find our own place and can stop looking and start settling in.

  13. 18


    I just love reading your adventures as a new Texas resident. I moved to The Great State of Texas about 40 years ago from St Louis… married a Texas native ( born and bred!) and yep, it was a cultural awakening.
    Got rid of the husband but kept the state. LOL, married another guy born and bred here.
    I can’t imagine not being here.
    Beth in Dallas