The Lizard

If you want to see a picture of the critters I’m calling lizards, go to this pagewarning — there are lots of snake pictures here.  But pass by all the snakes and you’ll find the Texas Banded Gecko.  That’s what we have.

My friend, Susan, told me they don’t bite, but they eat bugs – flies, spiders and I forgot what else so I guess there are worse things than having these lizards.  It’s just that they’re so fast.  When I turn on a light, I see tails and quick as a blink of the eye, they’re gone. Hiding behind or inside a box of fabric I’m sure.  There are so many places in this house where they can come in, there’s no way I could ever seal up all the spots they’re getting in.  We’ll just try to live peacefully together.



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    Diana in TX says

    the geckos and the anole lizards are plentiful here. We have a different type of gecko, but did see those in Big Bend. We let them alone, they are great bug catchers. Sometimes the geckos get in the house. If we spot them and can catch them we will put them back outside, otherwise they are free to eat any bug they find in the house. Right now I am watching a hummingbird preen himself on a live oak branch. Do love those little birds. Keep putting fresh food out every couple of days as they are heading south now.

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    I have had quite a few lizards in my house here in Az. I don’t mind them, I “accidentally” picked one up once, and it didn’t bite me, but I flung it across my bed! He was fine and I then picked him up and relocated him outside! Scared me cause I thought I was picking up a piece of paper and then it moved.
    Actually most lizards will bite if they are afraid, self defense. But they won’t come to you to bite you, in fact, when they see you, they will go the other way, but you already know this. 🙂 I have gotten used to them over the last 6 or 7 years, and I actually kind of like them now. I’ve never found them burrowing into fabric boxes, just running around the house.

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    Ruth says

    I really wouldn’t fancy geckos in my house, but I suppose like anything else I could get used to them; but not in my fabric! I’m enjoying learning about life in Texas, thanks for sharing.

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    Rose says

    I agree the geckos move fast. We lived 2 years on Guam and geckos were plentiful. We had a cat & she would jump up to get the gecko but gecko got away as it could shed it’s tail, which is all the cat got. Yes, the geckos eat bugs which is good as in the tropics there were plenty of bugs including the cockroaches which I had never seen in the upper Midwest. That is why I don’t like living in part of US that has so many creepy crawlers. They say you get used to them, but to me they are ugh!!!

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    The geckos we have here, not too far from y’all, are solid color. They can change colors to blend with their surroundings, and are nice little critters.

    I noticed right below the photo on the site you sent is a horned toad; at least, that’s what everyone I’ve ever known called them. I’ve never heard them called a Texas Horned Lizard. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen one. Makes me wonder if that’s the fault of the fire ants. They are sort of prehistoric looking.

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    Marla says

    Hey if they eat any spiders that would possibly ever get in my house, the lizards have my blessing! I hate spiders even more than snakes!

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    Debbie R. says

    Yuck, I thank my lucky stars I am in Kansas no such creatures here at least that I have seen in 59 years. My granddaughter was 3 when they lived in Japan and the geckos were all over.. she picked one up by the tail and the tail came off, my daughter nearly died… she still cringes and gets sick when that is brought up.

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    I saved myself the yuckiness of the snakes and searched google images for Texas Banded Gecko. I say YUCK to that too….don’t want that crawling around my stuff…what if it layed eggs……. 😉

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    Linda Bishop says

    Hi Judy
    Thanks for a look at your geko. I’m sure his colour scheme will inspire a quilt some day! The snakes though? Eeeek. When I visited Texas (5years ago) we set out to drive from Dallas to the east coast. The first cotton field we saw near the road we stopped the car, jumped the ditch and ran into the cotton field! We never gave a thought to snakes and critters! We often think back and wondered how we would have reacted if we had come across a critter.
    Taupo NZ

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    Clare says

    I saw that same striped one here in Tucson area this week. It scared me as it was right by entrance of garage door. We have a ranch style house – no stairs. One got in once, dont know how, cause I’m always checking when opening and closing doors. I put a clear plastic container over it until hubby got home. I dont deal to well with all creepy crawly things here. Yesterday husband caught a PackRat outside which was building a nest in between the 2 tanks of our water softener. YUCKKKKK

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    Mary Jo says

    I’m not sure how big these guys are, but I sure would check inside my shoes before I put them on!

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    Bonnie says

    I love seeing our (Ca) alligator lizards outside and they’ve been more plentiful the past few years, but this past spring I was quite surprised by finding, at separate times over a month and a half, 3 little lizards on the same sofa in the living room. I could only think that maybe they came down the flue of the fireplace but we have a spark arrester so not sure. I captured them in a container and put them out by the compost bin. Needless to say, they bother me much.

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Judy – do you need me to applique a few geckos onto your Brownwood quilt – they could be a nice addition…. oh no, then you couldn’t tell if the real thing was on it! Sorry – I couldn’t resist. 🙂 My sister had them when she lived in Texas – one took up residence in the outside chair cushion right in the bend of the cushion so you always had to check to make sure he had run off before sitting outside.

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    Keryn says

    I love geckos; we had them in Rockhampton, but they were Barking Geckos. They made a really loud sqwark, which fascinated the cats. I was pouring my coffee one morning and noticed an odd swirl as it went in the cup. I emptied it into the sink and there was a baby gecko, about an inch long, drownded in coffee. What a way to go! Thank heavens I saw it, I could have swallowed him; ecchhhhh!

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    Mel Meister says

    I think they are adorable. Here in Florida we have the green anoles and I love it when they are poised on the side of the house or a post and they cock their teeny heads and look at me.

    The Geico Gecko is patterned after these types of lizards.

    I’m not fond of snakes, but I don’t hate them either. My son used to have a red rat snake and I fed it for years before we gave him away (the snake, not my son!).

    Now, spiders and ants and other bugs, those I hate!

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    Geckos are wonderful to have around. Definitely let them stay. They won’t go in your fabric boxes because there is nothing for them to eat there :-). We have geckos here in Phoenix, along with many other kinds of lizards and I don’t mind them one bit. Scorpions are a whole nuther story. Ugh. I hate those vile creatures. I am currently allowing a mouse to live in my garage because I read that they eat scorpions. As long as he/she stays single, we will be fine. It would be a fool to ever come in the house with my three cats lol.

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    Joan says

    oh, ick!!! I hate crawly things, I suppose I could get used to the gecko’s but me and snakes would not get along at all. We have garter snakes all around outside, but they pretty much stay away from us. Slither in the garden occasionally and scare the pants off of me, but do not have any dangerous ones in the near vicinity.

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    Linda B in MI says

    oh ain’t it cute…in Florida all we had was the green lizards..the texas gecko has some great color and oh those red stockings!!

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    carol c says

    they lay lots of eggs in boxes that are packed up. I have found many from our storage building. ugh

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    Doe in Mi says

    Wow, your gecko is sure alot cuter than the horned lizard. LOL
    I think I could stand being around the gecko.

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    I love lizards and geckos! They eat not only roaches; but, also wasps! If they get in the house, I try to trap them to protect them from my cats. And, Dan grabs them and releases them outdoors! I actually have a friendly lizard living outside the sewing room window. He visits me every so often giving me the beady eye. LOL. 🙂