The Land

Nope . . don’t want to sell the tracts we wanted to buy.  I don’t blame them at all but we don’t want to buy the tracts they want to sell so . . once again, we move on.  On one hand, I’m disappointed because I really liked the land, the location, the old home place but, on the other hand, 72 acres was pushing the budget for us.  We still would have to put in the well, septic system, a road, fences, barns, a studio, a shop for Vince and build a house.  Vince kept assuring me it was ok, we weren’t spending too much but the economy still scares the heck out of me and I’d rather be spending less vs. more so, for that reason, I’m not terribly disappointed that they won’t sell us the land.

Maybe it’s because we’ve had so many deals that we thought would work and didn’t, maybe I just have a hard time getting excited about anything til we know for sure it’s going to work but deep inside, I believe there’s something out there for us and all these let downs and failures are happenning just so when the right place does come along, and it works, we’re going to love it and appreciate it even more.

Now, we know which direction we want to go, how far out we will go and we’ll be happy to get a house with land or, if we have no other choice, we’ll buy just the land and build.  No matter what . . something will work out and if it doesn’t, there’s a reason for it and we’re fine with that too.

Thank you all for your support and your prayers and your words of encouragement.  You’ve all been so great to lift my spirits – especially in the early days of this house hunt.  I remember in early April, some were telling me that when it got time for school to be out, more houses would come on the market.  That didn’t happen but it gave me hope and got me through a spot that was pretty rough. When any of us send encouragement to someone who is down or hurting or disappointed, we’re just one person but collectively, we never know how our one call or one email or one blog comment, added to those of others, will work to lift the spirit.

You know I’ll keep you all posted on the hunt for a home.



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    Well Darn! 🙁

    This Blogland is a wonderful place. People lift your spirits and encourage us through our trials and triumphs. I hope I help to lift your spirits. 🙂

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    Sooner or later, the place you’ve been waiting for will come along. Shame the acreage didn’t work out, but still…that’s a lot to have to foot the bill on and have to build too. It’ll get better!

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    awwww Judy, you are right…There is a paradise awaiting you in the rough Texas terrain….you just have not found it. Think of it as a treasure hunt, when you do find it, none will compare to the treasure you will find. I have been to that area you are at, as my husband was on a deer lease outside of Brady. It is a little rough, but we loved it down there. You will too once you are settled and in your own place. I hope it comes soon, as I know this is not an easy time for you….but….on the bright side, winter is coming and gone will be the snakes and lizards…..always a bright side!!

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    You have such a great attitude about the whole hunt, and therefore, I am sure you will find just the right place, even if it takes a while. Thanks for sharing all the encouragement and discouragement with us. You’re a brave woman!

    We’ve just taken our house off the market because we have to spend some significant $$ on lead abatement. We were hoping to move this summer, but the longer we stay in the house because we can’t move, the worse my baby’s lead levels get. Nevertheless, God must have a plan for us, and whoever buys our house someday will never have to worry about lead poisoning like we have.

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    Dear Judy, I was watching CNN this morning. From my safe , lovely house in southwestern Ontario , Canada. Remembering so many images from that horrible day 10 years ago. In June that year, my youngest daughter, at the age of 16, had surgery for thyroid cancer. 1o years later, she is so fabulous! That night? She slept with me. I held her close. One of the stories today was from Joplin. Did you see it? Those remarkable people who were repairing the injured flag, using fragments of other flags from other terrible times. I had goosebumps, and I’m not even American.

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    Alma says

    Judy, I know you are trying so hard to settle your house dilemma, but both you and Vince need to take some time off.
    Stop looking, reading, or talking about “what’s next” for at least a week. Take a road trip to someplace – a trip to and back home again in the same day. Go to a museum, a movie, a mall…any place that does not involve homes, land, building or moving. You need a break. There has to be something in the nearest big city where you can go for a few hours and forget what is/has been on your mind for so long. Take Speck to a dog park and let him run. Find a new restaurant. I don’t care if it is 99 outside, go downtown and walk for 2 blocks. Do anything but don’t think about home or land for awhile. It will refresh your mind and spirit.

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      Some days I’m not quite sure what you think we do or what you expect. We’ve been here 3 weekends. We’ve been to Abilene to explore and eat sushi. We’ve been to the BBQ Goat Cook Off for all day one Saturday and we spent yesterday exploring the Dublin area. We’re facing a very real deadline. We have to be out of this house in 5 months and we’re not the type to live on the street. There are NO rentals in this area. It takes 2 months on a good day to close on a house. We HAVE to find something. We do not have a week to spare! We have to look at everything and consider every possibility. Just like the land — it wasn’t for sale but by trying to get that tract, it might have worked. It didn’t but you never know til you try.

      We could take a week or a month off and forget about the house IF we didn’t have a deadline. I wish we had that option but we do not!

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    You are so right! There is a place out there that you are meant to be…When I first moved farther away from home my mom told me bloom where you are planted. I think it was great advice and it seems you are doing that.

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    Diana in TX says

    Sorry it didn’t work out this time, one of these times it will. Looked like a great place which is why they didn’t want to sell that particular piece. It’s a trying time, stay positive, there is something out there for Vince, you and Speck!
    Right now i would take all the bob cats and lizards , a few snakes to get rid of these ever lovin fire ants. Discovered a nest by the grill this evening. Of course didn’t find it until I looked down and my foot was covered with them. A few bites, not to many, then found another nest just now close to the first and yes a few more bites! We dumped a lot of powder down and will have to figure out how to get the dogs in and out without walking through the poison! I’m carrying the scars from my first encounter with them 12 years ago when we moved here! Glad I’m not allergic to the little pests! I have other names for them as well, but none printable!

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      I hate fire ants and have been so lucky to not have to deal with those in a few years. Good luck getting rid of them all and especially keeping the dogs away from the poison.

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      Cheri says

      Way off the main subject here, but to get rid of those ants get a product called Logic or Award. It is so effective and is not a poison, but is a birth control. We have been using it for years and never use the poison step in the treatment you can read about at this link. If you use the Logic twice a year, you can pretty much dispense with the poison. This is also a very cost effective control. Here’s a link that gives some info:

      • lw says

        Thanks, Cheri! I’ve noticed that when I’ve tried to poison ants, they just increase how many more ants they give birth to so they don’t die out– this solution sounds much safer and more importantly, it looks like it works.

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    Seems like you have the best attitude. Something will come around and I’m positive that it it be the best thing for you and Vince.

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    We spent over 2 years looking for the “right” place. At times, we got really frustrated, but in the end, its worked out really well. Don’t get discouraged with it taking a while. I think the best thing that happened for us was that we ended up waiting. By waiting, we ended up with just about the perfect piece of property and we’re building our dream house on it. Things will work out for you in the end. As long as you have a roof over your head, you and Vince will be fine. 🙂

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    I am so sorry the “hunt” is not yielding a solution to your housing needs. PERSONALLY, I REALLY liked the idea of you getting a place on Toledo Bend and working back and forth… You KNOW we would love to have you in our area!! And once Vince spent some time around here he probably would love it too, except for the lack of shopping, and sushi, and…and…and… Not a lot to do here, but I like it that way.

    Kat in Tamale Land

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    Brenda in South Texas says

    When we were looking to buy our last house, we had a “somewhat” similar situation and had run thru all the real estate listings, ads in papers, and drove the roads looking for a houses that had a for sale by owner sign– week after week and month after month, nothing, nothing, nothing– so we began a new approach. Every store we went into, when we checked out at the register, we asked the clerk if they knew anyone, anyone at all that had a house for sale or lease. It was that very question my husband asked to a clerk at a hardware store that said, yes– I do. and the rest is history. Well, it did not go “that” smooth, but we did end up buying the house. Ya just gotta go thru bunches of people saying no, till the yes comes along. And it will be the one meant just for you! I am so excited for you, because you and Vince are putting in the “work” to finding it. And sounds like you are enjoying the journey, too. All the positive energy from your friends is a real plus also !!

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    lw says

    Wow– this house hunt is one for the books! If it goes on like this, we need to call Guinness Book of World Records. I’m going to keep praying that you find a house soon and Guinness turns you down.

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    Mel Meister says

    There is a phrase that I find I have to use over and over again. Let go and let God. It’s so simple an approach, but so hard to actually do.

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    ruth anne shorter says

    Have heard that when ever you go through a significant change in your life, you should wait at least 1 year before doing something else very important. At least 6 months, would at least let you be positive about locations, locations, locations! LOL Admire your fortitude and am thinking you would make a great frontiers woman!!!! When we moved to Lake Gaston, we did wait a year before remodeling, etc. I am very thankful for this and I received the above advice from our builder/neighbor. I thought at the time that was radical to wait so long—but I did find out what I loved about this location and house before making permanent changes. Prayers daily for you as you continue to transition!!! Love your blog!