For those suggesting we just take some time off and wait . . we do not have that option.  The house we’re currently renting is not really a rental, but simply a house for sale that the owner agreed to let us rent for 6 months.  We thought we’d have no trouble being out in 6 months.  What were we thinking?  We had hoped we could stay longer but we cannot stay here past February.  He wants to get it back on the market and I don’t blame him.  For some reason, it takes at least 2 months to close on a house here.  And, chances are we’ll have to build a sewing room for the sewing stuff and the longarm, and also build a shop for Vince so we cannot wait til the last minute to find a place.  We have 5 months left in the rental.  We have to look every day for a house and we have to think outside the box — just like trying to get the tracts that weren’t for sale over the weekend.  There was a chance it would have worked.  You never know til you try!

There seriously are no rentals so moving into another rental here just isn’t going to happen.

While I appreciate the advice to sit back, lay off a week, take a break . . we cannot.  We’re just not the type people who would enjoy living in the back of our cars and that’s where we may be if we don’t find something, close and get moved by mid-February.


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    Deb Myers says

    but…….what would you have done if the people had said yes to the land sale and you proceeded to build? or, from this point on you find land to build on? it certainly takes lots longer than 5 months to build a house…would you have had to move two more times? or, is the current rental owner willing to extend your lease? (although, you just said he wants the house back on the market by february…) oyyyy~ you really DO have your work cut out for you!! i love your updates~~ that’s for sure!!!

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      The land had a spot with an RV hookup back to the current owner’s home and he would have let us hook into his utilities if necessary. If we find land, get closed, we can get a metal building up in one month and move all our furniture and everything into that and live in a hotel if we have to til the water and sewer can be put in and then we’ll move an RV onto the property til the house can be finished. A lot of land here already has RV hookups on it because people camp and hunt.

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        Forgot to add . . our rent isn’t covering the owner’s note and he really wants to get this house sold. I don’t blame him but he wants it back on the market in February. They’re hoping for rain and spring is a good time to sell lake property.

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    Diana in TX says

    Wish you were closer-have a gorgeous place right next door for rent. Of course it is in a sub division, but it would work for awhile. And they can’t move the house to you! It’s hard to imagine the trouble you are having there at finding a place. We were always fortunate in our transfers at finding a place we could live in. (Taiwan was a problem-plenty of places available if we wanted the company to pay thru the nose). But when I think of all the places 3M could have sent us, we were fortunate. Yes, you have to keep looking, tallking to people, what ever it will take. But it is frustrating.

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      We don’t mind renting in town in a subdivision — we just don’t want to buy in town. Renting is a whole different story. Are you sure they can’t move the house to us? 🙂

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    Judy, I can not imagine your frustration. . . I certainly hope that something comes up soon. There are so many houses for sale in my area I just would expect it to be that way every where (although I think most people want to get out of NJ these days). It sounds trite, I know, but keeping a positive mindset is the best thing at this point.

    The bright side of your exploring is that you are doing and seeing cool things.

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    pdudgeon says

    since you have to buy now, are you still hog tied by a company move policy that won’t let you buy a property with an established mobile home?

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    Donna in KS says

    oooh, Judy! Your optimism, positive additude is certainly serving you in good stead through these months! I know you’ve had a few down times, but overall, I admire how well you have done and persevered! Of course, what good would it have been to do otherwise! As long as you and “the love of your life” are together, you will make it. Could I have put you into some fabulous places up here!! If we wanted what you do, we’d be moved by now….I don’t want well water anymore, though it’s wonderful water around here. We want that house/garage space in a subdivision.

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    We are fortunate that we can take our time with house hunting as this rental we’re living in seems to be a forever rental. Owners are not in a hurry to sell…

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    Judy, you guys are really having the luck. We have a 40 ft motorhome we are going to put up for sale now since we have our house built. I think I like the idea of buying someplace in Texas or Louisiana for retirement . I don’t think I would want to buy around the area you are in. It could be hard to sell with all the stipulations they seem to have. But, whatever you do, good luck.