Design Wall Monday – September 12, 2011

I feel like I’ve met a major goal every Monday that I have something on my design wall.  Here’s where I am with the green D9P.

The blocks are all sliced and diced and ready to sew together.


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    Some weeks it’s hard to get something up. But that’s what makes the design wall such a great motiviator, you get in the sewing room so you have something to show on Monday. Thanks for hosting it every Monday, especially with all the move stuff you’ve been dealing with.

    Love the blocks Are you going to add sashing betwen the blocks or just assemble as rows?

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    I feel guilty on those weeks when I have nothing to show *sigh* it is more from the other things in life taking over than anything else, but quilting is my therapy, my joy…what takes me out of the mundane, lifting me to a higher level of existence 🙂

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    Laurel from Iowa says

    Wow, you are up and at ’em early! I have to get up to get the boys off to school, but if I was an empty nester, I think I’d still be sleeping 😀

    The D9P looks great. I have just the final outer border to put on mine and it’ll be finished. Of course, I have no design wall and wouldn’t have a clue how to post a photo of it on here anyway!

    Has your heat spell broken? It’s supposed to be 90* here today but with LOW humidity. I think that’s an oxymoron.

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    Sharon Spingler says

    Judy, you could please send your snail mail addy. I have a couple quilts to send for Texas.

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    My favorite pattern is D9o, I’ve said that before. Your’s is so scrappy and many green colors in there to keep the eyes moving around. Have a great week, stay cool!

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    Tea in MO says

    Hi judy
    I’ve been so busy off line that I’ve missed a lot of what happening in your world. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that u find the perfect house. Keep a positive attitude and keep stating daily “I have found the perfect place” and it shall come to pass. Of course us MO quilters are missing you already.