Dinner Report

Have you noticed that every dinner I make . . that’s my favorite?  Every quilt I make . . that’s my favorite?  I’m pretty easy to please . . most days!  🙂

Country style pork ribs really are one of my favorite meals.  When at the meat market over the weekend, I got two packs of country style pork ribs, with 5 big ribs in each package.  I cooked one package for last night and will smoke the other package.  For the ones I cooked, I seasoned and browned them.

Then I sauteed garlic, onions and green peppers.

Then it all went back in the pot, along with some chicken broth and simmered several hours til very tender.  I took the meat off the bone, made a gravy, put the meat, onions and peppers back in the gravy.

And, Hatch chili peppers are in all the stores here so I roasted some of those, peeled them and we had those with our Casserole brand pinto beans, along with saffron rice.  It was a lot of starch but we did have cole slaw too.

That’s a good dinner!


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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Whimper…whine….that looks sooo good. The only way we can get our Hatches chili peppers is to have them shipped in by the case. We do it regularly ‘cuz they are the best!

  2. 2


    I want to take this chance to thank you for the zucchini/basil salad you posted about quite awhile ago. I made it yesterday and it is even better today.
    The ribs look really good too. Were they better than grocery store meat?

  3. 3

    Sandy says

    Your dinner looks scrumptious! What time are you serving? LOL. I can smell the peppers and onions already. I hope Vince realizes what a great wife he has who can cook and sew. I have never tried making ribs before without using bar-b-que sauce. Do you just use salt and pepper to season them when browning? I will have to try the onions, pepper and garlic. Looks good!

  4. 5


    Love country ribs, too, but haven’t made them in a looooong time.

    Judy, you often speak of smoked meat, and I’ve seen your posts about your smoker, but you know what? I’ve never had smoked meat, other than ham (which is pretty common almost everywhere in the grocery stores).

  5. 6

    Linda Kay says

    I made country style pork ribs for supper too! But my veggies were zucchini fritters and pinto beans. Mine was really good but I’m gonna try your way next time!

  6. 8


    Oh my goodness, Tom would move to Brownville just to get the Hatch peppers. We stopped in Hatch last year on our way to AZ and then again on the way back home . The whole town smells like hot peppers and Tom enjoyed both meals to no end.

  7. 9

    Kathy C says

    We had hatch chilies at one market here too. It was the first time I had ever seen them here in Oregon.
    I bought a bunch, roasted them, put them on cookie sheets and froze them, and then bagged them up and put them in the freezer.
    Also used some for some chilie verde before I froze the rest.

  8. 10


    Judy, did you like the Casserole dried pinto beans? Once I discovered them, I’ve never used another brand.

    Your meal looks delicious!