Stash Report a Year Ago

Someone asked how my numbers compared to last year. In red are my numbers today so you don’t have to look back.

Used this Week: 16 yards (5.75 yards)
Used year to Date: 464.75 yards (220.75)
Added this Week: 0 yards (0 yards)
Added Year to Date: 156 yards (10 yards)
Net Used for 2010: 309.75 yards (210.75)

My numbers from last  year to this year are obviously drastically different.  It was in May, 2010 that I signed the contract for the new book so by this time 2010, I was 5 months into getting quilts for the book done; we had done the Memorial Day Challenge and I had quilted 5 or 6 of those, and the backing and binding used added about 30 extra yards to my totals. And, since February, 2011, I’ve known we were moving.  For at least 6 of the 9 months of this year, while still finding a little time to sew, my sewing has been greatly curtailed due to move related activities – a whole lot of that time was spent searching the internet looking for a house.

On the added side, the 10 yards of fabric I’ve purchased this year were when I was in Baton Rouge and wanted to make a bag and ended up going with some of the ladies from the workshop to the local quilt shop and getting the fabric to make a bag for myself and my mom.  That fabric still sits in the bag. Except for that one purchase, I’ve bought no fabric at all this year.

The amount of fabric used will go up.  Tops are being sent for the quilts to be donated to the wild fire victims.  I’ll be happy if my numbers go up but if they don’t, or if for some crazy reason I buy a lot of fabric and my net number goes down, that’s ok too.  By keeping up with my stash numbers,  I’m merely tracking what I’m doing and you know how I love numbers.  I don’t feel like a success or failure based on these numbers.

What really matters is that I’m doing what I love and trying to reduce the stash at the same time.   How about you?  Are you doing what you love?  If not, think about some things you can re-arrange in your life so you can find more time to do the things you love.  We all know how short life can be  .. make a commitment to yourself to find the time to do the things you enjoy, to re-charge your own batteries and to make those around you feel special and loved.  I find that I’m happier and more productive when there’s balance in my life (not all cleaning and cooking and no fun but just enough cleaning, just enough cooking and just enough fun!) and when those around me feel loved, appreciated and a bit pampered!


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    Sharon Spingler says

    I love quilting! And I love designing…especially baby quilts. They are so bright and cheerful…and don’t take forever to put together. So far, I’ve made and donated 30 quilts to our guild in the 3 years since I’ve joined.
    The ones I’m sending for the wild fires is before I learned how to properly do feathers………..they are

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    lw says

    It’s kind of like a diary of how much life is interfering with your quilting ( to paraphrase Lane over at “That Man Quilts.”)

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    I am doing what I love, for sure, dogs and quilts! But I need to do something I hate…………..clean up my quilt room so I can get in there and reduce stash! LOL.

    glen: you need a giveaway incentive for that!