Sorghum & Butter

Vince loves sorghum!  I like it too but when I was a little girl, my grandparents always had butter on the table that was soft.  Heck, half the time when we got there, they handed me the churn to keep me occupied and I made butter from Old Spot’s cream!  But, they had butter and they always had a pitcher of syrup on the table.  I think it was Steen’s Cane Syrup, which is my absolute favorite syrup.  My grandma would make biscuits and I would take a big hunk of soft butter, pour some syrup over it and mash it all together and the scoop up the butter mixture with my biscuit.  And you wonder how we survived all that unhealthy food?  🙂

Vince loves biscuits and sorghum so Sunday morning I made biscuits.  He pours the sorghum over his biscuits but I still mix my syrup with butter and scoop it all up with my biscuit.  So, when I kick the bucket too soon, you’ll know it was the unhealthy food!  🙂

Speaking of sorghum, when we lived in Kentucky, a little town near us claimed to be the sorghum capital of the world. Vince had lived in GA in an area that produced a lot of sorghum and he loved that particular type.  When we were in MO, the Amish made sorghum.  One year we were even there when they were making it and serving it over homemade ice cream.   We liked it ok and bought it because it was local.

But, one day I went to a location near St. Louis to teach and stayed with Darlene and her funny husband.  When I started to leave, Darlene gave me a jar of Maasdam sorgham.  I’ve probably got the details wrong but I think she told me the company has been in her immediate family forever and is still made on their family farm in Iowa.  Vince loved it!  As in true “Vince fashion”, every time he went to Iowa, he stopped at all the grocery stores in the area and bought up all the Maasdam sorghum he could find.  We now have a lifetime supply.

So, Sunday, we had eggs and bacon along with our sorghum, butter and biscuits.  I keep forgetting to buy grits . . we haven’t had grits since we go there.  That just doesn’t seem right!

Oh, how I miss Ruby and her sisters!  I don’t think I’ve made it home yet with 12 eggs from the grocery store and haven’t seen but one sign in a yard selling fresh eggs.  The shells on the store bought eggs are so thin, even though I call myself checking them in the grocery store, there’s always at least one broken when I get home.  That’s another reason we need to find our own place soon so we can get some baby chicks in the early spring and get them growing into layers.



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    pauline charles says

    The eggs look soooo good. Time for my breakfast here in Annville, PA. I read your blog everyday and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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    Cindy in NC says

    I’ve never cared for cane syrup, but I have a can of Steens. It sits on top of one of my kitchen cabinets, along with an empty can of CDM coffee, for decorative purposes. The lid is a bit bowed, and my family insists it’s going to explode all over the ceiling one day but it’s been fine for years.

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    Karla says

    Judy, my grandparents use to have biscuits and syrup (Crafts) made in Bono Ark. When we would go home for a visit we looked forward to biscuits and syrup and butter. It was such a treat 🙂

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    I’m from New England and don’t even know what sorghum is. Is it a form of molasses? In this neck of the woods it’s maple syrup on everything, yum!

    : )

  5. 5

    Barbara says

    I’m from New England too Annie and was about to ask the same question. I guess it’s a southern thing?

  6. 6

    Sandy says

    I have never had sorghum but that biscuit is to die for. Mine never look that tall and light. You sure feed Vince well.

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    Becky R says

    I’m in California and wondering about it too. Never head of it and wondered what does it taste like? I like syrup on cornbread. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it i n the stores here but guess I will have to look for it so I can try some.

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    QuilterB says

    Steen’s cane syrup is wonderful. In the 50s I remember an aunt who used to serve it with cream she scooped off the top of a milk crock and hand whipped. She split a hand sized biscuit, topped it with a large spoon of the whipped cream and topped that with Steen’s syrup. Heart attack on a plate. Everyone ate two and fought over the last of the cream. It tasted heavenly. Now I just put the syrup on a biscuit. Still can enjoy that. With that thought, I’m headed for the kitchen.

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    Darlene says

    Glad you are still enjoying the sorghum, Judy. Yes, Maasdam Sorghum has been made by my family since at least 1926 in central Iowa, so it is not just a southern thing. For those of you don’t know what sorghum is, check out:
    Basically it is the juice from the sweet sorghum cane plant and boiled down to a thick sirup. It is all natural and very high in antioxidents according to “Stop the Clock Cooking” by Cheryl Forberg. So Judy, you are actually eating some healthy food. Enjoy your blog and glad you are back to more quilting–can’t wait for your new book.

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      Darlene S says

      Darlene & Judy, I too grew up with making sorghum and butter spread — we put it on biscuits or white bread. It was a bit strong at first, but after getting used to it, I wouldn’t eat anything but. I still have some in my pantry but it’s probably not the “real” thing. It’s Briar Rabbbit Sorghum Molasses. Dar

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    Roberta says

    You have to share your biscuit recipe and tips! I can never get my biscuits that high and fluffy. I don’t know what I do wrong.

  11. 13

    Robin says

    I love my chickens, and their eggs! I know it has to be hard going back to store-bought eggs. I hope you find a wonderful home soon where you can have a new set of hens.

  12. 14

    Nancy says

    I grew up and live in Virginia. Sorghum and butter and
    biscuits were part of my childhood. My mother was from
    West Virginia and when she was a kid they made sorghum
    at their house. I think they raised sugar cane and they
    fed it into some kind of grinder led my a mule. That was
    about 100 years as she would be 94 if she was still living.

  13. 15

    Michelle says

    When DH decided we needed to by chicks agin this spring, after many years without, I had seen our post about your Red Star hens and so we bought 15 red star hens and some others straight run. We were surprised by our first egg 1 day short of 4 months after the chicks arrived. Those girls sure are good layers. I hope you are able to find your own place soon, and get back to the homegrown eggs you love!

  14. 16

    ruth anne shorter says

    I would love to taste the real stuff but shipping to NC is almost as much as the actual product. I really like that it is so natural and does not have to be refrigerated. Sounds delish!

  15. 17

    Brandy M. says

    And now you don’t have to buy eggs at the store anymore!!!

    I need to look up what sorghum is, since I’ve never heard of it (or, more likely – I forgot) before!


  16. 18

    Brandy M. says

    Now I’m going to have to try both the Steen’s syrup AND the Sorghum! I love this, because we just don’t hear about some of this stuff living where we live. But I really like trying stuff from particular areas of the country that we can’t get here!

    Want to know one of my favorite foods….? Boudin!! Of course you can find it all over Louisiana, but can’t find it in my area for the life of me!