The Light Fixture

Remember I mentioned a dining room light fixture in a house we were going to see?  I’m really not knocking it.  I admire anyone who is brave enough to put up something they like . . no matter how weird it may be to others.  Almost all my adult life, and I wasn’t buying many houses before my adult life, everything I’ve done has been something I hoped someone else would like and eventually buy the house.  Never have we lived in a house that I could do what I wanted without regard to what anyone else thought.  I once wanted a bedroom with red carpet, yellow walls, and white trim and I was going to make a red/yellow/white quilt.  I begged . . really begged.  I made promises I knew I couldn’t keep.  (Use your imagination . . I was a very young wife back then!)  🙂   I never got that red carpet or the yellow walls.

Anyway, this is the light fixture over the dining room table in a house we recently saw.

Can you imagine sitting down to have venison roast with this above your head?  It’s kinda cool . . definitely a conversation piece . . but I surely couldn’t see it in my dining room.  But, on the other hand, I don’t have a dining room and the way things are looking, I may never have a dining room!  🙂

And, in this same house, as much as I like green . .

Maybe the lizards would like it but I don’t know.  And, there was a matching toilet and a matching tub!

Yes, I know — toilets, sinks, tubs and dining room light fixtures can be changed but this wasn’t the house for us.  But it was definitely an interesting house!


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    Tina says

    A friend once had a bathroom (the master bath) with blue fixtures. And some previous owner had painted the blue sink pink. With latex wall paint! Peeled right off. What were they thinking?!

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    Linda in NE says

    I like the dining room wall color. Did you find out which half of the couple wanted that light fixture? I’ve never seen bathroom fixtures that shade of green before. You’re certainly seeing some interesting houses!

  3. 3

    Laurel from Iowa says

    In our kitchen (circa 1965) we have an aqua double sink, an aqua cooktop and overhead exhaust AND an aqua wall oven. Every one of them is in working order, so they stay. Our bathroom has a seafoam sink and tub. Again, they work so we keep them. But SOME day . . . . 😀

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      Laurel: The sad truth is that appliances from that era will probably outlive all of us. I’m with you . . if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There’s fabric and yarn to buy — who wants to waste money on sinks and stoves? 🙂

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    lw says

    My parents had a bathroom with the tub, sink and toilet all that green color. It looks particularly bad with lime-scale deposits on it– the contrast makes the greyish-white scum really stand out.

    On the other hand, for the lighting fixture, I am picturing a wife like me who can’t say “no” to her husband, especially when he gets excited about something and reminds her of a little boy…

  5. 5

    Doe in Mi says

    Interesting very interesting. I love seeing things like this, where the owner has the guts to do what they want when decorating. Actually I kinda like the looks of the light fixture, its rustic. But, ya look out for those cobwebs. I had golden yellow terlit, sink and tub in a house we bought one time. I’m not a big fan of yellow and had no idea what to do w/that bathroom. Ended up adding yellow to the walls and pretty white curtains and shower curtain. It ended up looking great, I could hardly believe it. But more yellow hid the the others. Pleased me to no end.

  6. 6

    Gwen says

    Somehow I know antlers were in the light fixture! I’ve seen others that were less attractive. I’m betting the light fixture does not stay with the house! The chain holding it up is a little much! I have even seen some in houses in Southern Living and other magazines. We had avacado fixtures in a previous house. Big mistake with lime in the water.

  7. 7

    Toni in TN says

    The house we live in now had a green master bath when we bought it in 1998. We remodeled that room first!!!! Just showed the hunter hubby the light fixture and he gave it a big thumbs down!

  8. 8

    LadyBaltimore says

    I think that antler light fixture would be great in a rustic cabin.
    Judy, I know what you’re talking about regarding always keeping houses decorated with a mind to what future buyers would like.
    We hope we’re in our forever house now (well, except for the Home eventually) and it is a great joy to do what we want to the house to suit us; not potential buyers.
    Do you still want your yellow room with a red carpet? I hope you get it soon.

  9. 9

    Martha says

    Neighbors had lavender tile, toilet, sink and tub. Our house only had the lavender tile. Long gone now!

    • 9.1


      There were 5 full baths and several half baths in this house. There was a lavender room, a gray room, a peach room, a pink room, this green and I’ve forgotten what else but there were not white or bone ones!

  10. 10

    Cindy m says

    I love the old fashioned turn handles on that green sink though. Our house in Carbondale, Il had chocolate brown tub/shower surround, sink and toilet. Talk about impossible to keep the water spots off. And that’s back when I actually cared about things like that!

  11. 11


    Judy, I have seen lights, lamps and furniture decked out with deer antlers in shops in easten Oregon that sell for huge amounts of money! there must be a market for them.

  12. 12

    Diann Smith says

    UGH! Get Vince to retire and leave the state ASAP. The lack of green grass and water would be a deal breaker. I don’t think even building your own place is going to make it liveable but thats just my opinion. It wouldn’t work for me. The house you showed today I couldn’t close my eyes and hope to sleep. No retro for me.

  13. 14

    Cindy B. says

    Judy … Have you considered putting an ad in the paper letting potential sellers know what you want in a property?

    You could list your must haves/wants/ain’t happening and see what you might be able to shake out. I know some people do not want to use a realtor so you might capture them, and some sellers who are not sure about selling but maybe.

    Print ads should be pretty affordable. And you could get Vince to broker a deal if it is an unlisted property. Just get a good title search and he should be fine. Plus the savings both directions from the commission savings.

    Just a thought …

  14. 15


    I have an OLD cast iron tub, scratched, and a line of rust from the spout to the drain that was rather shabbily boxed in by a sub-par carpenter for the previous owner. It makes me miss my mom’s vintage pink tub (vintage, but CLEAN!).

  15. 16


    I love the light fixture, it sure says Texas with a capital T. If you buy that house and do not want the light fixture, I’ll take it.
    The light fixture makes me smile.

  16. 17

    Debbie W says

    I am not a fan of the light fixture or the green bathroom fixtures. In one of our homes the bathroom fixtures were purple and there was fake wood panelling around the tub/shower! I couldn’t wait to change it but I think we lived with it for about 10 years before we could remodel.

  17. 18

    Pat C in Washington says

    Ahhh….avocado green bathroom fixtures. My renter in my eastern Washington house just yarded out the toilet, tub and sinks in that gawdawful color and redid the bathrooms in something less 70-ish. Can’t believe how popular that color used to be. And dead things hanging on the wall is also popular decor in eastern Washington. {{shudder}}

  18. 19

    Deb Myers says

    i LOVE the light fixture~~ what a hoot!! it sure screams “TEXAS”!! you know what they say, “when in rome…..” if i was buying that house, i’d certainly leave that light fixture up…it’s a great conversation starter~ just think of the possibilities!! such fun!

  19. 20

    Sara in AL says

    Humm, the light fixture brings my Mom’s favorite saying to mind. She says “but you will have to dust it.” She has always judged things that way. When we bought a really lovely house in South Alabama (know as LA- Lower Alabama) the master bath had robin’s egg blue sink, tub and toilet. Now I really liked that color, however I didn’t like the wallpaper. It was textured white, and I wanted to paint. So DH said well take down the wallpaper if you want. So I did. 7 layers of it! Layer number three was a lovely colonial flower print on off white (could have been white in the day). However the original layer of wallpaper was- get ready for this- hot pink with black and silver. How could that possibly have gone with the robin’s egg blue?? What were they thinking????? DH had to “mud” the wall before I could paint, but when I did I used a white with a really softglow. I think it was called moon glow. Room came out fabulous!
    Hope you find something soon. It is so hard to “be up in the air” for so long. I like the house in the pictures today. Looks very Texas Ranch.

    • 20.1

      Sara in AL says

      I also meant to say that small bedrooms are typical of houses of a certain period. Ours were when we rented in Copperas Cove, TX. You could look at combining some of the rooms to make one bigger. That is what we have done in our house here.

  20. 21

    barbara says

    since i painted my bathroom three shades of blue and olive green, i would have killed for that color sink, tub and toilet in my bathroom. instead i got baby-poop yellow from the 70’s. after 7 months, one of us had to go. i’m happy to say i’m still here. believe me, there are worse colors out there.