Tuesday Night Update

We drove back to Comanche tonight, measured and talk with the realtor about the house that needs the master bedroom added.  I think we’ve ruled it out; for tonight anyway!  🙂  It’s so hard to walk away from that kitchen.

We haven’t heard any more from the guy with the land.  I do think they thought we’d buy the two tracts they want to sell and I can’t help but think they’re going to come back in a day or so and agree to sell the tracts we wanted but we’re not waiting.  If they agree, and if we haven’t already made a decision, we’ll see what happens.

About the little house — it has 20 acres but we wanted a bit more so they came up with a plan for it to have 24 acres.  Vince wanted more and they came up with a plan for us to buy 34 and Vince has now told them he wants 40 acres and gave them his price so tomorrow could be an interesting day of back and forth with the amount of land and the price or, they may just say NO . . forget about it, and we’re done and back to starting from scratch.

Just last night Vince and I were talking and I told him that so far, nothing we’ve considered has really excited me to the point that I wouldn’t keep wishing just one more house might come on the market before it was too late to change our mind; nothing that if the deal falls through, I’d be terribly sad.  The little house just might be the house that we’ll be sorry if we miss out on it.  I love the big porch.  I love the metal roof.  Too bad it never rains so I can sleep while listening to a light drizzle on the roof.  I love the gas stove.

I think I forgot to say earlier that there’s a full RV hookup by the metal building so we’ll probably buy an RV with a slideout or two and use that for our “guest house”.  Then all we’ll need are guests!  🙂

But, we’ve had enough disappointments to know that it’s not a done deal til it’s a done deal.  So . . we wait and see what happens . . and you’ll all be waiting with me, right?


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    I hope it all works out the way it is supposed to. I’m sure it has to be emotionally exhausting to keep going through the same steps again and again without ever getting a house at the end. Good luck

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    Debbie W says

    Looks like a very nice house–I love the front porch. I hope it works out for you. Settled sounds nice.

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    Jan W. says

    We have a 40’x60′ steel building with a 600 sq. ft. one bedroom guest apartment inside. It is quiet and cool during the summer and easy to heat in the winter. The building has insulation and the apartment has insulation so that really makes a huge difference! I don’t think you’d regret doing a sewing studio inside your potential building at all!

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    Kate says

    hey – buy a bigger RV and have quilting retreats in the RV!! I’m half serious – what a hoot that would be… nice to see you excited about a possibility… Kate

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      I think the place has one hookup but there might be more. Talk about a fun quilting retreat! And I’ll bet I could put some husbands to work around there too!

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    Mel Meister says

    I don’t understand why if they were willing to sell 34 acres, does Vince want 40. When you’re talking that amount of land, does 6 acres really make that much difference? Is there something you’re planning on doing specifically with 40 acres?

    Just curious… no.. just “snoopy”. LOL!

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      Yes, there’s a huge difference! As it is at 34 acres, there’s only about 30′ on one side of the house before the other piece of property starts. By adding another 50 yards the entire length of the property, and squaring up a weird corner, it comes out to 40 acres.

      Sometimes there are good reasons that aren’t readily visible and I don’t always go into EVERY detail here.

      Besides . . we’re the buyer and this is probably the last house we’ll buy so we’ll get what we want or we won’t get it.

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      Thanks! I’m quite anxious too. This has been a very long process and it ain’t over til the owners sign that deed so I’m not getting too excited yet.

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    Cindy from California says

    Yes! We will be waiting and following and supporting and cheering!!!

    We love you!! And I would come to a Quilting Retreat at your house!!


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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I like the little house…but what is the square footage? Love the porch and yes…I saw the gas stove too:-) If you consider the other building you probably would do just fine. I think it looks quaint! We are all pulling for you two to be able to settle…the uncertainty is very hard on you physically and emotionally.

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    karla says

    Judy I understand about small houses, I moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house, my sewing room is now a part of the bedroom fixtures. It takes some getting used to but you don’t buy as much because then you would have to find a place for it. The good point of this house is it has a basement but I am definitely not putting my sewing room down there!!! Thats only for tornado’s. and storing things!

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    I’m praying that the best option for both you & Vince is a “done deal” soon. . . . I’m sure you would rather be sewing & cooking (as in your “normal” routine) than fretting & travelling all over looking for a place.

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    Hey, if you have an RV set up and waiting for me, I’ll be there. And you know, it has to rain sometimes, it always has. This has just been a very bad summer there. Every day I read to see if something good has come up for you. I think there are a bunch of us who really believe that “today” is the day: we believe that every day. And when it happens we will all be excited!

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    Trish says

    dibs on being the first guest… and eyep, we’ll keep the light on, just waiting FOR YOU lol 🙂

    Fingers crossed that you get the best for you!!

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    Linda in NE says

    Yep, we’ll be waiting with you. I really like that front porch and metal roof too. The whole house just says “Texas Hill Country” or my vision of it anyway. RV = good plan. Guests have privacy & cooking facilities and so do you. Make it a big, bunkhouse one and host quilt retreats. 🙂