A Good Gecko

Everyone has assured me that the geckos don’t bite and they eat bugs so they can stay.  I’d prefer to have no more than 20 or 30 of them living inside the house but heck . . who cares!  Not much I can do about it anyway.

There’s always one sitting in this spot by the grill.  I don’t know if it’s the same one but he’s kinda tame.  I zoomed in to get this picture but I was probably about 2 feet from him.  I think he likes me!  🙂

We were gone a few hours, came home and there he was . . sitting by the grill.  I sure hope he doesn’t get too attached . . we’re not staying long!  🙂


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    In South Carolina we had green anoles instead of geckos, we had skinks and those stripe-tail racers. I admit I was always a bit creeped out by the racers with the neon blue tail and never cared for skinks, but the little lizards are kinda cute. Outside the house.

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    Fitzy says

    If I could be assured that they’d eat the scorpions, I’d move them right in! I have a patio friend too, he just rests there and stares at me, lol. Guess he’s about 16″.

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    Oh, if that was around here, Dora our dachshund would either run it off or put an end to any sight of that…..that is one rather large gecko. Having them outside is one thing….inside is another!! But….I know little can be done, we live in town and have small ones in the house from time to time.

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    pdudgeon says

    the problem with the geckos comes along with the drought.
    once you get regular rainfall again and the lake fills up more, they’ll go back to their natural habitat.
    if you have a shady area away from your porch, try putting out a shallow saucer of water for them (like a mini pond). that should help to keep them away from your house.

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    pdudgeon says

    ps. or if you have a jelly roll pan–something about an inch or two deep with sides–fill it with water and put that out for them.

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    Mona R says

    The ones we have (geckos, skinks, whatever they are) have left several pairs of the sweetest little eggs in the garage this past spring — about half the size of a Jelly Belly jelly bean–not up to your Ruby’s standards, but fun to find. 🙂

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    FrancesB says

    Cute little guy, Judy. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think
    it is not a gecko (they tend to be colorful, with very cool, rounded toes), but rather some type of fence lizard (in the spiny and horned lizard family). That root beer cake looks mighty tasty.

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      I don’t know. Everyone around here calls them geckos. Google “Texas Banded Gecko” and I think you’ll find they’re pretty similar.

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    Sandy says

    I’m sorry, but if I see one of these critters I will shriek. They may be beneficial to getting rid of insects but they say that of frogs and toads and I am deathly afraid of them too. Nothing worse than weeding your flower garden and come across one of those. I am done for the day! LOL My daughter used to pick frogs up when she as about 10. Is she really my daughter??

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    Your critter, whatever his name is, is probably wondering who these new folks are and hopes they don’t get attached to him. 🙂 Don’t let doggy eat them. They often carry a type of tape worm.

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    While they eat bugs they still have a creepy feeling to them..like the black snake that lives in the yard that keeps the bad snakes out…he’s allowed to live here but needs to stay out of my way…