Blocking Wires

They’re such evil little critters but so necessary for blocking my knitting.  I think the packers must’ve hid packed those along with my back machine handles.  It’s time to block my Camp Loopy Project 3 and I have searched high and low for those blocking wires and they are nowhere to be found.  Vince and I went to Home Depot and explained to the lady what we needed.  I need something that’s very strong . . won’t bend, kinda like a wire clothes hanger but is very smooth with no rough edges!  She thought I was nuts but showed us some 1/8th inch steel rods.  They’ll rust but maybe they’ll last til I find my wires.

Don’t mention that Vince isn’t wearing a green shirt. He’s getting a complex about running out of green shirts!  🙂  He sat down with a file and smoothed the edges of the rods so I can use those for blocking wires, til mine get found.

What a great guy he is . . most of the time!  🙂


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    You might try a quick coat of clear spray paint/sealer to minimize the danger of the rods rusting on your project this time. They also make that shrink stuff for wiring projects that comes in long tubes… If there is a size small enough to slip onto the rods and then shrink to be tight on the rod when you hit it with some heat that would be ideal. Good luck.

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    Linda in NE says

    Just look at that cheesy grin!!! Vince loves being a Blog Star. And so handy too. Better keep him.