Dinner Report

Of all nights to totally forget to take a picture of dinner!  There was so much going on in this house at dinner time with this house offer or that house offer or no house offer . . but I made a really good recipe and a picture would have been great.

One of the meats I bought at the meat market over the weekend was a chuck roast.  I love chuck roast with gravy but that’s about Vince’s least favorite meal that I make so I was searching for something else I could do with that chuck roast . . being a good wife you know!  I came across Herb-Crusted Chuck Roast and though when I think of a chuck roast, I think of cooking it a long time or even cooking it in the pressure cooker or crockpot, this recipe had great reviews so I tried it.  Vince went on and on about how good it was.  He decided it must’ve been the good quality of meat that made it so good.  Huh?  I’m quite sure it was my excellent culinary skills!

Anyway, it was a great recipe and one I recommend if you like chuck roast.

Along with the meat, we had creamed spinach, great northern beans (that I cooked from dry beans) and a salad.


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    Karla says

    Judy your dinner sounded so good I went out and bought a roast. I looked to buy a pressure cooker but WALLY’s world didn’t have any so I am improvising with the slow cooker. I sent you a box this afternoon with a twin quilt in it. It has been quilted but not been bound. I have tried to get to it before I sent it but between working midnights and two college courses I couldn’t get it done I hope you don’t mind and I owe you one that’s been totally done. Thanks Karla