The Root Beer Cake

I’ve been searching online for a recipe that makes a cake similar to the mix they sell in Dublin.  The root beer cake we tasted at the Dublin soda shop didn’t have chocolate in it.  The icing did not have cream cheese in it.  Both the cake and the icing have root beer syrup – not root beer extract.  But, while looking for root beer syrup online, Vince decided he wants to make homemade root beer.  My dad did it when we were kids using sassafras roots.  So, we’ve ordered root beer extract for Vince to make home brewed root beer . . I see lots of root beer floats in our future!  🙂  And, we’ve ordered root beer syrup for me to practice making root beer cakes til I get it right.

Sunday night I made the cake from the mix we bought at Dublin.  Honestly, I think it should have been baked in a 9″ x 9″ pan but the instructions said to use a 9″ x 13″ pan and since I always, always, always do exactly what I’m told, I used a 9″ x 13″ pan.  The cake is so darned thin.  And, I had to make extra icing to have enough to cover the whole cake.

It tastes like it’s supposed to but I’ve ordered more root beer syrup and I’m going to figure out how to make the cake without the mix.  I think the mix costs $13 or $14 and will be great for gift giving but not great for making a cake every time we want a root beer cake!

But, just in case I can’t come real close to duplicating this recipe, I will buy the mix . . it’s that good!



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      Nancy, I think that one is a WHOLE lot like what we had but ours uses root beer syrup vs. root beer extract. I’m not sure how much difference that will make. Our cake also has a tad — maybe 1/2 tsp. cinnamon. I could see it in the cake mix and could smell it and then there was just a faint taste of cinnamon in the cake. Otherwise, it might be real close. Once my root beer syrup arrives, that might be the first one I try.

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    Mel Meister says

    I’ve brewed root beer (and real beer, too). It doesn’t have the same amount of carbonation that we’re used to in sodas so it will seem a bit flat to you. But it will taste good.

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    Oh, that sounds so good. I grew up on root beer milkshakes and have them or floats all the time. But I have never heard of a root beer cake. I may have to think about that for a while…… and then try it.

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    Barbara says

    Thank you, Judy….you always share the most interesting things with your blog readers!!

    I went to the ‘Old Doc’s Soda Shop’ website, but couldn’t find the root beer cake mix for sale. I called and they said they would ship it, so I placed an order over the phone.

    888-398-1024 for anyone who is interested!!


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    Darlene says

    Making and drinking home made root beer is one of my favorite childhood memories. We didn’t often get to splurge and buy “pop” and the rootbeer was a real treat. Ours had lots of carbonization–too much in some cases when a bottle would fizz up or occasionally explode! Enjoy!

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    Warning: don’t store capped brown glsss bottles of root beer in your laundry room. We made our own many years ago. Capped it in 905 liquor store band, long necks. Had the cardboard case and all. One night in the middle of the night they started exploding. We had rootbeer all over the walls, ceiling and floor. Darn I hated that it went to waste, let alone having to clean up the mess!!!

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    KP says

    A gal in a quilting class told me a recipe that she uses all the time. She takes a box of white cake mix and mixes it up w/ a can of pop then bakes it @ 350 I don’t remeber for how long, but maybe you cold give that a try with some of Vince’s rootbeer!