Camp Loopy Project 3 Done!

Camp Loopy has been so much fun!  I’m so glad I attended. Really . . I didn’t attend but I wish I had gone away to knitting camp for the past three months.  I’d be returning home today and  . . well, I would have missed a whole lot of stuff around here and I wouldn’t be the least bit sad about that!

Anyway, the first project had to be a cape, shawl or scarf using two colors and I made Sothia and here it is finished.  We had from June 15 to July 15 to get it knitted.  That was really a piece of cake because Vince was gone most of that time.  I wasn’t really into packing yet.

The second project ran from July 15 to August 15.  It had to be socks, mittens or gloves with cables.  I chose the Paraphernalia socks and loved knitting them.  We couldn’t cast on til July 15 and they had to be finished by August 15.  The packers were coming about August 10 and we were driving away on August 13 so I knew I had to get busy, without a moment to waste . . starting July 15.  I had them done before the end of July and here they are.

The third project started August 15 and had to be finished by September 15 and it could be any one thing that used at least 800 yards of yarn.  This project presented lots of issues because of the move!

Anyway, I had to get my yarn sent to my friend, Doris, here in Brownwood because by the time we found out what the challenge was and I ordered my yarn, I didn’t know if it would get to me in MO in time and since I had no idea when I’d find my yarn swift to get my yarn into balls (still haven’t found it), I had The Loopy Ewe do that for me.

I was already a few days late getting started because I didn’t see Doris til on the 17th I think.  Anyway, between the unpacking, the crying, the searching for stuff, the hunt for a house, the crying . . I’ve just last night managed to finish my project.  I used the Shale Baby Blanket pattern – no reason for that except it looked easy enough and it didn’t have to fit.  I used Madelinetosh DK yarn, color wren, and I love it.

It was all nice and straight but then I ran into it with my foot and it got wonky and I was too lazy to lean over and fix it.  We had to use 800 yards and each skein of yarn was 225 yards.  After I finished the third skein, I was at 775 yards and figured I’d just knit a couple of repeats off the 4th skein and be done but then I decided to knit til September 13, then bind off and block it and wouldn’t you know it — I knitted so much that I got worried I was going to run out of yarn!  I didn’t measure it but it’s probably about 45″ long and will be great for throwing over my feet on a cold winter night . . somewhere . . not here!

It was such a fun and easy pattern, I think I’m going to order yarn to make another color and make it bigger.  The pattern was real easy to memorize and after the first couple of days, I never saw my pattern til it was time to add the final edge and I had to make sure I was doing it right . . and I’m not a very experienced knitter so if anyone wants to do this pattern, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

And for all that work, I’ll get a skein of Wollmeise yarn — the yarn that’s so very hard to get!  This was a fun summer game!  Not only did I move during the middle of Camp Loopy but so did Sheri, the owner of The Loopy Ewe!


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    Judy, all 3 of your projects turned out beautiful. I’m so impressed that with all you had going on, you had time to finish them. Congratulations!

  2. 2

    bcinindy says

    All of your projects look wonderful.
    What is your plan for the Wollmeise yarn and why do you love it so much?

  3. 3

    Liz says

    Congrats on getting all three projects done. There will be plenty of cool fall and winter nights, even in Texas.

    I’m enjoying a morning temp of 56, with cloudy skies, occasional drizzle and a radar screen showing a huge storm coming in from Lubbock aiming for OKC (I hope).

    Maybe you’ll get a bit of rain from this storm and things will look greener in your neck of the woods.

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    Brenda in South Texas says

    Your knitting projects turned out really nice. It won’t be long, and the north wind will be blowing in, and your projects will be keeping you warm !

  5. 7

    Cindy says

    figures – i wrote out a long paragraph – and it didn’t take – so tried again – just 1 letter – and of course, when thru like a charm ………….duh…….

  6. 8

    Cindy says

    ok – i want to make the shale pattern – new grandbaby on the way – needs to be neutral colors – won’t know boy/girl for another month or so … but I can’t wait !!! i’m thinking about useing Cascade 220 superwash paints in spring meadow (blues, greens, ) do you think that would work ??? It’s 100% wool – superwash … I did a similar pattern back when my kids were babies – acrylic – and it’s still around – in perfect shape… she’s going to get some vintage baby blankets – but I have to knit something new too !!!