Dinner Report

This morning I picked Vince up and we went back out to look at the little house before making our offer and then we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Normally if we eat a big lunch, we just have a sandwich or snack for dinner but I needed something to send in Vince’s lunch tomorrow, but after I cooked, I remembered he still had his lunch that I sent today before we knew we were going to see the house again so I cooked when I didn’t really have to do so.  While I don’t really love meatloaf, I do love meatloaf sandwiches so we’ll have leftovers for the weekend for lunch one day.

Sweet & Sour Meatloaf on the right, Veg-All Casserole in the middle and Banana Nut Bread on the left.  That’s the snack Vince is taking to work tomorrow.  There’s plenty of leftover Veg-All Casserole too so I think my weekend cooking is going to be light — maybe steaks one night, country still ribs on the smoker one night.  Sounds like lots of sewing time if I’m lucky!