The Pink Peanut Pattie

Do you know what I’ve forgotten?  I’ve been here one month and had not even thought about it til I was in the grocery store the other night.

Pink Peanut Patties!  You can’t buy these everywhere, you know!  On my way to Louisiana from Missouri, I would time my bathroom/gas stops so I could stop just after I crossed into Texas from Oklahoma . . in Paris, Texas.  Only problem was, the first service station I came to had restrooms on the outside of the building and I never liked using those so I had to go a little farther to the next service station but the first thing I did when I got to Texas and the last thing I did before leaving Texas, was to get a few pink peanut patties.

And for a whole month, I’ve had them right under my nose and didn’t even think about them.  That tells you how much I’ve had on my mind that I didn’t remember these little jewels.

Between Dr. Peppers with real sugar, Dr. Pepper floats, Blue Bell ice cream and now pink peanut patties, these Texas foods are not good for the waistline.


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    Quiltinggranna says

    ahhhhhhh, one of my family’s favorites. have made these for years. have a great recipe. if you and Vince ever make it over to Canton to the First Monday Trade Days (which you MUST and you undoubtedly will if you live in TX long enough) there is a vendor who sells all kinds of nuts and some candy made with nuts. always have a bag of I think a dozen peanut patties in a cylinder shaped bag. I get these and they go in everyone’s stocking at Christmas.

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    I loved those on our trips as kids going from MO to OK to see our grandparents, but I forgot what they were called. So funny! I was just describing these candies to our 20 something daughter just yesterday; what a coincidence.

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    Linda B. says

    My husband has family in Texas. He introduced me to Big Red soda, and peanut patties. Big Red soda did not appeal to me, but I liked the peanut patties! Enjoy the peanut patties!

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    Darlene S says

    I’ve never heard of Pink Peanut Patties. What makes them pink? What are they similar to? If you get back to MO (St. Louis) be sure and bring some along for tasting. I’ll send you $ to buy me a dozen or 2 if they are as good as you say. You haven’t misguided me yet! I have a very good friend whose name is Leslie, and that would make a great stocking stuffer too. I love anything with peanuts or for that matter, any kind of nuts 🙂

  5. 9

    Trish says

    I love this!!!! One of my best memories is going to visit family and getting one of these!! I sure wish those that have recipes for them would share the recipe!!! Hint, hint, hint. was I hinting strongly enough??? lol

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    Vickie Mobley says

    Wonderful Blog!!! I miss Pink Peanut Parties too!!! Folks in California have no idea what they are missing. You are absolutely right, those Texas treats are terrible for the waistline but so heavenly to eat and drink! Thanks for sharing this, it makes me want to race right home to Texas and buy up every last one in the Great Lone Star State…..

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    Vickie Mobley says

    It’s a funny coincidence, my using the word party instead of patty. When I eat a Pink Peanut Patty, I feel like it’s a party! Warmest Regards, Vickie, the displaced Texan.