You Find It!

Maybe you all can do better than we’re doing.  Anyone with time to kill . . start looking.  Send me a link of what you think might work and I’m not going to respond on the blog because I don’t want to hurt any homeowner’s feelings (not that I think they would see the response but you never know) but I will respond to you by email and tell you why it will or won’t work and just in case someone finds a house we haven’t found and it works . . I don’t know what I’ll do . . maybe pay for your roundtrip expense to come spend a week with me and help unpack in the new house!  🙂

Here’s what we need in order of importance:

  • A good well
  • Land for chickens – at least 20 acres probably because without restrictions, we don’t want weird or noisy people right next to us.  We would like to some day have goats maybe too.  We would consider 5 acres if it’s in an area that has decent houses already around it.
  • South or east of Brownwood – not west or north but since it may be hard for you to know — don’t worry about that.  If you send me something, I’ll let you know if it’s in the wrong direction.  We’ll go as far east as Comanche.
  • Brick or stone – no vinyl.
  • Either a room for the longarm or a place where we can add a room for the longarm — on 20 acres, that’s not going to be an issue.

I know there are other items that matter.  I’d love to have an attached garage but those are kinda hard to find around here.

Get busy . . find me a home!  🙂


  1. 1

    SarahB says

    :o) We’re trying to sell our house in Pataskala, Ohio! It might be a bit of a commute for Vince but we already have 8 reds that lay 7 eggs a day….
    I liked the lake idea in Lousiana! Vince can commute for another year or so and then be done… easy for me to say, right?!? Our prayers are still with you both!!

  2. 2

    Jo Anna says

    Soooo sorry Judy. I know this must be pretty tough. Hope you aren’t getting stung by unkind comments.

    Jo Anna

  3. 3

    Nancy says

    Not sure if they will work for you but it is a start.
    Listing number 42165-51830, 42165-52130, 42165-32820
    Good Luck!

  4. 10

    Cheryl L says

    Oh man, Judy, I feel SOOOO bad for you. Talk about an emotional roller coaster….this is awful! I’m assuming you’ve scoured all the online real estate sources like Zillow, Trulia,…….?

  5. 12


    This must be so frustrating for you. Maybe you need to put an open ad in the local papers to ALL realtors in the area and tell them you will give a $1,000 bonus (on top of commission) to whichever of them finds you a house that meets those requirements you listed AND is in your price range AND can have you in that house by the time your present lease is up. It probably sounds crazy to do that, but…sometimes I hear of crazy things like that working for folks. At this point, it seems pretty much anything is worth a try.

    • 12.1

      Cindy C says

      You know I have heard of people doing this and they find a house. The other MUST is that the deal has to close and go thru the final step, signing the closing documents so you can take possession. It would definitely put the fire under realtors to really work hard for this extra commission.

    • 12.3

      Laura says

      I don’t think Pat’s idea sounds crazy at all. It might be just the incentive a realtor needs to find you that perfect house.

  6. 13

    Beth says

    you may need goats earlier…property taxes in TX are high especially on acreage without animals.. so I’ve been told

  7. 14


    Oh Judy, I feel for you I really do – any I think you are dealing with all these setbacks with an amazing amount of grace. I think I’d be punching a hole through the wall by now if it was me. I think the idea of offering an extra incentive to a realtor could really be the way to go, especially in these difficult times because if houses aren’t selling then they aren’t making any money either. I wish I could help – but I read every day in the hope that it will all have fallen into place – so I’m sending you lots of European positive vibes. Take care – there are lots of us rooting for you out here in cyberspace!

  8. 15

    Glen in louisiana says

    Come live with me…..we will quilt all day…….cook for fun…… with the dogs for relaxation……….go to cooking classes for entertainment……..hit all the fabric shops……..and let the boys go off to work.


  9. 16


    I can’t help but laugh…in a sad sort of way. I did a quick search on for places within 5 miles of Brownwood with more than 20 acres…only 2 listings came up. This one would probably work….other than the price. Its even south of Brownwood and has a stone exterior. 🙂

    Seriously though…maybe 42165-51830 at Its 2700sqft with a pecan orchard.

  10. 21

    Marla says

    One of my neighbors sold his house without even putting it on the market a few years ago. Someone walked up to his door one day, told him he liked his home and was he willing to sell it to him. An offer was made and it was accepted. I know it sounds crazy but that is a thought!

  11. 24

    Patricia L. says

    Have you tried looking at foreclosures. I know it is harder to get in to see them but the $ saved might be worth it.

  12. 25

    Karen says

    After all this – would Vince consider a new job somewhere else????? I’m being facetious – mostly at any rate.

  13. 26

    Sherry says

    As much as I would love to snap my fingers and make it all work out for you, I can’t but since you have written all these blogs and believe me, they are very interesting, some day, when you have time, you should write a book about your moving mis-adventures. It might just be a best seller. Give it a thought.