A Runaway Train

You just never know what you’re going to find in our part of Texas.  Earlier this week, we came across a runaway train!

And it’s a restaurant!  We had lunch there.

These were the toothpick appetizers.  Fried jalapeno and onion strips for those who might not know.  They were great.  We also had hamburgers and fries but I was too hungry and ate my burger and fries before remember to take a picture.

The food was good, the service was great and it was fun to eat in a railroad car.  If you’re ever in Brownwood, check out the Runaway Train.


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    My 16 yr old Sweet Teen and I love to eat in train restaurants. For me the pleasure is in all my train memories, from real steam engine (because I’m “old”), to memories of the trail line (and trains) 1/2 mile from our farm, to all the memories of model trains my childhood friends connected. For her, I think it’s just the history of time decades before she was born. We ate in one when the air conditioning was not function and the food was mediocre and we still had a wonderful time!

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    There is one very similar in Willcox, Az, about 35 or 40 miles from me. It’s really neat looking. I ate there once and the food was not great, nor was the service. But sure glad your is good, maybe some day I’ll be driving through Texas and get to eat there! Hey, at least you are having some fun exploring the food option in your area!

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    Diana in TX says

    Haven’t been to that one but we do find little out of the way places on our travels. And the food has been good as well as the service. Did have a funny experience in Plainfield I believe. Stopped at this place for breakfast, found a seat. The waitress knew we were from out of town and wanted to know if we would rather sit in the dining room. We stayed in the room with the ranchers and farmers, more fun listening to them talking about crops and livestock. That didn’t boar us at all!

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    Diana in TX says

    This isn’t a train but an old stainless diner. If anyone is in the Truckee, CA area. They have a diner there that they hauled from West Chester, PA. We made a special point of finding it and having lunch there a while back. Had eaten in that diner many times growing up. They didn’t change much of the inside, in fact I think it was the same stools with the old covers.