Guess We’re Staying

I knew it had to happen sooner or later . . off with the Missouri inspection stickers and license plates and . . everything changes to Texas.

We had 30 days to get the car plates switched but we have 90 days to get our driver’s license switched.  I’m waiting til Day #89 . . just in case I decide to go back!

For those of you who have moved often, what part of moving to you dislike the most?  For me, it’s getting new plates and driver’s license.  Of course, that’s not counting finding a house.  I think part of the reason I dislike the plates and driver’s license is dealing with the people who work in these agencies.  They’re almost always not very helpful and kinda grumpy.  Just doesn’t seem right that we HAVE to go to them and they can be as grumpy as they like and and there’s nothing we can do . . just keep going back.  Thank goodness Vince takes care of getting the vehicles inspected and the plates but I’m on my own with my driver’s license.  Let’s see . . I have about 52 days left before I have to do that.  A whole lot can happen in 52 days, right?  🙂


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    We just bought our son a car (his engine blew up)and had to go to the license agency to pay the sales tax… and while my husband was “chatting” with the clerk he mentioned that we had scrapped the old car… After she asked a few questions, she said “excuse me, I’ll be right back”…he was very confused…but when she came back she had a paper for him to sign and the money we received from the scrapped car came off the sales tax! She didn’t have to do that…he was very impressed…but then this agency has always been very nice and helpful..

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      Donna in KS says

      Well, yeah, Nancy, but you’re in that nice state of MO!! It’s both a place AND a state of mind! LOL

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    I dislike that part of a move, too. Wonder why government employees are so nasty and indifferent to the people who pay their salaries and why it is allowed?

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    Alma says

    I hope you have better luck then my daughter did at getting her Texas drivers license. She had her birth certificate- raised seal and all, but Texas “officals” said NO, that is not the right document. She had to get a new one from her birth state that is now called “the long form”. Since 9/11, states want so much documentation. A passport works best. Good luck

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    I think the worst part of moving is remembering ALL the companies you have to notify that you changed your address. Bills, magazines, friends, relatives, etc. Just when you think you have them all…there’s another one that “pops up” that you have to change.

    Hopefully you won’t have too many problems getting your license changed. As Alma said, states are much more picky about the documentation you provide when you move from state to state.

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      Oh, I agree! I was going to say unpacking when you get there but remembering all the stuff you get in the mail, sometimes only once a year, and notifying them all so you still will receive them is stressful!

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    Diana in TX says

    We have found that going to the smaller offices usually works better-ours in Georgetown much faster and generally friendlier than the first one we went to just north of Austin. And they were quite nice when Dad transferred his car to Texas. He was pleased with them and trust me at his age he tells it like it is. I do like the 6 year drivers license. Now getting a Taiwan license was an interesting story.

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    Nancy says

    Don’t forget to change your voter registration, too. You may have elections coming up (they are in November here in GA), and you might miss out if you don’t change.

    Also, do you have a passport? If so, get that updated.

    The part I hated when I moved 3 years ago was getting all the credit cards, utility companies, etc., informed. Even today I sometimes run upon a situation that I have not informed them.

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      Nancy says

      Just FYI. I am a poll manager for a precinct in GA. We also have the option of registering for voting when you get your driver’s license changed. That works maybe 50% of the time. I cannot tell you how many times someone has come to vote and it got complicated because it was done at the driver’s license office and the information didn’t get transferred the State Board of Elections. Often a husband and wife duo will do that at the same time, and one works and the other doesn’t We have never figured out why.

      So…in my humble opinion, if voting matters to you, I’d register at the local Board of Elections OR double check that it got done through the driver’s license bureaucy. I’d guess you would get a new voter card indicating that you were registered in TX. Just saying….

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    Marilyn says

    I love the DMV people here in Vacaville, Ca. When my daughter went to get her license, we forgot her birth certificate. I was totally expecting them to be rude and say we had to come back another day. The lady just laughed and said I could go home and get it and come back and she would hold our spot in line. It took 45 minutes round trip and she still had a smile on her face. There are some pretty rude people she had to deal with who didn’t have the right paperwork and these people were just joking and laughing and making the best of it. I think many of these government people have lots of rude people to deal with all day long and sometimes they have bad days too. I just don’t like having to get my picture taking for a new driver’s license. I kept my picture from when I was 18 until I was about 40! good thing I never got pulled over 🙂 Although I think I still look 18 🙂

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      Gee, I live in Davis, CA where it’s so crowded at the DMV! I’m coming to Vacaville next time I need a DMV! (The one in Woodland is small and not too crowded either)

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    Last year when I moved here I had to take a written driver’s test to get my license and I was terrified that I would not pass it. I got the manual and studied my heart out and kept stalling before I went to take it. It was easier than I thought and I did very well on the exam. I got a license to drive for many years and the pressure is off. Yaay!

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    LadyBaltimore says

    One of the worst parts of moving for me is finding the new doctor(s) and the new dentist and the new hair salon and the new puppy kennel and vet, etc. Once I find someone or someplace I like, I continue to go back to them but finding a good place in the beginning when you’re a stranger is hard.
    Thank goodness, since our last move, we’ve re-established all those places.
    ps I waited for over 5 hours (with nothing to read) for my new state driver’s license.

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    Patty says

    I worked at the DMV for 3 weeks when we moved to Topeka KS. That was enough of that. I can certainly understand why those people are grumpy. Putting up with people all day that don’t want to spend the money they have to to license a vehicle and then there are those that just can’t follow the rules.

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    Charlene Tudor says

    It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been 7 years since we moved here but the hardest thing for me was finding someone who could cut my hair….still looking! After having the same hairdresser for 20 years it’s really a pain that no one knows what I want like Linda did!!

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      LOL–so true! I live an hour from where I moved from and still drive back to my hairdresser and my dentist (another tough one to find!) and I moved 10 years ago!

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    Cheryl L says

    I’ve lived many different places and the people at the BMV in ALL places have been surly and grumpy. I’ve decided it must be a requirement of the job. You are right…it’s a govt job and just like all the rest of them, we can complain about the lousy seervice and it just doesn’t matter…..yet we are forced to deal with them. Sad.

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    When we moved last year, I was really dreading getting my license changed. For one reason, there are all these NEW rules since January 2010. So I had to get a copy of my marriage certificate, get another SS card because my old one did not have my married name on it (hey when I got married it wasn’t required), proof of residence, etc, etc. I had knots in my stomach just thinking about going and waiting in the endless line at the DMV. Well come to find out that our local AAA office has a driver’s license area set up. I made an appointment online (picked my day and time) went to the AAA office, waited about 5 minutes, gave the guy all my paperwork, he takes the picture, I wait for my new license, and I’m out of there in about 30 minutes!!! YAY!!!!!!

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    Rebecca says

    The Vacaville comments have me giggling…we have enough DMV offices around here (San Diego area) for people to recommend one over another. It’s been a LONG time since I changed states, but my move from MN to VA and back (in less than two years) was interesting. In VA, you surrender your driver’s license from some states, and not from others. I didn’t have to give mine up, and when I moved back, I moved into the same apartment complex, so didn’t bother to change the license.

    In long moves, I disliked changing banks and “starting from scratch.” Now that we use paper checks for so few things, I guess that’s a smaller factor than it used to be.