Raspberry Jam

Who would have thought I’d be making jam in the rental?  I knew my big canner was here, though I could have used my small canner but haven’t seen it here so it’s probably in storage.  The jar grabber and magnet stick for getting the lids and rings out of hot water are always stored in the small canner so getting the jars out of the canner was a bit tricky!

Mom kept talking about raspberries being on sale at Kroger last week and while I was there Tuesday, I went by to look at them.  They stocker was just putting out a fresh batch and they looked so good.  They were 4 containers for $5, which is way less than they usually are.  I bought 8 containers and used 7 of them for the jam.  Not bad for the amount of jam I got.

I knew there were 2 cases (12 each) of empty jelly jars in a box in the kitchen but I didn’t even think about not having any regular mouth lids.  I mostly use wide mouth lids and have about 300 boxes (of 12) of wide mouth lids but couldn’t find a single regular mouth lid so my jam had to be put up in quart jars, except those two little squatty wide mouth jars I was able to find.

Raspberries are one of Vince’s favorites so I knew he’d be thrilled to have raspberry jam to add to our collection.

Having a Kroger here close is so nice, even though it’s a very, very small Kroger.



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    Yum that looks good! I never make raspberry jam here because raspberries are way over the top insane expensive here in Switzerland – think $5 for one teeny tiny box – 1/2lb max. Even when I buy them to eat (rarely) I ration them!! Having written this, I now know what I’m going to plant in the garden next year – I LOVE raspberries!

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    I’ve never made raspberry jam. I made peach jam again this year. I love how it tastes like eating a peach (only sweeter). You just don’t get that fresh taste with store bought jam!

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    Denise says

    If I come and deliver a green t-shirt for Vince will he share his raspberry jam? It’s my favorite – actually really the only kind of jam I’ll ever eat. Raspberries in any form are the best but dang you got a bargain. Here for about $4 you barely get a cup full. I so miss my parents raspberry patch!! 🙂