Sweater Knitting

Just like I had a strong hankering to learn to knit socks, I now have a strong hankering to learn to knit sweaters.

Last night, my friend Denise, who is an excellent quilter and knitter but she blew it totally when Elaine and I short sheeted her bed at quilting retreat and she crawled in bed on TOP of the sheets instead of BETWEEN the sheets!  Anyway, last night Denise sent me a link to some sweater patterns she really liked.  Denise is the kind of friend who also sends me links to fabric and yarn so . . maybe she isn’t really a friend at all!  🙂  We discussed the sweaters she liked and I admitted I’d never made a sweater, which wasn’t completely true.

Probably 30 years ago when I first learned to knit, I started several sweaters but all I knew how to do was the straight parts.  When it came time to increase or decrease or make sleeves, it all got bagged up and sent to a friend who would finish them for me and then I’d probably say to everyone “Don’t you love this sweater I made?”

OK . . confession time is over . . about that part of my life.

While looking around on the links Denise sent, I came across the Minimalist Cardigan and I like it a lot.   I don’t really like how the front rolls but I know how to fix it but then on some of the completed sweaters, I did like the way it rolled so I’ll think about that.  Then I began searching The Loopy Ewe for yarn and ordered Malabrigo Worsted in Garden Gate.

Then I went to print the pattern and as soon as I asked the printer to print three copies, I remembered this is what my printer has been doing with pdf files.

I called Vince down to fix it and he flipped out because I wasted all that blank ink.  Like I was supposed to remember it was going to do that!  I wanted to say “How much does a whole cartridge of black ink cost anyway?  I just spent a lot of money on yarn and I need my blasted pattern!”  But I decided that was not a good thing to say.  I’m learning!

He fixed my printer or computer or whatever and I now have my printed pattern and am waiting for the yarn to arrive.  Will I actually make the sweater or will it go into this box?

When this yarn arrives, I’m going to do a swatch, which might be why I keep putting off doing sweaters, and I’m actually going to do it!


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    LadyBaltimore says

    I do love to knit but all I know how to do is the straight parts.
    Great for scarves or baby afghans but that’s about it. I will watch your sweater knitting with interest.

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    I was just looking at Ravelry last night and looked at the Minimalist Cardigan. I might be doing that one as well. I found several cardigans I like. I am not fond of pullover sweaters…..my internal furnace just burns me up in them! I feel like I am smothering. But I love cardi types so it’s all good!

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    That’s one of the first sweaters I picked when I first joined Ravelry. I still like it. I’ve never knitted a sweater either and I’d like to but don’t think they look good on my rather too ample proportions.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, I used to knit sweaters as a teenager into my 20’s. Living here in the desert, I rarely wear a sweater. I do enjoy following this blog – http://ankastreasures.wordpress.com/
    by Heather Mulder Peterson. She is a quilter, pattern & fabric designer and also an avid knittner. She now has a post up on yarn dying. She often has posts with pictures of her beautiful sweaters – they are gorgeous. If you go back into her archives you will find many knitting related posts. You might find some good ideas on her blog.

    Keeping the faith that you and Vince will find a wonderful home very soon!

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    Darn you, Judy!! I like that pattern, too… I have a friend who keeps reminding me that I have a sweater to finish. I only have a 1/2 length sleeve to make and then to sew it together… sigh

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    Connie says

    I would so love to knit a sweater!! Knitting Paradise is having a sweater KAL I wish I could join, but I knit way too slow, would most likely take me a year to finish it. It is thanks to you that I am knitting my second pair of socks!! The first pair was huge and ugly, the ones I am on now tho are going well. You encouraged us to try if we wanted to do sock knitting and I took your challenge. It so happened that KP was having a KAL at the same time, so it was meant to be:) Thank you for that. Maybe someday I will decide to tackle a sweater, but my next goal is fair isle and chart reading.

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    I bought a beautiful sweater kit 8 years ago in Bethlehem, PA and knitted it all up. Attached the sleeves and decided one sleeve was too short and was going to tear it out but just couldn’t find the right string to cut! Just couldn’t!! It’s been sitting in a bag in my closet all this time. . . .

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    Cindy B. says

    Doggone you!

    I even bought yarn to do a sweater but haven’t started yet. Now you throw this curve ball into the mix. I want to knit a neck down so I do not have to keep track of pieces.

    Such is life.

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    Thanks for the link to the sweater pattern. I really need another project to add to the kazillion I have already started…..

    That looks like the perfect sweater for church. The air conditioner is on so high sometimes that I freeze………..

    We should be moving the first week in November. Oh Happy Day.

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    Oh! Now I really love this pattern. I just ordered it. Have made a deal with myself that I have to wait to order the yarn because I have too many projects in the queue already. But then again — I don’t have any take along projects going and this is definitely portable. Ah Judy, what have you done? LOL

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    The “short sheetee” must respond you know! LOL First, a rule of short sheeting – don’t short sheet the person who stays up hours later than you and you won’t have to lie awake giggling so long to see if it worked. And no one is forcing your to click the buy buttons when I send you likes. VBG Who was it that got me interested in making socks, which lead to much sock yarn buying, and many single socks that need their mates finished. But if you can knit socks you can knit that sweater. It’s one that’s been in my Ravelry cue too. So just to be nice I’ll knit along with you and cheer you on — however I will NOT finish it for you. Now the decision is, do I make it for myself (would need to buy more yarn) or maybe my sister who is much smaller than me and I probably have enough of some Alpaca Love to make it for her. Hmmmm a trip to the yarn store next week might have to occur. And I found another pretty sweater I’ll have to send you the link to. LOL

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    marolyn says

    Learning to knit can be dangerous, you know. I knitted sweaters for my daughters when they were in school and they still have most of them. It can really be addicting because 1) it is facsinating to see the pattern really work and 2) it is facsinating to see how it didnt work and wonder what you did or didn’t do. Do try. You will be a stronger person for it!