Celebration Sweater

Yes, we’re celebrating and it involves a house and that’s all I’m saying because we’ve all decided that mentioning it on the blog seems to motion the black clouds to move in and destroy our deal.  I believe every possible detail has been worked out and agreed upon but I know it’s not a done deal til I have keys in my hand.  Tomorrow we meet with the sellers and sign the contract and we’re hoping to close around Thanksgiving and move whenever . . well . . just whenever it happens . . any time before February 15, when our lease is up here.

Last night as I was looking through some of the files I’ve downloaded off Ravelry, I came across this pattern I had printed.

The pattern is here.  I like all of Veera’s patterns.

Figuring I might just love knitting sweaters, I ordered Madelinetosh Merino Light in the color Fathom, which is just a bit bluer than the sweater in the picture.  I almost went with a purple but decided on Fathom.  The Loopy Ewe got a new shipment of Tosh Merino Light in this past week so they currently have a good selection.  Everyone loves Madelinetosh yarns.

I’m so glad this week is ending with us being hopeful about a house!


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    Yeah! Hope everything goes well or, should I say, break a leg? I love the sweater. I’ve knitted three Icelandic Sweaters in my life. Saw a woman knitting one years ago when my nephew was in the hospital and I was sitting in the waiting room. All circular needles and no seams and I just love to make them. Unfortunately, I look a bit like a barrel in them! ;p

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    Excellent! I’ll patiently wait for further updates.

    I was wondering about sweathers, also. Does it get that cold? It probably does. Silly me!

      • Brenda in South Texas says

        And this chart is not mentioning the wind chill that is a part of the cold weather that does arrive. I could handle the cold, but not the wind ! I do not miss the wind at all. Your sweater will come in very handy on it’s own or used with layers when needed.

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    Tina says

    I’m crossing my fingers. Are you planning on bringing some of the little fellas? 😀 Remember, they had ice falling off the Cowboys’ new stadium just before the Superbowl, was it last year or the year before?

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    Debbie B says

    Great news, Judy! You and Vince have really been through lot. Good to hear this may be resolved soon. Let’s celebrate!

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, I have a great big smile on my face. Will pray that this one goes thru without a hitch! Have fun tonight.!

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    Diana in TX says

    You are costing me money or should I say DH money. You have managed to get me back into knitting sweaters. Loved the one you posted yesterday and love this one also. And just maybe I am getting old enough that sweaters do feel good in the winter. Of course the last two have been colder than usual. And yes, you get colder temps than we do. I knitted all the time until we moved away from the northern part of the US. Still haven’t tried socks yet but do have the yarn.

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      It doesn’t have to be real cold for a sweater to be comfortable. I hate wearing coats because they’re too bulky to keep on in the car, and you take them off when you go inside the store or mall but sweaters are pretty perfect for me during the winter.

      • Diana in TX says

        I had a nice wool coat made for me over seas-I think I have worn it once in 12 years. Did have to get a heavier winter jacket however-once in a while we do have to venture north in the winter time! Those trips are few and far between tho since Dad moved to TX. I’m not mentioning your good news until it is all signed and delivered.

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    pdudgeon says

    yep, this does call for a celebration. if i could ship some rain to you, i would, cause we have a lot of it today and more comming for the weekend. have a wonderful night out on the town!

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    Marky says

    Well it’s about time you had a reason to celebrate! I’m holding my breath and continuing to pray that every thing gets signed, sealed, and delivered without a hitch and you can tell all of us all about it in the very near future. Time to do my happy dance (and the way I dance, it may bring Texas some rain!)

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    Oh…YAY!!!!! Yippee!!!! I’m gonna do a cartwheel because I’m so happy. (Oh, wait…I don’t know how to do a cartwheel and I’d probably have a broken back if I tried it.) BUT…just know I’m very happy for you!!!