Decorating . . Texas Style

Things are different in Texas.  Almost everything is different in Texas.  We’ve seen the antler light fixture.  It’s really not easy to go in with the realtor and take pictures of all the funny things we see on the walls and floors and fence posts and above the thresholds.  The funny thing is that the things that cracked us up a month or so ago . . we’re starting to like.  When we come home and we have pictures on the wall and rugs that are rugs and not some kind of animal hide on the floor and there’s no cow skull over our door . . I kinda feel like we’re missing something.

The house that I’m not going to mention has two deer heads hanging on the wall.  Vince isn’t a hunter, and even if he were, we would probably never pay to have those heads done (whatever “done” means), so we asked the realtor if they might leave those.  How can you have a house in Texas without a deer head or two?

They also have a cow skin rug on the floor in the family room.  I noticed it but didn’t say anything.  I figured Vince would think it was kinda weird.  We were talking about where we’ll put our furniture in the room and Vince said “do you think they would  leave that cow skin rug?”  I’m kinda feeling like we should just say “can we have everything that’s in the house right now?” but we won’t say that so we went looking for our own cow skin rug, which we found.  Something I just never thought about . . how many colors of cows are there?  We didn’t have to decide on one yet . . but we were surprised at the choices.

Things we found in the Texas store that were kinda funny:

Check out the flowers for the eyes!  I didn’t like it but Vince did!

We need bedroom furniture.  Vince liked this.  I did not!  More critter of some kind on there.

I think I’ve figured out why people never leave Texas . . the furniture and decorator items you buy while in Texas are inappropriate for any other place you might live . . except Texas.

The biggest question I have running through my mind right now . . what will I do with all the decorator items I already have?  My nice prints from my favorite Louisiana artist?  The W. F. Norman (from Nevada) framed tin?  The candle sticks that do not have armadillos on them?  The salt and pepper shakers that aren’t shaped like cowboy boots?  The paper towel holder without a Texas star on top?  Idea:  Maybe I’ll go back to MO!


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    Diana in TX says

    You’ll be able to use it all! WE have Taiwan antique cabinets and other things mixed in along with things we re picking up here. Our friends hacve done the same thing. You can do it. When some one asks about our home we say it is eclectic and that it is, but it all means something to us!

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    Beth says

    I’ve limited my husband to a Texas bathroom….everything else is normal….antiques, things we’ve gotten from around the world.

  3. 3


    I am an Texan through and through and I refuse to have any animal heads in my home. The nice thing about Texas homes is that you can mix things (ecclectic?) in a very pleasing way. 🙂

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    Linda in NE says

    I guess you use what you have & just put in a few Texas touches. Everything Texas might be just a little too much….like that bed.

  5. 5


    you don’t just find these in Texas – all of this kind of stuff is very popular though out the whole Southwest. We see the same stuff in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming (not in the south west) Colorado — the list goes on – it is all very unique though to these states – you do not see the same say in New York!

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    I’m sure you will come up with some very good way to mix your stuff and “THAT” stuff and it will all look very nice!

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    Wann Hart says

    Judy, Canton, Texas will be a fun place to shop for Texas furnishings. I like Texas stuff! Just sayin’

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    Alma says

    I think that bed would give me nightmares!!
    Put up your beautiful items from MO. You may start a whole new decorating trend in Texas.

  9. 9

    Linda Beasley says

    It’s going to be your home, decorate it the way you like. If it means using what you have from MO, do it. Just because you are in Texas doesn’t mean you have to have animals, etc in your house. LOL I have to say, that longhorn steer head with the flowers for eyes, is creepy!!!! Maybe Vince can put it in his shop. lol I was born and raised in Texas and the only thing “Texas” in my house is a picture of blue bonnets. lol I have a lot of family treasures that have been handed down and am very happy with those. They have real meaning for me, to think that my great, great grandmother used it.
    I’m so happy for you Judy that you’ve made such progress with this house. Let us know when you have the keys in your hands and we’ll have a big Texas Party, even if it’s online.

  10. 10


    OMG!!!! My DH, would love that bed…and I wouldn’t sleep in it for anything!!!! Yuck, but I guess , “when in Rome”!!!! LOL

  11. 11

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    What fun you and Vince are having! I say good for you! I have several relatives in both Dallas and Tyler and none of them have anything “Texas” in their homes.

  12. 12

    Diane in CA says

    NO.. NO.. Don’t drink the Koolaid! No dead animal heads! No leather with the hair still on it..! Stick to stars.. nice Texas stars… Give yourself some time to come down from the we just bought a house giddyness before you go all Texas on us.

  13. 14

    Hilary McDaniel says

    NO, please don’t do that to your home. I would gag if I had to live w/that. My home is very urban/cottage style. I’m on 88 acres and have a cottage that has custom, very large furnishings and I would croak if I had to look at an animal on my wall. I have Bambi, Kermit, Jack, Elsie and Rocky alive in my garden. How could I possibly kill those precious creatures for ghastly wall art. UGH. Go to Ft.Worth,Dallas or Canton to shop, not Brownwood. You’ll be much happier.

    • 14.1


      As much trouble as we have keeping them out of my garden, I would like the driveway with their heads and it wouldn’t bother me one bit! We were not shopping in Brownwood when we saw the wall art.

  14. 15

    Gwen says

    I have no animal skin rugs, no armadillo anythings, the closest
    thing to horns is apiece longhorn wall hanging in DH’s office and there are definitely no snakes, lizards or scorpions! Next verse of this song is that it will always be that way. I do have stars in several forms so hopefully I won’t have to move and give up my Texas birth certificate!

  15. 16

    Judy Wolf says

    I was born and raised in Texas and wouldn’t have any of those things in my house. One thing to think about on the cow hide rug is eventually, because it will dry out, it will begin shedding and make a BIG mess on your floor. It may take years and it may not but I don’t think I’d want one of my cows hides on my floor.

    Judy in Mo but born a Texan and always a Texan

  16. 17

    SarahB says

    LOL, your son is a hunter so it’s only normal to have a pair of antlers or something on your wall. But I would draw the line at animals on the floor. Can you imagine trying to vaccuum that thing?!? How do you do that without ripping out the hair?? Anyway, we have antlers on the wall in Ohio because my husband hunts and because we EAT the meat (not waste it, for PETAs info); he (my husband) feels the antlers build respect for the deer since the kids all know it was killed to feed us. But the bed and the cow skin kind of creeps me out…. I bet Chad can get you something better AND cheaper from MO!

  17. 18

    Cindy B says

    DH is an avid hunter and after two mounted (never say stuffed around a hunter) deer heads I said enough. Lord, finding a place to put those on the wall wasn’t easy. I’m not fond of them but they mean a lot to DH so they are part of my decor. Now he saves the antlers and has them nailed on a board and he hangs them in his shop. Congratulations on your new home!

  18. 20


    You could decorate the inside in Judy/Vince style and leave the Texas decorating on the outside – you know, just so you fit in.. But then again you will live on 45 acres and who cares about fitting in – just make it your own. As for me and mine, the animal heads would not be welcome – a real deal breaker for me. Judy C

  19. 21

    carol c says

    just add some silk bluebonnets, sunfowers and indian paintbrush, use jute rope for the bow and its TX-lol. put in some nice sented candles from fredericksburg and it will be fitting right in! all of it. Hope everything works out.

  20. 22

    carol c says

    oh a good taxidermists would do you up a nice head or two, but not in my place! Look on the ground, find you some deer antlers and stick them in some planters with the plants, I did-lol

  21. 23

    Robin says

    It’s just like when people move to Florida, they go out and buy all the rattan furniture, palm tree stuff and decorate in pastels or aqua, coral and tan shades. Or people in New Mexixo or Arizona with the teal, coral and Indian pottery. Decorate to suit your tastes not the state or part of the country you live in I say.

  22. 24

    marolyn says

    my favorite restuarant in texas is Clear Springs in Nacogdoces. but i have to keep my eyes down a bit b/c of all the animal heads on the bar room walls. keep you MO stuff around you, you will appreciate them even more after a few years in texas.

  23. 25


    Strangely enough, even though I’m a native Texan, my den is decorated more in a southwestern/New Mexico theme, with a R.C. Gorman print, Georgia O’Keeffe print and mission photos, leather, rug of dark red, gold, and other earth tones. That’s where I would live if I couldn’t live here in Texas. The rest of my house is decorated mostly in antiques in no particular regional style. We do have the obligatory deer skull with horns in the den – because my husband shot it and we ate the meat. I grew up with the full blown taxidermied (sic??) deer head in my parent’s home and didn’t want that again.

    What can I say? That’s just the way it is in big TX.

  24. 26

    Kathy says

    We have moose antlers in our home. I told my husband he could put them up if I could put twinkle lights on them at Christmas. He did, and I do. Use the things that mean something to you. That’s what makes it a home.