We Have a Contract!

And I’d be willing to bet this one goes through without a hitch.   This morning we sat down with the sellers, their agent and we laughed and had the best time with them.  They’re the nicest people, their agent is their good friend and she wasn’t afraid to present them with any of our ideas, questions and concerns.

It’s the small ranch house with 45 acres that Vince and I both fell in love with and wanted so badly.  When we made our first offer, the owners decided they didn’t want to sell it and they had a very good reason . . which I understand completely and would feel the same way if I were in their shoes.  We did a bit of negotiation and arrived at a deal we all can live with.  The house is about 6 years old and I don’t see any reason for any problems during inspection.  We think we can get it closed by the end of October but the house they’re building may not be finished for a while so they will rent from us while we continue to live at our leased house but we can go ahead and get the construction started on closing in a section of the shop for my sewing room.

This place is truly my dream home.  I’ve wanted acreage for so, so many years —  my dream was always to have 40 acres, though I would have been quite happy with 20 and would have settled for 10 and expected to end up with 5.  Now, we’re getting 45 acres.  I want to live where I don’t see another house, I don’t see a road,  I don’t hear a passing car or stereo and cannot hear a neighbor’s dog barking. So much of the land around here is very rocky, full of cactus and with no trees or if any, just a few mesquite trees.  This land has very little rock, very few mesquite, lots of oak and red oak trees.  It’s beautiful land for this part of Texas.

And, it has a full RV hookup.  I’m hoping my parents will come and fall in love with the place and park an RV there so I can see them more often.

For those of you who know how Texas operates (and I do not even claim to have that knowledge) — the property is ag exempt and it can stay ag exempt.  As soon as the drought conditions improve, the cows will be returned. The cattle owner leases the land so we don’t even have to deal with the cows.  We may fence off a section of it and have a few goats.  We’ll see how much Vince gets into this farming.

Not everyone feels the same way I do . . that’s what makes the world go ’round but for me, I need space.  I don’t want to hear any one else’s kids’ radio, I don’t want anyone else’s dog waking me up at 3 a.m., for some crazy reason, I believe that when we work and pay for our own property, we should be allowed to do with it what we please, within reason.  The times that I remember being the happiest were at my grandma’s, where they had 80 acres and no neighbors.  No phone, no tv . . we played outside, we entertained ourselves.  That’s where I fell in love with chickens, raw milk, learned to make butter, learned to sew and learned a great appreciation for indoor plumbing!  🙂  That’s the life I want!  And that’s the life we’ll have on this property.

Having someone in MO coming around to measure to be sure grass wasn’t over 8″ tall probably was the icing on the cake for me.  Living in a neighborhood and paying $300 to $500/month for a water bill so my grass can be greener than my neighbor’s grass . . that’s not the life for me!

One thing that matters to me most is to live as self-sufficiently as we can.  We’ll never live off grid (or we might!) but I want to know that IF something happens and food is in short supply or we need to be able to protect ourselves and our property, we are in a position to do so.  And if you’re reading this and thinking that can never happen here, I hope  you’re right but just in case . . I’m going to be as ready as I can be for whatever happens.  I will not be the one depending on FEMA for my food and water.

There is so much wild game on this property – deer, turkey, audad (though I think they’re not so good to eat), jack rabbit.  There are some huge cattle ranches in my “neighborhood”.  With the well, we can have a garden.  I’ll have chickens again.  Vince can have bees.

Speaking of chickens, there’s a little covered bridge on the property.  When the realtor bought a piece of property for herself, this little covered bridge, just a little walking bridge, was on the property and she didn’t want it so these people took it.  They had an idea for it but never did anything with it. Vince thinks he can turn that into the chicken coop!  How cool would that be?

Around the house is fenced off and that’s the only area we have to cut.  Judging from what we’ve had to cut in the past, I’d say we’ll be maintaining less than 2 acres and it’s not the kind of grass you have to cut often.  With the drought, most folks out in the country haven’t cut their grass even once this summer.

Did I mention there’s a gas stove?  Yep, gas stove and gas heat in the house.  I’m telling you, this is as close to perfect as we will ever get.   The slogan for Brownwood is “It feels like home!”  When we left there this morning, Vince looked at me and he said “It feels like home!”  He said, and I agreed that every other house we’ve tried to buy would have worked but we weren’t giddy about the others and they didn’t feel like home.  This does!

We very much hope our house hunting days are over.  Oh . . one of the best parts . . it’s not much more than 5 miles from Vince’s work!  How perfect is the whole place?  45 acres.  I’ll have a super nice sewing room when it’s all done.  Chickens.  Close to Vince’s work.  Gas stove . . Vince is as excited about this place as I am.  So, I guess what we’ve been through the past few months has been worth it.  We’re ending up with the best possible house we could have had.  I don’t think we could have built a place ourselves and ended up with any better.

I will remember that it’s not a done deal til the keys are in my hand but I think we’re going to make it this time.


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    So happy for you!!! I cannot imagine the stress this whole ordeal has been. I saw the title of your post and expected pigs flying outside because I was beginning to think you weren’t going to find a house you liked.

  2. 2

    shirley bruner says

    Oh, Judy….that sounds ideal for you. i so hope there aren’t any glitches. you are gonna love it out there. looking forward to chicken posts again and goats, too. hugs

  3. 4


    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the new place. Now I know someone that can relate to me….living in the middle of nowhere.

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      Kim, in my head I knew that too but my heart was breaking with all the disappointments and I was having a real hard time dealing with it all. I will be so happy to have this chapter closed.

  4. 9

    Susan C says

    I’m so glad you finally have a contract and that it’s a house that you already feel is home. It sounds wonderful. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well.

  5. 11

    Suzanne G says

    Congrats!!! I am so happy for you guys! We have 20 acres and I love it. Wish we could have more but it is good for right now. I can’t wait to hear more of your chicken stories!! I have missed them!!

  6. 12

    Marky says

    I am so happy for you and Vince. At last! a Home Sweet Home! Not one you settled for, but one that meets your dreams, both of your dreams. Can’t wait for pictures of the house and property. “Good things come to those who wait” and I’m so glad things are finally falling in to place.

  7. 13

    Barbara says

    WOW…reading this post made me cry!!!

    I had no idea I was so emotionally invested in you finding a home.

    I am so very happy for you and Vince.

  8. 15

    Sibyl Scott says

    Judy it looks like you are getting everything you wanted and then some. Just think that you will have your chickens back (yes new ones but still getting some). Will have a gas stove I know how important that was for you. Sounds like dreams can come true, if you just hold tight to them. Congrats.

  9. 16

    Connie says

    Oh Judy, how wonderful. I am so, so happy for you both. Finally something that you really wanted and are not just settling for. I am looking forward to seeing your changes and improvements. Yay!

  10. 17

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    What wonderful news. Congratulations. My fingers are crossed that everything from here on out goes smoothly for you.

  11. 18

    Ruth says

    Phew! That was quite a ride!
    Congratulations, so glad it all worked out for you in the end.
    Looking forward to meeting the new chickens.

  12. 20


    I am so happy for you both. In the past when we made an offer and it wasn’t a go, my mother-inlaw always said that it wasn’t supposed to be. Something better was down the road and we just needed to be patient. It always came out true. It amazed us. So enjoy the anticipation and I’m so glad it feels like home.

  13. 21

    Karen says

    Judy, I’m so happy for you & Vince! It sounds great and just right for you. I totally understand what you mean about wanting your own space…..oh the quiet…that sounds wonderful! Hope and pray everything goes forward with this deal and without a single hitch!

    Hugs, Karen

  14. 23


    It’s over and I’m so happy for both you and Vince and all the critters in your future. Congratulations, Judy, you deserve the house you want; the house you love. And think of all the adventures you’ll have watching this grow and develop and become YOUR house. And think how much fun we’ll have reading about it!

  15. 24

    Sandy says

    Great news! Can’t wait for everything to be finalized so you’ll be able to settle in. I have a small house in a small subdivision, which came with all those rules you don’t like (chickens not allowed!). But, at this time in my life, a small house with a fenced yard is just enough for me and my dog. I love it!

    It’s wonderful to find just what you want. Congratulations!

  16. 25

    Alma says

    Can you see me?!!! I’m doing the Happy Dance for you!!!
    Okay….enough of that, I may hurt something if I keep this up!

  17. 27

    Jackie says

    I am so thrilled for you – for both of your! I see a Ruby the 2nd is your near future. Vince’s new TX quilts will be perfect for your new home.

  18. 31


    GREAT news!!! I think we all knew it would happen like this ….guess I’m sort of saying “We told you so”, but……I am also sure it was very stressful to be LIVING this experience instead of just reading about it like we were!

  19. 35


    The stars are shinning bright over Texas tonight. To celebrate you should get you one of those BIG metal stars to put on the side of the side, barn, workshop – wherever it will fit. How about a big quilt block painted on the side of the NEW sewing room. So very happy for you both. Judy C in NC

  20. 37

    Diana in TX says

    Sounds absolutely wonderful. Good you have the AG tax status. When we first moved here we wondered why companies had a few longhorn on their land, then we found out about the AG tax status.
    We are both very happy for you and Vince. Glad things are finally working out-sounds like it was worth waiting for even with all the ups and downs. This one was worth it!

  21. 39

    Beryl says

    Incredible news! I have almost dreaded reading of your activities. But wow what good news. Go Judy.

  22. 42

    Linda in NE says

    You’re probably right about having the keys in your hand before getting overly excited, but it does sound like you have found the house for you. And by you being willing to work with the owners and their situation is probably what made it happen. Congratulations.

  23. 44


    so glad you found something that is right for you and Vince. I was beginning to wonder if you ever would!! So nice to have a RV site too so that your family can come, park and stay awhile!!

  24. 45

    Connie says

    What fantastic news!! I can’t wait to see pictures!! Finally those handles for the long arm will have a chance of being found too. I look forward to hearing about your efforts at being self sufficent as well. I am headed in that direction as well. Still can’t grow anything on our 2 acres because deer seem to think this place is party central – not unusual to have 8-10 wandering around in the mornings. There was even a baby born at the end of the driveway!! Who knew the mama left the baby for a while? All the best of everything to you and Vince. Sounds like there might even be enough room for Chad to build on someday.

  25. 47

    Liz says


    It sounds wonderful and I agree that you’ll need to paint a quilt block on the side of your barn/studio.

    We are all waiting for a picture or two.

  26. 48


    That is just awesome Judy, I will keep my fingers and toes crosses. Ag exempt land here in Montana (which we have) means MUCH lower taxes.

  27. 49


    Great news! I had to look up audad because I didn’t know what that was! I’m still a little unclear – sheep, I think. Learned a new thing today, though. That’s good.

    Really happy for you and Vince. It sounds fabulous.

  28. 50


    I’ve been praying that you would find just the right house for you and Vince, and it looks like this is the one. I really do want you to be happy in Texas! I’m just sorry you’re not still in Jasper. 🙂

  29. 51

    brenda says

    Oh Judy,
    I am so glad everything is working out for you. I have read all your trials and tribulations and kept thinking something will work out and I’m so happy it did. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  30. 53

    Robin says

    Yipppee!!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures- it sounds great. And after putting up with some pretyy silly restrictions in FL, I know right where you’re coming from.

  31. 55

    LisaS says

    Congratulations!!!!! I’ve been anxiously following your story and am so happy you ended up with a house you love!

  32. 59

    Tricia says

    I couldn’t be more happy for you, Judy! I am so glad that you are finally getting a HOME and not just a house! I, like you, was worried that you would find something but that you wouldn’t really be happy with it. You deserve a great place and you got it!
    Eat some ice cream for me!

  33. 60

    Perry says

    I am so glad you have a contract! It has certainly been a long road. Hopefully now you can get it like you want it and enjoy the things you love to do. I am very happy for you!

  34. 61

    Lucia Butler says

    I am so happy for you! Others may not understand but I do-your description of what you wanted matches my dream exactly! But, this is like the end of a weekend serial-life is going to be so boring now. We can relax and uncross our fingers and toes.

  35. 63

    Charlene Tudor says

    WOO-EEE!! Texas does require some getting used to — we’ve been here 7 years and still shake our heads. Do have a big ol’ Texas Star on the floor to 20 ft ceiling fireplace, tho. I think you’re right about it being contagious!!

  36. 66

    SharO says

    I too am so happy for you and I hope that one of the first photo’s you’ll send our way is of the gas stove. !!!

  37. 68


    Sounds like paradise Judy! That has been my dream too — to be out away from all the noise and bustle. I probably won’t ever get there, but it’s always nice to dream. I’m really happy for you and Vince!

  38. 70


    YAAAYYY for Judy and Vince!!
    Sounds like you have finally got a home! Also sounds like a terrific one… you will really begin to enjoy where you live now, I think. I love our place, and yours sounds just as remote. Do love the quiet, and watching the seasons – aren’t we lucky to live in a place we love (not the same one, obviously… but ours none the less!) Cheers to you both.

  39. 72

    Darlene S says

    Yippee-I-O, WOO HOOO! YES!!! Now we are having fun!!
    Can’t wait to see pictures and hear about all the animals you will be getting. Good things always come to those who wait (and deserve it) and you & Vince qualify on both counts. 🙂 Dar

  40. 74


    woo-hoo! I know that feeling. When we bought our home last year, my whole family said, it felt like home. Congratulations. So glad you were able to get exactly what you and Vince were needing. Now for the pictures ???

  41. 77


    I was beginning to think you needed to move to Gilligan’s Island…you know, no phones, no lights, no motor cars…not a single luxury. And believe me, antler chandeliers and cow skin rugs…not real luxurious.

    But I AM glad to read that you have found a place to purchase! Let’s hope life settles down for you, but I hope it does not get boring. This is one of the liveliest blogs I read each day!!!

  42. 81

    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, this is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and Vince! It sounds like the perfect answer for both parties and should work out perfectly! Congratulations!

  43. 82

    Pauline in PA says

    CONGRATULATIONS! I thought it would only be a matter of time and you and Vince got everything you were hoping for. My dh always says “so far, so good”. And, thanks for sharing so much every day. Yes, I read every word.

  44. 83

    Elaine says

    Congratulations! So happy for the both of you, wishing you both years of happiness in your new home.

  45. 84

    Vera says

    Judy, this is the best news I’ve heard since you told us you were moving to Texas! Sounds like things are looking up once again. Have so missed hearing about your chickens, etc. Your stories about chicks inspired us to the point that we got ten (nine) this past spring. The one I named Sue in honor of Sunbonnet Sue turned out to be a rooster named ‘Sue” Ha!
    Hope you all get the house.

  46. 85

    Mary says

    Congrats! You deserve some happiness after what you have been through. I felt so bad for both you and Vince when you were talking about living apart from each other. It was one thing when Chad lived with you but this was going to be so different!


  47. 86

    Doe in Mi says

    Seems like all those prayers all of us sent you worked. I’m keeping my prayers going til you get keys in your hand.
    Then you can jump for joy and say “thanks” to the one watching over you.

  48. 88


    Congratulations, jumping up and down with joy for you! This sounds just perfect. I just know that the closing will go smoothly and you two have found your paradise and you will finally be able to laugh about the agony of the last few months. Just don’t do it until you have the keys in hand!

  49. 89


    What do they say good things come to those that wait. I’m happy that you and Vince have finally found the home you’ve been looking for.

  50. 90


    I am so happy for both of you. We have 25 acres in East Texas and the neighbors are too close for my comfort. I just keep hoping their kids will hurry up, growup, and move on. Sounds really great for ya’ll.

  51. 94

    Wanda Brewer says

    Judy, now that you have located your new home, Maybe you will have time to come to the Abilene Quilters Guild. I know it is a little way for you to drive, but remember you are in Tx. (Distance does not mean anything).

  52. 96

    Debbie B says

    Oh, I’m so happy for you and Vince. Looks like you found a winner! Good thoughts for continued success on your housing journey.