Which Backing

This top was made to test a pattern for my first book, Nine Patch Extravaganza.  It’s time it got quilted and found itself a new home so it will be donated to the Texas wildfire victims.

In this picture, along with the top, is a potential backing fabric.  The fabric is tan/brown with a little blue flower.  I have a ton of this fabric and since  the top could be masculine enough for a man, I question whether the floral fabric should be used for the backing.

Since there’s so much of that blue/tan floral, I would love to use it but I also have this piece that’s probably better, though I don’t have a lot of it and would have to add other fabrics to make it large enough for the backing.

Which backing fabric would you use?


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    I’d go with the tan: no piecing, have lots of it, flowers so little it wouldn’t matter to any recipient, and it’s a good neutral.

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    I agree – use the tiny floral – who ever gets it won’t care that there is flowers on it; it is from your heart!

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    Penny Holliday says

    I agree! The tan/blue flowers would be just fine ~ it’s not a fussy feminine floral & appears as a neutral!!

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    I vote for the first one too — I’m pretty lazy about piecing backs and I think guy would be delighted with this quilt either way.

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    Tan/blue floral. Those flowers are so small that I feel no man would worry about them being on the back of the quilt. Besides…. it will be a GIFT quilt. Anyone in the Texas wildfire situation would be very glad to get it, regardless what is on the back!

    KAT in Tamale Land

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    Linda in NE says

    The quilt will keep a man just as warm with the tan/blue floral as with any other fabric. Use it.

  7. 11

    Connie says

    Go for the tan, I think it would make a nice binding rolled to the front as well. Then it can truly go to a male or female. You always do such beautiful work Judy!

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    I like them both about equally, but I do agree the second one would be more masculine. However…that being said, it’s not like the first one has a screaming, huge floral pattern, so I doubt any man would be put off by that backing on his quilt. Did you ask Vince his opinion? 🙂

  9. 17

    Susan says

    Save yourself some work…..use the fabric with the small flowers on it. I think whoever ends up with your beautiful quilt will appreciate getting the quilt and won’t care what’s on the back.

  10. 18


    I like them both, too. It’s too bad that you don’t have enough of the second to do the whole thing — that would be my choice if you did! 🙂

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    PJ says

    Hi Judy…I’m giving my response before I read the ones already sent to you. I like the backing in the second picture better. I think the check will look great against the stripe (or at least near the stripe border). What are you using for binding? I think the quilt is great. Bless you, once again, for donating to someone who is in need! Now I’ll read what other quilters have to say.

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    Libby says

    I like the idea of no piecing so I vote for the floral too I especially like the suggestion of the blue flowers being Blue Bonnets. That’s just fun!

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    Danna Uyehara says

    Tan….Flowers don’t matter; if a man gets it, he’s on the hunt for a woman anyway….someone’s gotta cook at Deer Camp!

  14. 31

    Marky says

    I’m with the majority: tan/floral. It doesn’t read as feminine to me at all. And who says men don’t like flowers, anyway? Especially subtle flowers, like these are.

  15. 38

    Sandy says

    I would pick the tan/blue flowers and it wouldn’t matter if you had a ton of it or not. But since you do, that is a bonus. I love the design of the top. Very pretty and someone is really going to be happy to receive it.

  16. 39

    Sharon says

    I love that tan with the tiny Blue Bonnets flowers for the back of a man’s quilt, and a man would love having that quilt with that on the back.

  17. 41


    I’d go with the fabric I have the most of, and I think it looks really nice.
    Glad to hear about the house and you turning Texan! You sound more settled and I can see a lot of Texan style quilts in the pipeline..

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    dottie says

    I’m a stripe girl myself but either will be an elegant backing. This is a quilt that a man would feel most cheery cuddling under so it will be a most welcome addition to your charitable givings.

  19. 43


    Can’t you use the second choice and combine it with left-overs from the top?
    Would be my choice.
    But, knowing you and your talents, the final result will be beautiful, anyhow!

  20. 44


    I would use the 2nd one and piece the backing. That way I’d get rid of more “pieces” out of my stash.

    But then again, I find I seldom have pieces over 1/2 yard, so I am almost always piecing the back out of more than 2 fabrics. Or buying new backing……