Fire Quilts

The quilts being donated to the fire victims have been steadily coming in.  I’ve received completed quilts, even one hand quilted beauty, finished quilts, quilts that are finished except for the binding, tops, fabric . . thanks so much.

If you still have quilts to send and if it’s convenient to use another method, please DO NOT use UPS.  I think my driver uses addresses as a suggestion as to the vicinity in which packages should be left.  We get a lot of packages and in the 6 weeks we’ve been here, UPS has delivered ONE package to the correct address and that day we had a substitute driver!  Fed Ex has gotten every single package right and as far as I know, so has the U. S. Postal Service.

Thank goodness I have honest neighbors because someone always brings my packages to me but I see no excuse for the horrible service UPS offers in this area.  A lady had sent a quilt and sent me an email Friday night that said “I hope you got the package.  It says “left on front porch”.   I went out — no packages.  Late yesterday afternoon Vince was out and a man drove by and handed him the package that had been left at his house.

I called “customer” service and after giving the guy the tracking number and having him read it back to me incorrectly all four times, I gave up.

In MO, we had the best UPS driver ever.  We rarely got anything delivered by Fed Ex there.  It wasn’t that they didn’t do a good job, UPS just seemed so much more prevalent there.  Here, most everything comes by Fed Ex.  I wondered why and now I think I know.

If you use UPS, I’m thinking there’s a slim to none chance the package is going to get to me without a bit of a side trip.  Please use Fed Ex or USPS if at all possible til our driver learns to read numbers.


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    what horrible service – sounds like time to personally go to the UPS office and talk to the boss and tell him where you live and the horrible delivery service they will have on record who the driver is – sounds like he needs to be instructed on how to read addresses!!

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    That is such a shame. The generally have good service. At least here. When I had like three part time jobs, the drive knew where I was and what days and even if it was addressed to my house, he would check with me during the day to see if I wanted it where I was. He quit that after my husband ordered some truck parts and the packages were huge and I asked him to please take to the house. Since then he always comes to the house. Even FedEx would deliver to me on the street if I asked and she saw me.

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    That’s cause we have the best UPS drivers in the area! Our 2 are wonderful. They know who we are, where we live and if I see them in Coleman, they tell me whether they have packages for us…or ask if I have anything to pick up. These guys are the best!

    Sorry your delivery is so terrible. That really would suck.

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    Donna A says

    If I were you, I would find out which city/center the packages were being delivered out of and contact them—in person. I work for UPS and I know for a fact that service like that is not tolerated in our area. I don’t know what is wrong, but something must be, to get poor service constantly. They can’t fix what they don’t know is broken so contact them immediately to get the problem corrected.