More Fire Quilts

If you think I’m bad with keeping all this straight, you should see the mess I make with my accounting!

I’m only opening boxes as I’m ready to deal with the quilt tops inside. All the boxes were stacked up with notes on them as to which quilts were in them.  Vince asked if I was done with the boxes and I thought he meant empty packing boxes.  I said yes and he broke them all down and stacked them with all the other boxes so I’m guessing as to who sent what.  If I’m wrong, please let me know.

I think Karla sent this one.  It was already quilted and just needed trimming and binding.  The plan is to get a few more of these and then spend several days binding.  I love blue and yellow together!

This one was sent by Cindy.  The colors look way too gray in the photo.  It’s actually a soft shade of lavender along with pink.  I’ll keep showing them as I get them done.  Thanks again to you all!


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    Those are beautiful quilts, Judy, and you are an angel to quilt/bind them all. I just put a box of finished quilts in the mail today. You should have it in about 4 days, courtesy of USPS.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Blue, yellow and white in more French Provincial prints is still my favorite. Maybe a touch of green. Or purple, yellow and a soft white with a touch of green. I am giving my favorite quilt I have ever made to my DIL – it is a queen Red & creamy white – Gallery in Red quilt that I really wanted for our guest room. The top is beautiful. But, I need to master feathers to quilt this one. I really hate having to give it up. It is a gorgeous top, but, I will part with it. I have such trouble finding time to piece and quilt something for us. And, I have another baby quilt to make for my neice that got married a year ago. They are buying a home in the San Francisco Peninsula area – very large and very expensive (but he does very well). We just found out we are having a girl but I need to have them move in and decide where they are going with colors.. I have dreamed of living in a home like this but knew it would never happen. The one they are buying they will be able to live in forever. It is gorgeous = and one story. Lucky kids! She married the sweetest guy, a very hard worker who travels alot. But, she will be able to be a stay at home mom. I am so excited for them!

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    marolyn says

    We just moved back to Kansas from Nacogdoches in November and I still have unpacked boxes. But I managed to find all of my fabric and sewing things. Power to you in finding all you need to find before you move again!

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    Pratima says

    Judy, these quilts are wonderful! It is very sweet and kind of you to do this. Thank you!! Your quilting makes them all shine.