Stash Report – Week 39, 2011

There was a bit of fabric added – mostly Vince’s fault, of course!  🙂  I used 1 yard working on the scrappy stars and 1 yard adding to a backing for one of the donation quilts.  Heck, I kinda wonder what I did all week!  Our trip to the shop in Santa Anna resulted in bringing home 15 yards of fabric.  All except for 2 of those yards will be used in Vince’s Texas quilt or for pillowcases.

Used this Week: 2 yards
Used year to Date: 229.50 yards
Added this Week: 15 yards
Added Year to Date: 25 yards
Net Used for 2011: 204.50 yards


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    Thank you again for hosting. I look forward to this!

    Are we going to see the Texas quilt on Monday? I’ll have to be sure to NOT show my DH, who is A TEXAN and will NEED a Texas quilt if he sees one!

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    The fabric in does set you back a bit, but it should be fun to work on a new project in the middle of all the UFO’s you’ve been finishing up. I have to be careful shopping with My Guy and Kiddo because they often find quilts they want me to make and my stash report ends up with a temporary stash set back. But what are you going to do when they ask you to make something just for them?

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    Linda says

    hmmm…doesn’t Vince have a stash? Maybe you should add it to his as it is for him! Did he ever do anything with that fabric that he was determined to have???

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    You’ve only added 25 yards total this year. It’s nice you could help the Texas Quilt shop Economy last week. My report is a Stash Enhancement one this week unfortunately. Deals too good to pass up at the Fabric Warehouse last weekend. And I didn’t even wear my T-Shirt that says F.A.T. (Fabric Acquisition Team- One Bolt at at Time). Happy Sewing this week.

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    I went through and visited everyone’s stash report. I think I fall squarely in the middle.

    Judy, you deserved a little fabric indulgence after all the move stuff the last couple of months!


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    After everything you’ve been through in the past few months, a fabric indulging expedition was way overdue. And besides, you had to get onto the whole Texas themed thing, now that you are in Texas.

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    Darlene S says

    My stash report this week is non-existent. Zero in and zero out — unless I get busy RIGHT NOW and make a pillowcase or goody bag!!:) Nope, it’s much too nice outside to be inside sewing right now. Maybe next week. I’m glad to see you do have lots of beautiful quilts to show for the Fire victims. Thanks for doing that. Dar