Design Wall Monday – September 26, 2011

Don’t you always hate it when people say something like “I know something so interesting . . but I can’t tell you!”  That’s kinda how I feel.  I have a project on my wall that I can’t show right now.  I fully thought I’d have it down and have something else up in time to photograph but that didn’t happen.  Time just gets away from me.  I’ve been sewing, I’ve been quilting, I’ve been designing, and most of all — I’ve been having FUN . . but I have nothing to show for it.  Sorry.

Will you please share with us what’s on your design wall . . if I promise to do better?  🙂


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    You, yourself, as been so interesting these last few months, that I think we can forgive your not being able to show us your design wall today. Besides, we should be getting pictures of your new house, building, 45 acres, etc. pretty soon, right?

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    Laurel from Iowa says

    Are those design wall photos from your followers sent in real time, as in, were they all sent already this morning? It’s not even 6 a.m. in Washington state where Judy D lives – these ladies must get up before the rooster crows. With all the posting and traveling you’ve been doing lately (especially to a QUILT STORE!), I don’t know how you get done what you get done. We’ll be happy to see what’s on your design wall when it’s ready to be shown 😀

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        Yes, every time I get an early email from Judy D., I calculate what time it is in WA. I think I’m doing great to get up at 6 a.m. central time and then I see I have an email waiting for me from Judy.

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    Teresa in Music City says

    YES!!! I really do hate that. I know it can’t be helped sometimes – like now because your post is about your design wall and you can’t reveal what’s there yet. But I have actually stopped following some of the bloggers that do that all the time, in every other post. It’s almost as though they are saying to me, “What I’m doing is SO important, but sorry sweetie, you’re not special enough to be ‘in the know’ about what I’m doing, but maybe if I can pull myself away from all the important things I’m doing, I’ll get around to showing you later….”

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      Oh, you know that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that if I show it on the blog, the magazine will tell me to take a hike and then I’ll be so sad I might never quilt again! 🙂

      I really thought I had time to get that project down and something else started and up there but . . I didn’t!

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    I know how you feel exactly! Being a McCall’s Quilt Design Star Finalist working on my Challenge Quilts since April, having to keep them secret. It has been VERY hard to keep from posting about them before it was time. My Quilt Buddy Misses me coming out because I have had to keep from showing her too. This time at least she will get to see it when I go out to Quilt it on her Longarm, but during the DESIGN process I have to stay home. I’m too apt to change what I’m doing if she gives me her opinion/advise (which she would do).
    Are you working on a BOOK again? I know the 100 Blocks is coming out again soon. It gives me something else to look forward to in November. I’d post here on Monday’s even if you still didn’t have anything on your WALL the rest of the year. I’m addicted to Design Wall Mondays. Thanks, Judy!

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    Hmmm – someone with a very interesting blog, which I read almost daily, tells me she’s got something fun and interesting, but she won’t show me? You do know how to drive the curious to distraction, don’t you, Judy? LOL I’ll try to be patient. I’m awaiting my yarn from Loopy Ewe and am now considering if I need a yarn swift! I’ve gotta stop reading (not likely).

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    As for the comments about posting early, I’m sure not all of Judy’s readers are living in the good ol’ USA! I’m currently living in Germany, and right now as I post it’s 7:45 pm my time, 1:45 pm EST. There are quilters who are ahead of the USA timewise…and if I didn’t work, I would’ve had mine posted way earlier than I have!