The Yarn Swift

It will be so interesting to see where my yarn swift is when we find it.  I’ve gone through boxes and boxes — everything that might be tall enough to be hiding the yarn swift, and I just don’t think it’s here  . . though I know it is here somewhere.

The Fed Ex man brought my new one on Friday.

The yarn that I had needed wound but refused Vince’s help in winding was promptly put on the swift . .

Look how sweet . . he’s fixing us both a bowl of Banana Pudding ice cream!

All wound into balls and ready to use!

Don’t ask me how the swift and ball winder, which were both on the shelf right next to each other, got separated and one was easily found and one cannot be found anywhere!  I’m just happy to have a swift so I can wind those balls again . . there’s several packages of yarn headed my way!


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    I love my ballwinder & swift, both gifts from my son & daughter-in-law. Mine went missing for a bit & then I realized I had loaned it out. I have it back now.
    I love your blog, found my way here thru Erin’s blog. Btw, good luck with your transition! Becky G.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    I learn so much by reading your blog! I had never seen or heard of those gadgets that you have for winding yarn into balls. I have knitted and crocheted for 40+ years and I have always just wound my yarn into balls by only using my right hand to wind it onto my left hand and had perfect balls of yarn. Amazing gadgets you have!

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    Just wondering — did your move have a deadline on when to report missing/broken/damaged items so you could claim the insurance value? You just might be able to get the movers to pay for your back arms, your yarn swift, etc….

  4. 4


    wow you do a fantastic job winding those balls too! on the skeins of wollemeise do you use the same ballwinder? I had the same question as Carol..if you report missing items will the movers replace them…

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    I had never seen nor heard of a yarn swift and was surprised at how large it is. The yarn winder I grew up with was a lot smaller. So interesting to see new gadgets, to me at least.

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    Penny says

    I didn’t know what a yarn swift was either. My gran used to use my grand-dad’s outstretched arms! Has Vince decided to change to yellow t-shirts now you are in Texas? (Yellow Rose and all that…)

  7. 15

    ruth anne shorter says

    Where do I order this rascal? My arms are tired!!! Please let me know so I don’t have to do all the checking out stuff that you do so well!!!!

  8. 16

    Cheryl L says

    One of our moves was something similar to yours…..into an apt. temporarily while our house was being built. We unpacked only the boxes of stuff we thought we would need and the rest of the boxes of stuff went into the basement. By the time the house was done we had busted into nearly every box down there looking for various items. A record number of items were bought because we couldn’t find those items we
    knew were in those boxes…..somewhere. That swift is probably at the bottom of a box you would never have guessed it would have fit into! You should keep a tally of how many things you give up and go buy just because you can’t find the ones you have……I think I had enough to have a garage sale…..well, almost! 😉