Why Are You Here?

When I first started my blog, it was just a diary of what I do, what I make, where I go, what I cook, etc.  Never did I think even one person would read my blog.  I still remember when I got my first comment.  It scared me half to death.  I told Vince “I got a comment on the blog!”  He said “Take it down!”  We’ve come a long way since those first blog posts.

Quilting was a big part of the early blog because quilting is a big part of my life.  When I began the blog, which has moved locations a couple of times, I had not yet started knitting, Chad was in high school, Vince had no green T-shirts and we lived in Kentucky.

Through the years, those who have followed the blog have watched as I learned to knit socks, acquired a yarn stash to rival my fabric stash.  You’ve been here to encourage me through the first pattern writing efforts, the joy of signing the first book contract, and then the second and then the third!  You’ve read as Chad graduated from high school, moved off to attend college, graduated college, totaled his car and watched it burn, and then stay behind as Vince and I moved away.   You’ve seen Vince buy cheap green T-shirts by the truckload (almost) and wear them completely out.  You’ve watched us move from Kentucky to Missouri, which I did with a smile on my face.  You’ve seen us move from Missouri to Texas and that smile was nowhere to be found!  Even the most casual blog readers know that I’m a “nester”.  I want to get a place and live there forever.  I don’t even like going on vacations.  All I want is to be at home with my husband, my hobbies, my kitchen and my critters.  Vince, on the other hand, is ready to move again almost as soon as the moving van pulls away.  How we manage to keep it together, I’ll never know.  As badly as I want to stay in one spot forever, he wants to go to the next location.  No, he hasn’t talked about moving from Texas . . yet!  But, when we first  talked about moving to Texas, he promised me this was the last move.  Now, occasionally, he will say something like “If we ever leave Texas . . ”  My mental response, though I haven’t said it yet is “I hope you make enough a the new location to pay a whole lot of spousal support because I am NOT going anywhere!”

Anyway, this morning I was wondering why you blog readers are here.  I did this little poll.  If you want to tell me a reason why you’re here that I haven’t included, please leave a comment. Please don’t write “none of the above” or “all of the above”.    Think about if I were to completely quit talking about one of the topics.  Which one would you miss the most . . maybe that’s why you keep coming back!



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    joan s says

    I enjoy just about everything you post, though quilting and cooking are my favorites. You have such a way with words and I love the way you can find humor in (almost) every situation!

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    lw says

    You forgot to add, “All of the above” which would be my choice, and also because after reading the blog for so long, I really care about you and your family.

    • 3.1


      Ya, I thought about that too! I am Addicted to linking my Design Wall Posts and now the Stash Reports, even when I’ve been BAD and BOUGHT WAY TOO MUCH FABRIC.

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    Judy, I could really check every one of these, because I enjoy everything you write. I originally started reading your blog about the time you were moving from Kentucky to Missouri. Since I am in Missouri, I figured it would be cool to read about another Missouri quilter. I love your blog just like it is and hope you will continue to write about things just like you do now. Have a good one.

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    I can’t choose between your selections. I’ve followed you for so long, I feel as if I know you! I need to check in with you to see how your day is going, what’s going on in your life. And yes, I love the knitting and quilting posts, but also your cooking posts. I’ve bought a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker I love, because of reading your blog. We won’t mention what you’ve done to my yarn stash! You’re just a fun read!

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    Margery says

    I have your blog on my Google Reader, so I always know when there’s a new post and I don’t miss out. Your life is so different from mine, and I love the way you write – you give me a taste of a completely different world. I think it broadens my mind, seeing that what I take as normal is just one way of living!

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    Mary says

    I picked quilting, because that’s what helped me find you. However, I have become completely absorbed in your saga, and check every day. Additionally, I tried a chicken recipe from Brazil you recommended. So I am a multi-interest reader.

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    Andrea says

    I’m in Missouri, and somehow found this blog while surfing. As a quilter I was thinking it would be fun to stick around and see if you had any classes or workshops I could attend. It was only a few months before the move, so imagine my disappointment that “my” quilter had left. 🙂

    That’s how I got here, but I stay because the blog is interesting. Why do I care about people and critters I’ve never met? Dunno, but here I am. It must be your honesty and writing style.


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    NancyB in AZ says

    You just are so true to yourself. I admire your sense of humor, your obvious love for your family, love of homemaking, love of animals, cooking, growing and preserving your own food. Down to earth attitude. Yours is the first blog I read every day. Thank you.

  9. 10

    Donna S (in MI) says

    I started following your blog because of quilting and using a longarm. Since reading your blog, I now make almost all of our bread, I have canned, and I have purchased and use a pressure cooker. Would I have done these things anyway? Probably because that is the path I was on. But it helped having your blog to read, almost like having a friend to encourage me. You even responded to a comment I made about canning that helped me to decide to try pressure canning.

    And I have my DIL using (and loving) a pressure cooker and am about to show another newlywed how to use the one she got as a wedding present.

  10. 11


    I think I first started following your blog because you posted about your cute dog! I stuck around because I enjoy your posts, whether they are about quilting or food or lizards in your new house.

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    Becky R says

    I liked your patterns you offered. And then found you had a book or books. Then the cooking info – for my husband. The smoker. Then found out you’re from Louisanna – we fell in love with New Orleans before the storm that nearly ruined the town. Then reading your blog could hear your accent – and I’ve never heard your voice before!
    I just feel that you’re a good friend or family now that reading your blog is one of the first things that I do after I get my cup of coffee in the am and after dinner in the evenings!
    And I still love your patterns and have all your books now.

  12. 14

    FrancesB says

    P.S. I first came to your blog through another blog & “Design Wall Mondays” and found your daily banter about quilting, knitting, cooking, and your life in general, engaging. Thanks.

  13. 15


    I came for the quilting, I stayed and enjoy the whole blog, living vicariously through your move right now, as I have no idea when MY dh will be transferred next and I’ll be living through it!

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    Marla says

    Judy, I found you a few years ago while surfing for quilting blogs as the bug had hit me hard and I know no one close to me in person who loves what I do. You are living the life I would choose if I had a choice in my life circumstances. You were brought up like I was and home life, needlework etc are very close to my heart. You have become a friend to me over the years and have taught me so much. Your sense of humor keeps a smile on my face. I would miss you very much if you stopped blogging. Of all the blogs I read, I have narrowed it down to really only 3-4 now due to time restraints and you are at the top of my list.

  15. 17

    Sandy says

    I started out reading your blog when I found it on a favorite list from another blogger. But that was just the beginning. I really enjoy hearing about Vince and comparing husband stories (they are a whole ‘nother breed, aren’t they?) and Chad stories. I am interested in knitting and cooking and learn so much from you. It was fun to hear about Ruby and her sisters as I didn’t know much about chickens. You always have so much to tell and you brighten my day. Judy, we may never get to meet, but I consider you a Very Good Friend! I especially appreciate you taking the time to send emails. We think alike in alot of ways!

  16. 18

    Roberta says

    I’ve been staying because I’ve never moved a home, when I moved early on everything fit in the car. I also LOVE the design walls, I get so many ideas from them. Thanks very much for do that!!!!!!!!!!!!! big hugs!

  17. 19

    bcinindy says

    Both my husband and I follow your blog. I started reading after you spoke to the Indianapolis Quilt Guild and I have not stopped. When you started knitting again, I did too. My husband follows all the cooking things since that is his hobby. Your are fun to follow for “all of the above”. But, I do miss Ruby.

  18. 20

    Eve in GA says

    Judy, I started reading your blog because I had come to truly like you when we were on Alex Anderson’s message board, and felt truly blessed to meet you in person during those early retreats we had. I will always consider you a treasured, much-loved friend! And it’s just so doggone much fun to read your blog—all of it! You know I love the quilty stuff. You were the inspiration to start knitting my own socks, and I thank you for that. I love Speck and the other critter stories. Vince and Chad crack me up, but your stories also make me really care about them, also. And I admire you for so many reasons. You are a very nice, giving and loving person, and if we start talking about how talented you are, we’ll be here all day! Hope you don’t mind, but I plan to keep up with you and what is going on with you for a long, long time. I love your blog! {{{HUGS}}} Eve

  19. 21


    I’m sure it’s the quilting which brought me here to begin with, but it really is everything. My guess is I wouldn’t miss the knitting posts – but then I’m not knitting right now. On the other hand, I would without a doubt miss the stash report and design wall posts. Those two posts keep me motivated in my quilting. It’s the stash report which finally got me in gear to start my own blog. Thank you. And remember — this is your blog – you get blog about what YOU want to.

  20. 22

    Terri says

    I would have to say all of the above except for the knitting. I originally found you because of quilting, which would probably edge out the others by a hair. But I’ve come to love your Vince and Chad stories and just to see what kind of adventure you guys will have next. And your cooking/canning/etc has become an inspiration. Not that I’m cooking more now mind you, but it’s a start 🙂

  21. 23


    I started out visiting every Monday so I could check out the projects on other quilters’ design walls. But I was pulled in with your witty blog posts, your great quilt creations, pics of Vince…

    Now I can’t wait to read you multiple times a day! My life is rather quiet and dull….just the way I like it…and yours is exciting and refreshing and suspenseful! Keep up the great blog work!

  22. 24

    Gwen says

    I didn’t see my reason! We were online friends and had met in person before the blog and it’s the way I keep in touch since the other connection is gone. I would miss your friendship if the blog didn’t exist. I enjoy everything you care to share on the blog and don’t feel it should be anything anyone else should choose for you. Hugs!

  23. 25

    WiAmy says

    Well I picked quilting because that is my #1 hobby and that is how I found you. Several of your other choices are why I keep coming back although the last one I would change to “see what Judy” does next rather than what I would do next! The knitting bug has not bit me yet so that would have been the last reason if I had to prioritize things. Even though I don’t knit, I still read those posts because you write with such style and sense of humor. I can just picture myself waiting for the great new yarn stock and hoping to get just the right color even though I don’t knit. I even experience the joy of getting it through you! I also appreciate the stories of things not going well because things don’t always go smoothly in life–most times there is a silver lining…and I’m so happy when things turn around! I guess you might say I always wonder how things are going to turn out and when that silver lining will appear. I have enjoyed the cooking posts and have tried things that I would not have without reading about the procedure or recipe on the blog (ie: sprouts, baked doughnuts, green chili, pineapple upsidedown cake). Lastly, I have a pet sun conure (a parrot about the size of a blue jay). She lays eggs and is a very spoiled bird. She is very social and would rather be with us than in her cage. Thank goodness she is potty trained (one of the few birds that can be).

  24. 27

    PDXPam says

    I started following because of quilting, I got re-interested in quilting recently and wanted to read quilting blogs. But now I enjoy your humor and just enjoy reading about your life. Guess it’s a little voyeuristic. I’ve sure felt your pain with all the house woes etc. and glad to celebrate the good stuff with you too!

  25. 28

    Cassie says

    Definitely all of the above. I probably found you because of quilting, but I’ve stayed because of the inspiration you are to me. So many times you write about just small little things and I think, that’s just like me (like I’m going to lose so many pounds before this trip . . .). And when it’s not at all like me, I still can relate. I’ve learned to knit socks, thought about if we lived in the country we could have chickens, considered if I’m doing enough to be ready for disaster; the list goes on and on. I’ve definitely come to care about you and your family, and look forward to hearing from you each day.

  26. 29

    Norma says

    Judy, I am writing to try to tell you why I keep coming back to your blog not just once a day but sometimes 2 or three times a day.
    There are several reasons. I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I think the main reason is that I am waiting for you to crash and burn. I mean how long can a human being race the sun, race the dryer, race, race, race, and not crash and burn. Or maybe I am waiting for you to tell us that it is not your real life but your imaginary one and that you actually cook only 3 times a week, hardly ever process food, only quilt 2 quilts a year and really don’t make homemade bread every day. Maybe you will admit that you were dropped here by a space ship with super human qualities and the ability to make everything you want to happen come to pass. I just don’t know for sure, but I do know for sure that I would miss your entertainment, your advice and your encouragement for I can at least read and wish that I could do all those things.
    You are a super writer. I read lots of blogs and yours is the best by far and not just for the story telling but also for the good advice. I love your patterns, your color choices and your humor. The only thing you need to do now is to publish your stories. I have been reading for about 4 years. Love you!

  27. 30

    lynn says

    I love your blog! Your life is a lot like mine except that I work full-time outside the home. I long for the day when I’m again home full time. I love domestic life, even laundry. We are almost the same age and reading about your day tells me there are other kindred spirits out there. I sew, quilt, cook, can foods, and I use to have chickens. I identify totally with the conversations you’ve had with Vince. My husband and I have conversations that are very much the same. We were both in the Army and retired in 1993. I can completely empathize with your moving adventures. Your search for the missing quilting handles – I get it, I’ve been there time and time again. Again. . I love your blog!

  28. 31

    JoanS says

    I checked “cooking posts,” but I should have checked “just to see what you will do next.” It’s like I’ve started this lovely novel about someone whose life is so different, yet not romanticized, and I can’t wait to read the next chapter. That sounds like I think you’re a made-up, fictional couple – but that’s not it. You’re so REAL and your writing sounds like that – besides I love quilting, knitting, cooking, pets, and areas of the country I’ve never seen. Where else could I find all that in one blog!!! Hope you’ll be able to keep writing for a long time!!

  29. 32

    Linda in NE says

    Judy, all the blogs I read are pretty much about the author’s day-to-day life, though big on their own personal interests. I’m not a knitter but I still enjoy seeing what you knit and your adventures nabbing that special yarn. Quilts, definitely. That’s what brought me here in the first place. I enjoy the Vince moments and Chad stories and Speck happenings. I miss Ruby and the girls, too. If all the blogs just went away one day, yours is the one I would miss the most.

  30. 33

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Witt, humor and great stories! I started because of the quilting. The blog is an everyday read, sometimes several times a day. The ideas (on all kinds of topics) are free flowing and helpful. I love the variety too. Just keep being you!

  31. 34


    I started reading your posts because I love the quilts. Then I got caught up in your recipes. Then Vince and his greenies happened. AND, then the Texas posts. So now, I’m totally hooked, and you have me forever.

  32. 37

    Penny says

    I can’t remember how I first found your blog but it was while I was recuperating from an operation on my foot and was bored with having to sit still all day. That was about two and a half years ago and I have you on my Google Reader account so get to catch up with your news every day. Even though I am here in the UK and therefore have no knowledge of some of the things you write about, I still enjoy reading about you and your family’s antics. I especially enjoy the quilty bits being a quilter myself. Less so the knitting bits because I am not a knitter. I also enjoy the cooking posts although some recipes can be difficult to follow because some ingredients are not always available over here. None of this stops me reading and enjoying your posts though and hearing about life on the other side of the pond. It never ceases to amaze me how much you manage to cram into each day and the speed with which you complete your quilts let alone keeping up with posting on the blog sometimes several times a day. I would be very sorry if you ever decided to give it up.

  33. 38

    Barb M says

    I do like your quilting posts but I also like you knitting posts. I am just getting back into knitting after many years. I love to hear your daily life stories. You always make me smile.

  34. 39

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Judy, I voted to “Just to see what might be next” but I love everything about your blog. I started following your blog because of the quilting but now I feel that I know you and your family. I love how honest you are and how you write. I really like hearing about Vince and Chad and Nicole. I am a quilter and a long-armer (I do it just for me) and I love how you share your patterns and constantly tease us with just a bit of a new design you can’t share yet. I enjoy reading about your cooking and canning adventures even though I am constantly on a diet and can’t eat most of what you make. I loved reading about Ruby and the rest of the chickens and what is happening with Speck. Basically I love everything about your blog and it is the first thing I ready every morning and the last thing I check at night before turning the computer off. In short … I’m addicted to your blog!

  35. 40


    I’m not a knitter so that’s the one I prefer the least…that doesn’t mean that I don’t read it. I think the real reason is the variety of everything….you know snippets of real life. I like quilting but I hate reading blogs that only talk about quilting. I like thrifty blogs but can’t stand the constant thrift. I like gardening and cooking blogs but hate it if that’s all they talk about too. VARIETY is key for me. I also love that you share advice but don’t act like it’s the only way…Vince of course makes me smile. I have a Roger who is much the same only he refuses to be on the blog unless I beg. He is persuaded more easily though.

  36. 41


    It was really, really hard to pick just one item. But picking “to see what you do next” seemed to be the closest to “all of the above” and that is why I picked it.

    I love the quilting, and the Vince stories get re-told to my DH, Steve, and seeing you with the chickens was fun — to the point that I talked about maybe getting chickens when we retire (as long as we had a large enough piece of land).

    In fact, even though we haven’t met (and possibly won’t ever) I feel like we could be friends — or at least guild buddies — and that is why I keep coming back.

  37. 42

    Ardelia says

    I marked “just to see what you do next”, but I like all your posts (even the cooking ones and I don’t cook). I don’t comment much to let you know this, but you are an inspiration to me. I am now more aware of my fabric purchases because of the stash report. I don’t have a blog to report, but I do keep up with my usage every month. Keep on writing on whatever you want and I will keep on reading.

  38. 43

    Barbara says

    I found you as a result of quilting blogs and I liked your posts about that … I’m a fairly new reader. I have to say though that I got hooked when the move started (about the time I started reading) and I could easily have put “just to see what you’ll do next” on the poll. So just letting you know that I just like seeing what you’re up to, what you’re cooking for dinner, what you find on your adventure, where you’ll end up living, and I just have to find out how Vince manages through it all (I have no doubt you’ll do just fine!)

  39. 44

    Donna in KS says

    Like Eve in GA and Gwen (I think), I had learned to know you on AAMB. It has definitely been my thrill to have met you and spent a bit of time with you in real life! I admire so much about you, your generosity, devotion to family and home and the way you share favorite products with us. Originally, it was the quilting but I’ve stayed for the real life you share with all of us! I read many of your posts to my husband and we both chuckle. Even our sons know who ‘my friend, Judy’ means!

  40. 45


    I voted on “Just to see what you would do next” because I felt that was the closest thing to ‘All the Above”.
    I started reading your blog for your quilts, and the enthusiasm that you give to me to get back to working on UFOs, especially since the list keeps growing. Over time I have loved to hear what is going on in your world and also to make sure that my new blog friend is being well taken care of.
    Keep up the great work and I will keep following.

  41. 46

    shirley bruner says

    Well, i don’t really remember how or when i first got here….but i love it here. you are my first read in the morning and usually a couple more times during the day….just to see if you have anything interesting to add. sometimes you make me cry….usually you make me chuckle. i would be really, really sad and feel lost if you were to stop your blog. i feel like we are friends and know if we ever met we would just get along perfectly.

  42. 47


    I love it all! It’s fun to see what you are up to….I find it an entertaining place to visit. You inspire me in many ways. 🙂

  43. 48


    I’m an “all of the above” gal, too, but I can add more reasons.
    1) you became my never-met-face-to-face friend when you started helping me with my new machine on the APQS site
    2) you are one of the most creative people I know
    3) I envy your energy
    4) I love your sense of humor
    5) you have a really nice writing style
    6) you have a heart bigger’n Texas
    7) . . .
    I could go on and on. Darn it, Judy! Some of us just like you. Your blog usually brings a very big smile to my face and, too often, makes me get out my debit card and buy something new to try! I’m glad you blog every day.

  44. 49


    Because with everything you have going on, and the interests we share, you make me feel normal. Like I’m not the only one with a thousand and one regular things happening on a daily basis.

    Of course, I’ll never learn to cook like you, but there is the quilting and the knitting and the weaving (remember that?) and the animal posts.

  45. 50


    I don’t remember how I ran across your blog; but, it stuck with me. Your compassion and love for Speck resonated within me. I feel the same for my own pets. I loved reading about your chickens. I love reading about Vince. I understood your house hunting struggles. And, the Quilting is the ties the binds us all. 🙂

  46. 51


    I found you through quilting and I could have checked most of the boxes…..I don’t knit and have no desire. What I like most is the fact that your life is alot like mine except for the moving part, although I did build a house and that is worse then finding a ready made house……I quilt, cook (and yes my favorite place to eat is at home….we have a college age child and yes my DH is a lot like yours only his thing is plaid shirts with snaps instead of the green things your DH chose. What started out as mostly just quilting has turned into more over the years. I don’t get here everyday but I know when I need a need a break from my life I can come and catch up with yours and find in the process that alot of the issues we face are the same. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing your chicken adventures again (me though, I had to put up with those old bitty hens when I was growing up so not for me)!!!

  47. 53


    Hello, Judy. I came to your site firstly to see your wonderful quilting and the free patterns and then was captured by the charm of you posts and got caught up in reading the biography of this American couple. I would miss the quilting posts if you gave those up, but still would like to know what you were up to.

  48. 54

    Cindy in NC says

    Judy, I read you blog for all those reasons and one more. You are genuine, approachable, and not afraid to show the good as well as the not so good. Reading you is like chatting with a long-time neighbor. Because of these qualities, I think of you as the Oprah of bloggers.

  49. 55


    I would definitely miss the quilting posts, but I think I stick around and read your blog just to “see what you do next”. 🙂 Even if you think your life is boring (which I hope you don’t), the rest of us blog readers enjoy reading about it… or else we wouldn’t still be here. I started reading your blog 4 years ago and I find myself checking in multiple times a day just to see what’s new. I love viewing your quilts and the stories you post just make me smile and laugh, which is definitely needed sometimes. Keep up the good work, we all love your blog!

  50. 57


    I was “surfing” one day and found your blog somehow – purely by accident – a very Happy Accident! Then I began to look forward to your “Design Wall Monday” links – what a great bunch of talented people! I liked watching the weekly progress on their various projects. One day I got up the nerve to link up and show everyone what I was doing on MY design wall. I’m kinda late in posting my links because of the time zone differences (I’m in California) – but I love joining in on the fun on Mondays. AND I especially enjoy reading about your “adventures”. Your blog is the very FIRST one I read EVERY DAY!! Your life is so different from mine – your blog is like my window to a totally different world! And it’s just plain FUN to visit you every day! I wish you lived next door!


  51. 58


    I first discovered your blog because of the quilting, but I think I come back more to hear what is going on in your life. I appreciate both types of blogging very much. Thanks for letting us take a peak into your life.

  52. 59

    Pratima says

    You are an inspiration, Judy! Not just with quilting but every aspect of life. It is wonderful to see how you make the most of each day as it comes, with cheerfulness. I love your sense of humor too! Reading your posts lightens me up and makes me smile 🙂

  53. 60

    Carol says

    I started reading your blog for the quilting information but read it every day now. You write in an interesting way. Even when writing about life’s stress and worries, you do so in a positive manner. I really enjoyed reading about the chickens and hope you get more soon. Also, I have used several of your recipes Very good!!

  54. 61

    melissa says

    I love your blog for many reasons. I love the quilting and am inspired often to try a new color combination or a new technique. I love to knit too and enjoy seeing your projects. I love my family so hearing about yours reminds me that in the real world husbands are occasionally annoying, kids grow up and choose paths to their own happiness, time in the kitchen is a healthy distraction and a well cooked meal does say “I love you”. I know that I will be inspired, motivated or entertained. A blog post is like the postman bringing me a long, newsy letter from a friend or pen pal….

  55. 62

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Amazing, huh? Looks like everyone feels the same way about you! You are sort of a female Will Rogers. 8^)

  56. 63


    What else can I say that hasn’t already been said. I’m just like everyone else that sticks here with you. I marked “Quilting” because that’s how I first found your blog. But it’s you & your simple everyday life that keeps me coming back. You made me contemplate making bread again and maybe even trying to learn to knit better. I can’t see a green t-shirt now without thinking of Vince and every chicken I see I think of your precious Ruby. So keep doing what you do best Judy and we’ll keep checking in on you.

  57. 65

    SarahB says

    I came and started following for the quilting…. then Vince’s antics…. then the knitting…. and now? I just want to see what happens next!!! But I really enjoy watching your quilts start and finish the most and I would miss those if they stop. In fact I did miss them for a couple (6?) months during the move… but I kept coming back… you two are just too enduring to leave for long!

  58. 66


    I started reading for the quilt posts. Sept. 7th-the 11th, I was at my daughter’s and kept checking to see if you had gotten a house. I came back to a home in a flood area (our house was not flooded but we had 2 1/2′ of water in the basement-no telephone for 6 days, and no electric for 1 week). When we finally got our internet back (15days!), the 1st thing I did was check to see if you had a house yet! so I read for everything!

  59. 67

    Theresa says

    Love, love, love the humor, the mystery, and the positive approach you use in your blog. When I am struggling with life’s bumps, your blog makes me smile. I really do like everything, get many ideas for cooking, quilting, knitting, and living life. You, indeed, should publish a book. But, if I had to pick just one thing I liked most, I would have to say that the inspiration to actually finish my first pair of socks would rate right up there at the top!

  60. 68


    All of the above but my fav 3 topics are canning/gardening, Chad & the chickens 🙂 I’ve been reading for 3-4 yrs, you’re one of my first stops online every morning!

  61. 69

    Sandi says

    Judy, like many who have already commented, I came for the quilting, and have stayed to see what else you get into. I enjoy watching how you decide on quilt patterns and fabrics. I also enjoy your knitting projects. Our boys are in middle and high school, so we haven’t had all the milestones you have had with Chad yet, but I’m bracing myself for them. I enjoy seeing your cooking adventures although I don’t do any canning (yet) or pressure cooking (yet).

    I think most of us enjoy seeing that while you enjoy quilting, it’s not your entire life, and that you have ups and downs like everyone else, but you keep on going.

    thanks for all you do for us, your loyal readers.

  62. 70


    Well, I haven’t read all the responses (yet) but since this is why I come here its okay for now. Judy, I think I first started visiting because it was a quilting link from somewhere. I found it interesting and continued to read and look back at what I had missed before I found your blog. I’ve enjoyed the chickens, the cooking, your family….I enjoy it all.

    I find that your blog is just so fun. It is like sitting back and visiting you over a cup of tea. You reach out to us and we reach back. I know I agonized right along with you over the move, so much so that I report the real estate tales to my husband (who said one day, “how did you meet this Judy?” I patiently explained, again!).

    I don’t know how to knit and I know you said it was easy (I’m left-handed and for me, it is not easy) and I’m so inspired to learn. We have a yarn shop opening up in our town on Saturday and they will have lessons. I’m going because I want to make socks! My husband might kill me if this becomes a serious habit but I would like to learn.

    I’m sure it has been said but internet life would be pretty darn boring if there wasn’t a post from Judy on a regular basis. 🙂

  63. 71

    Susan Torrens says

    I came for the quilting, and stayed for everything else!
    I appreciate your work on the patterns you provide, and feel like you are a friend, as you go through life’s ups and downs! As a retired military family, we have much in common with the transfers, and house hunting blues. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your new home, with chickens, garden and who knows what else!

  64. 72


    I wanted to check Vince post….but I found you by quilting post….but if I could have picked two…Vince post would have been in the running too!!

  65. 73


    I stumbled upon your blog learning to quilt! You inspired me! Not only dis you help me with that, you helped me with knitting the socks it took me 2 years to do lol! I love your honesty, love for your family, your willingness to help others, your books, and yes you should have had an all of the above button!

  66. 74


    Actually, I came because of the quilting, but along the way, I joined the majority! Your posts are so interesting and REAL and I would SO miss them if you closed your blog.


  67. 76

    quiltcookie says

    I have only been following along about a year and a half but I check in on you every morning and every evening and sometimes in between. I started with Design Wall Monday and then got so wrapped up in your move and Vince. I don’t know how you keep up with it all. And those geickos!!!!! I just couldn’t live with them in the house.

    Hope you keep posting. I need my daily Judy fix.

  68. 78


    You need one more entry in the voting that says “All of the above”. That would be the one I would have checked. The closest to that is “to see what you will do next”. Love reading your blog!

  69. 79

    Penny J Holliday says

    I started reading your blog for quilting. I had purchased & enjoyed your first 2 quilting books so much ~ eager for ur nxt one! Then I discovered your blog & thot “how cool”more quilting from Judy daily!! Now I enjoy every thing that you write & share with us, “the good, the bad & the ugly!” Now no matter what your subject reading your blog just sorta starts my day! Thanx ~ Penny

  70. 80


    I have to agree with everyone else. I love all your stories. I started out following your quilting and cooking, and then loved hearing about your family life and all your adventures. You are definitley part of my daily routine.

  71. 81

    nancy b in wyoming says

    Your quilting is what brought me here first, also…then stayed for ‘all of the above’ (just to see what you do next! hehe) I enjoy your humor, the ‘Vince stories’, your critters…all of the interesting things that make up a life…uniquely yours, which makes it just like all of ours, too! And am thrilled about the house you aren’t talking about, and looking forward to seeing how you settle into it and make it ‘yours’.

  72. 82


    I started following for quilting posts but I have to say that your cooking posts inspire me. See, I really do not like being in the kitchen. I think it’s b/c I have a 4 yr old who only eats half the time and a husband who really doesn’t seem to care what he eats. Thank you for turning me onto the slow cooker blog – we’re having crockpot ham and beans tomorrow night.

  73. 83

    Diane Hines says

    I started to read your blog because of quilting, but now it is because of your sense of humor and your interesting life. You have the ability to make everyday things interesting. I also like to make bread, have canned a little and like to cook. You have a treasure to leave to you grandchildren, when you have them. Reading your blog makes me feel like I know you. I think you are a friend that can be counted on if need be.

  74. 84

    Diann Smith says

    Not fair that we could only make ONE choice. I like the humor, Vince stories, the cooking, and the quilting. I like too that you blog more than once a day. It’s like roulette…check again to see if you have put something else up.
    Your blog is the best I know about and I read many. I would be bereft without it and NOBODY has as many strange things happen to them as you. Thanks for sharing your life.

  75. 85


    I’ll admit I was first drawn in by the star quilt you offered as montly patterns. In the process of working on that quilt (which I finished and gave to a VERY happy friend for her 40th birthday) I got hooked on reading about all that you do. Though I admit the quilty posts are usually my favorites, I do enjoy reading about all your adventures and often look forward to reading your blog each day. Thank you!

  76. 87


    I hate that I could only choose one. Mainly I come for quilt posts but I LOVE the Vince stories and used to look forward to the Chad stories. And, I do read just to see what you are going to do next. You share more of you than most and in time I begin to feel that I really know you, like a friend just down the road.

  77. 88

    Dorothy in Oz says

    Judy, you grasp life with two hands and wring all you can from it. Even when you are scared by something or are unsure, it never gets you down completely. Your honesty is so refreshing – you’re not perfect and you don’t claim to be. Love it all!

  78. 90

    Mel Meister says

    Your blog has become like an extension of my family. I read it to relax, to laugh, to commiserate with you, to sympathize, to share.

    May you always blog!

  79. 91

    Pat says

    I started out reading your blog for the quilting, then the cooking, and the chickens (I have 23 girls). The Chad and Vince stories have allowed me to see a small part into your life. I guess what I’m saying is that I read your blog because I think of you as a friend.

  80. 92


    I sure enjoy hearing about your home life. Whether your quilting, knitting, cooking etc. Makes me feel like we know the real you.

  81. 93

    Megan says

    It’s important to me that your blog includes quilting posts, since that’s a passion of mine too. So, for me, quilting is the core of your blog. I don’t knit, and I’m not interested in knitting, so I’m not particularly interested in those posts.

    What I like about your blog, however, is that you bring in other aspects of your life. Those help me develop a sense of you as a real person. They are also a good reminder to me that everyone has ups and downs and needs to find a way to deal with them. I don’t have a wide circle of friends. Reading about the things that happen in your life gives me another perspective on how someone else approaches life, what’s important to them, and how to find joy.

  82. 94

    Kathy in Queensbury says

    Poor Vince will be disappointed, I sure, but I started out reading your blog for your love of quilting. You are highly addictive Judy. I, too, check your blog several times a day because I enjoy reading what’s going on in your life. I would love to have a friend like you in my life. Please keep on bloggin!

  83. 95

    Angie S. says

    I started coming here because of the quilting and then continued because you were so interesting and I loved the chicken posts since we had chickens for four years and then got rid odd them…kind of living vicariously through you and your interactions with them…I do miss them, especially during garden and harvest season, but doubt we’ll ever have them again…and then of course the Vince stories always bring a smile to my face, since my dh is an engineer as well…keep writing and I’ll keep coming back to read more! I really like you and your sense of humor!

  84. 96


    I clicked on to see what you do next but really it is that and the quilting. I love reading your updates on what you are doing and are you ever going to find a house – so glad that seems to be handled. I started reading you when Chad left for college and I thought the empty nest syndrome was going to be horrible for you but you have managed!

  85. 98

    Sibyl Scott says

    Judy I found your blog probably right after you moved to Missouri. Someone on one on another group I was on, must have sent a link to your site, for something or other–probably something quilt related. I started reading it. Loved everything I read from you. You are such an interesting person, Opening (part) of your life to all of us to take a peek into. Love your highs, and cry with your lows. Love reading about those crazy chickens, and what Speck is up to. What green shirt Vince is wearing, and recently, how many times do your emotions go up and down trying to find a house in Texas. Thank you for sharing. Loved reading what Chad was up to, and how he is doing. Will always continue to read.


    • 98.1

      Ivy says

      I agree with Sibyl. Judy, even when I’m having a bad day, I’ll check your blog and it feels like a friend just called and is chatting away. Suddenly things come into perspective and I’m grounded again. Thank you for being you! 🙂

  86. 99


    I voted for “just to see what you do next” because it was the closest I could come to “almost all of the above”. The only posts I’ve started skipping are the knitting ones — I DON’T want to get hooked into another stashbuilding hobby. You entertain me daily Judy. I love your generosity – free patterns and challenges, love your Vince stories. Thanks for all you share!

  87. 100

    Hilary McDaniel says

    I love keeping up w/your ventures. You have great diversity and your posts have emotion. I crack up at some of them, especially the ones about Vince. He’s a hoot when he cracks that smile. I can just feel your frustration when he’s teasing you. I love that you annoy him w/the “car”. How you guys ever got attracted is really amazing. But what ever it was, it works great. You both seem extremely happy and it resonates in your blog. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough road in Texas because our best “assets” are the people.

  88. 101

    Laurel from Iowa says

    I might be one of your newest followers. I think I got here from Jo’s Country Junction, but I wouldn’t swear to it. All I know is that you are a writer who values proper grammar and spelling, so I keep reading 😀 You’re on my ‘favorites’ bar and I check in daily to see what new adventure you’re on. Thanks for giving me some chuckles along the way.

  89. 103


    Oh! You forgot the chickens! I had to come in daily to make sure you hadn’t been attacked by Ruby. A few of my friends who have chickens checked out your blog, especially when you folks were building the chicken palace! ;P

  90. 104

    Jackie says

    I voted just to see what you will do next but as related to all the above – and add chickens, efforts to travel over bridges. house/home hunting, Chad stories, canning, and anything else you choose to share. Your stories are great! Thank you for letting us share your life.

  91. 105

    Truddi Varner says

    Chickens. I got hooked by your chicken stories. Stayed for all of the rest, but it was definitely the chickens that got my attention. (And I’m not a chicken person 🙂

  92. 106

    Elaine says

    Cause I love you! I always wanna know what’s going on in your life and I wish I was good at keeping you up on mine. I miss you so much and even when we go months without talking, I always know that I can visit you on the blog and keep up with you. I miss our travels together, even when we get lost and have to backtrack! I miss haulin’ your butt across scarey bridges, and I miss having giggling fits in the middle of the night at retreats. I miss knowing that you are just a short drive away. I miss YOU!

  93. 107


    I was drawn to your blog from the quilting posts, but I enjoy all the other posts as well. I enjoy seeing what other people create with a little bit of their life thrown in the mix. It gives me great inspiration. 🙂

  94. 108

    Kathy C says

    I am another “ALL OF THE ABOVE” people.
    You are so generous sharing your life, expertise and humor.
    I too have learned so much from what a yarn swift is to how to use a pressure cooker to can food.
    It is also nice to know someone else who has a FABULOUS Italian husband although mine has a penchant for BROWN tshirts.

  95. 109


    I have been reading your blog since just before your move to Missouri. I keep coming back to see what is new today. I have related to your lastest move since we moved ourselves from WA to ID in 2009. We made 7 trips that year because we were moving ourselves in a 14′ box van. It took us 3 -4 years of looking for a piece of land that had a structure large enough for the quilting machine and everything that goes with it before the move even started. We had to finish the shell that was to be the quilting room before the machine was moved so once that was done trying to get organized was hit and miss until this May when we could afford to have a ductless heat pump installed in the quilt room so I can now work out there year around. So I sooo appreciate what you have been going through.

  96. 110

    Charlotte says

    I read your blog because you make me laugh. I appreciate all the work you do to make your life and our world a better place. You make my day better.

    I read because of all the things you write about. Each one is interesting.

    Don’t stop blogging.

  97. 111


    You feel like a dear friend to me – I enjoy your every-day stories about quilting, knitting, cooking, Vince, Chad, moving, critters, Speck, chickens, etc. Please keep writing and sharing your life with all of us.

  98. 112

    ruth anne shorter says

    I first found you when I googled tri recs ruler. Then I was hooked when I also saw lime green kitchen –it was so hard to just choose one reason. I also love knitting so I follow you for that, too. Let’s just say, I have learned so much from you!!! Plus, the humor, Vince stories, Chad, and Speck!!! You are just like a family member that shares with me all her ideas, recipes, quilt patterns, and I could just go on and on!!! Love you Judy.

  99. 114

    Cheryl L says

    I started following when we were both members of the same online longarm group. I was always impressed by your quilts and then simply loved the way you shared your life with such wit and humor. I became even more interested when you moved to Nevada because it is in the same part of MO where I grew up. So, reading your blog was kind of like daily updates from “home”. Having moved several times myself, due to my husband’s job, I could totally relate to all of the emotions and stress that are a part of the moving experience…..well,
    except for the crazy hunt for a house…..I hope I never have to experience that and I truly hope and pray you can now say it’s a done deal!

    Your blog is the first one I look for each day and I love it when there’s more than one post to read. I hope you never tire of writing…..clearly there are lots of us who never tire of reading. Thanks, too, for all you do for folks in need…..Joplin, the fire victims, etc. You have such a giving heart! Blessings on you and Vince as you put down roots in Texas!

    (Oh, and I would have chosen “all of the above” in the poll if that had been a choice…..I come here for all those reasons!)

  100. 115


    By the sheer number of comments about this one post, I think you must realize how much we all LOVE everything you do, what you post, your sense of humor and just every blasted thing you share with us. I’ll bet you’re feeling particularly blessed right now, Judy. We all feel we know you well and will always be our friend.

  101. 116

    Bonnie says

    I was first drawn in for your quilting, but over time, and that’s only been maybe the last couple years, I’ve so much more enjoyed all aspects surrounding your life. I am utterly amazed at how much you do and get accomplished! But I have to say, if all you posted was on knitting socks….well, I probably wouldn’t be here 😉

  102. 117

    Karla says

    Judy, i first read your blog because of the quilting, but I too was pulled in by the stories, the kids, and the animals. You have encouraged me to try my hand at more quilting, I have even started to knit again and am working on a sock. It might take me forever but I am trying. I love the husband stories and the humor, I read stuff to my husband about Vince and you. I feel as if I know you personally and not just from a blog. I too am a Missouri transplant to Texas and I love it because I am still close enough to go home for visits. I read your blog the first thing when I get up and at night before I shut her down. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with all of us. Its what makes you so special.

  103. 118

    dottie says

    You’re my last activity of the night just before bed. Bought an ipad so we can turn in together. My eyesight had been failing so quilting had become nigh impossibe.This summer I had cataract surgery and suddenly can see well enough to start making inroads into my stash. Unfortunatly, Walmart is almost giving away all their precut fabris and moving back to bolts. I bought boxes full to do very simple charity quiltsYour blog is a treasure trove of ideas to learn how to cope in today’s world. Thanks for the fun and info.

  104. 119

    Mary Ann says

    I begin my day by reading your blog. Sharing your life with us is one of your many gifts to us. No matter what you blog about, it is always interesting. Smiled at so many of your posts, especially the ones about Vince and the day you used him to wind the yarn, cried while reading some of the Chad ones when he went off to college. We can relate to you in so many ways.

  105. 120

    Dawn Lacombe says

    I started coming to your blog to see the quilting. Then you had such interesting stories about Ruby and the chickens. The Vince stories are hilarious and I can relate. I guess all of the above would be my vote. I love the way you spin a tale girlfriend! recipes, knitting, quilting, Vince whatever it is you are talking about, I like to “listen”.
    Dawn in MA

  106. 121

    Linda says

    I follow your blog because I find it very inspirational. We have a lot of the same interests (quilting, longarm quilting, knitting and cooking) and I’m amazed at what you get accomplished.

  107. 122

    Teresa in Music City says

    I love your sense of humor and your willingness to share so much without worrying about being “perfect” – you make me laugh and laughs are at a premium these days! Thanks Judy!

  108. 123


    I stay because you are a darned good writer! It’s all about style, another blogger can write about the same things as you but bore one to death. You’re style of writing is perfect.

  109. 124


    I only just found your blog (through Erin’s post.). But I already know it will be a daily stop. You feel like a kindred spirit… Although more accomplished. I cook, knit, quilt, love & live for family & friends. I am a brand new blogger.. So you see, much in common. Your humor and conversational style, your generosity with information and your discussion of your creative process all add up to inviting warmth and attraction! Thanks for sharing! Becky G.

  110. 125

    Laceflower says

    I first started coming here a few years ago for the quilt posts. Then it was the Vince posts, then it was the what are you going to do next posts. Those 3 things keep me coming back and because you are so prolific!

  111. 126

    Doe in Mi says

    I first came here because of your quilting. Then started getting into what was going on with Vince and Chad. Then the cooking and it all was interesting so I come back every day to find out what your upto today. I don’t always comment but, I read everyday and enjoy it all, Thanks.

  112. 127

    PJ says

    I came because of quilting and keep coming back because of everything else. Lots of what happens to you happens to me too but you make it sound so much more interesting! I love to stay home and cook and sew and take care of my chickens and dogs and worry about my kids and tease my husband and try to grow stuff. See what I mean?

  113. 128


    I originally started reading your blog because of your quilting posts and enjoyed that thoroughly. But I’ve enjoyed your chickens, and cooking, and Vince and Chad stories. You have an entertaining writing style, and I feel like I “know” you now.

  114. 129


    Started reading your blog because of the quilting… now I “check in” on my internet friends, including you, each morning while I have my coffee. Living in the woods does have occasional drawbacks for a reasonably social homebody like me (and you very soon), and I seem to have more friends in far places than I do close to my home. Elk, bears and wild turkeys don’t count as friends no matter how often they visit, I’m told.

  115. 130


    Funny I was just thinking about why do I read Judy everyday. I’m thinking it must be the way you write. And let’s face it you have an interesting life, so different than mine., chickens and Chad and moving and Vince.

  116. 131

    Gina says

    Judy, that poll was not fair!!!! I wanted to choose all of them. I started following you because of your quilting posts, that is how I found you, but I continue because I want to see what you are up to. I have only 5 blogs on feed and you are one of them because I don’t want to miss anything!!