The Lake Continues to Disappear

This drought is so sad!  The hygienist who cleaned my teeth this week told me they’ve had cows forever had just sold them all off on Monday.  Almost everyone here has had to get rid of their livestock and some that have the desire and the funds have sent some of their best stock to farmers in other states to raise til the situation gets better here.  I surely hope it happens soon.

This is a picture of the lake I had taken off my deck and posted on September 6.

This is what it looked like yesterday from my deck . . a bit over three weeks later.

Not sure how easy it is to see from the photos but the water is dropping amazingly quickly considering that lake is our area’s only water supply.   By referencing the little boat dock with the red roof, it might help to see how much farther the water has gone out. I don’t know if anyone is still drinking the water.  It doesn’t stink terribly but it doesn’t smell good.  I have a hard time even taking a shower in it some days.  We were at Wal-Mart yesterday and there was no bottled water on the shelves at all.

We do have rain in our 15 day forecast and I pray it does rain here and it rains enough to make a difference!


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    My mama is having your weather and lots of her large old mature shrubs and trees are dying. It’s really depressing for her as gardening is a huge part of her life and now she hates to even go out but she has to keep watering to save what she can. Don’t know what’s gonna happen. Hope you both get rain; praying that you do.

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    Wish I could send you some! We have opposite problems. Too much rain here in the northeast. Hoping things get better there quickly!

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    Judy we were on our way home to Lake Charles/Iowa from Houston Wednesday and we must have counted 20 eighteen wheelers hauling big round bails of hay back to Texas. Hoping ya’ll get rain soon.

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      Diana in TX says

      Probably some of that hay was heading to the places that have rescued all the cattle from the big Bastrop fire in Sept. A lot of ranchers were able to take the cattle from the fire area. But yes, we need feed all over Texas. The corn crop was so bad a lot of the farmers in our area baled the stalks for feed. There was no ears worth picking.

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    I wish we could share some of the rain we’ve been having here in Vermont. We are so soggy trees are falling down from the ground being too wet to hold them down! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to transfer weather where it was needed. Hope the rain comes to you soon.

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    I hope you get some decent rain soon….the kind that falls gently enough to do a lot of good and not the kind that comes to fast and heavy and causes flash flooding as the ground can’t absorb it quickly enough. I can see a big difference in your lake and it’s very sad.

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    SarahB says

    Judy, I am so worried about your first rain! Considering the shape of the soil there is no way it will be able to absorb any of it for the first, and maybe the second, good rain. I foresee a lot of runoff flooding when the rain finally comes and it’s so dangerous. If rain is coming please be safe!

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    Linda in NE says

    It will take a LOT of steady, soaking rain to to replenish the moisture and raise the lake. About time to move to that house with the well. I’ve been reading about other parts of the country where it rains for a week at a time…to bad some of it can’t be redirected to Texas.

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    Lucia Butler says

    Unfortunately, the meteorologists are saying that this drought is going to last for some time due to the weather conditions. I am glad that I am not a farmer or rancher, feel so bad for them.

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    Diana in TX says

    I haven’t looked at our long range forcast. Even when they say we have a chance someone else gets it. They have had some rain around us but non for us. Our little lake is pretty sad too and the lakes are really in bad shape. Some of the forecasters are saying we are in the middle of a 20 year drought. Am hoping they are wrong. Guess they had lots of rain in the 80″s and 90’s. We moved here the beginning of 99. Had pretty good rains the first couple of years, but it has been getting less and less. When we do get alot-it’s all in one place and then yes, the flash flooding. We have friends too who have had to sell their herds.