Borders Added

While sewing with my friend yesterday, I added the two extra borders to this quilt.

I knew it needed more borders but really wanted to be done with it.  Now I’m done . . and can quilt it.  I think I’ll quilt it with green thread.  What do you think?


  1. 2


    Glad you added the borders, it now looks finished. I love the colors! Black sure makes the colors pop.
    Green thread is a great idea! Good Job!

  2. 8


    It is wonderful!! And the borders finish it perfectly. I love the bright green in between the darks. It makes it shine. Green thread would be perfect for it, especially if it were as bright as the green in the border. Great job. Congrats on another finish.

  3. 12


    I’m so glad you used the black dotted fabric as the outermost border because I think it is such a pretty way to feature those blocks. Green thread seems like a good choice to me, too.

  4. 13

    GayleRN says

    Green is not my favorite color so maybe I’m prejudiced. I vote for a bright golden color for quilting. It might really perk up the Green border, which I do like. Go figure.

  5. 15

    Heidi says

    The borders look great. How are you going to quit it? This is always the hard part for me to decide what to do.

  6. 28


    Those two borders really finished it perfectly! I think green thread would be fine, I was also thinking a khaki color but, something I read on someone’s blog (I love being exact) suggests quilting it with a thread that matches the sashing! Squiggle some black thread on top and see how that looks!

  7. 33

    Sandy says

    I think this is one of your prettiest quilts yet! I love the bright colors and know someone is going to be very happy receiving it.

  8. 34

    Penny J Holliday says

    Judy ~ I couldn’t decide re: adding borders but now I’m convinced the quilt did need borders! Amazing! Just like framing a picture the borders just finish the quilt & add so much ~~~rather “pops” now! What a gorgeous gift! Penny

  9. 37

    Lizzy Hentze says

    I’d use an orange, green or maybe even purple thread – that’s my favourite combo, orange, green and purple. Those colours always look great together, so I don’t think it will matter which you choose! If you have Signature Citrus, that would be ideal!!