The Proof is in the Yolks

If you’ve never had home grown fresh from the farm eggs, this photo will show you the difference.

The egg on the left is a storebought “free range” brown shell egg.  The egg on the right is from a Brownwood, Texas hen!  The color of the yolk is obviously different but the yolk on the left is kinda flat, has not much “body” to it and will break easily when I stir it.  The yolk on the left stands up like a ball and doesn’t flatten out even in pan and in order to break the yolk, I have to put some muscle behind it.  Not really but they don’t break easily.  They’ll roll around and fight to keep from breaking, so unlike the storebought eggs.

Some will say the fresh from the farm eggs are too rich or too strong tasting.  Everyone has their preference.

If you care to know some of the differences, you can do a little research (Google THIS as Helen would say!) as to why the yolks are different colored, what constitutes “free range” as per government standards, how long between the time eggs are laid and you buy them in the grocery store.  I’ve done research and like most everything else, there are always pros and cons . . especially on the subject of whether home grown eggs contain more or less cholesterol, vitamins, fatty acids, etc.  I’m not out to argue the point or prove my way is better but given the choice of storebought or home grown eggs, I’ll chose home grown any day.  Of course, you know my preference is to have my very own laying hens and soon I will!


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    Sandie says

    Judy- I don’t eat eggs, unless they are used as an ingredient in something else, but my husband does, and says there is just no comparison. Eating a store bought egg, after having a recently laid free range is like chewing rubber, according to him. I have been getting store eggs for making my pasta, and buying from a local woman for his breakfast. Do you think the fresh would make a difference in the pasta?

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      Karen says

      Farm fresh eggs are just that….FRESH! They actually have flavor, unlike store-bought ones which are so bland tasting (to hubby and myself anyway).

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    We just had this discussion today! DD3 was here today begging for “good” eggs. She said she can hardly stand to eat store eggs anymore. Very soon you will be pampering new hens.

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    Cindy in NC says

    I’d forgotten the huge difference in color between a “city egg” and “country egg.” Makes me really miss the eggs from my grandparents.

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    Reenie says

    my nephew got some chickens in in the spring and he was told they will have eggs in September, still no eggs. I can’t wait until they start laying. We use to get fresh eggs from the ‘egg man’ a Mennonite farmer every Friday, when we were young, they were the best eggs.

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    Sharon Spingler says

    I just heard on the news this morning that eggs can be frozen for a year and still considered fresh………WTH!

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    Penny says

    You can definitely taste the difference between the two types of eggs. Have you tried the duck eggs yet? I have never eaten one but I am told they have a slightly stronger flavour.

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    When I lived in Georgia (Stone Mountain) I used to drive to a little country town and buy eggs from a farmer. Oh, they were wonderful. I wish I had chickens……when I get my Bed and Breakfast I want chickens … and goats …. and a llama or two ……oh yes, and lots of cats! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing those pictures. I didn’t realize the eggs looked so different when you compared store bought with “hen fresh.” You sure are TEACHING me a lot of new things!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, our eggs still aren’t laying “yellow-gold” yolks. Our other hens always layed really golden yolks but since the drought, these hens don’t have the grass to free range. They are outside free ranging but the grass is just now coming back after we finally got rain. I’m so hoping the yolks get better. They lay the really dark brown eggs and the green eggs, so we have the right breed. What does the hens that you buy the eggs from eat?

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    The biggest difference I have noticed is the smell. Store bought eggs smell like sulfur. Ick. Ick. Ickitty ick.

    I used to buy fresh-from-the-chicken eggs from a friend until she moved too far away. I have found Trader Joe’s Organic Free Range eggs to be a very close substitute, except for the fresh-from-the-chicken part.