Contract for Retreat

I just picked up the contract for the retreat.  The room rate is $69 + tax and because the hotel is out of the city, the tax rate is only 6%.  If we take up at least 16 rooms, then they’re letting us use the big room for no charge.  If we drop below 16 rooms, I’ll have to pay a fee each day for the meeting room.

I counted electric plugs and space and we’re fine with 40 folks sewing in there.  There is a full size fridge upstairs so we’ll have a place to store our drinks and sandwich stuff.  There are mini fridges in each room also.

As soon as I receive your check, I’ll send you the info for making a room reservation.  For those whose checks came in today, I’m sending an email to you now.

Please let me know if you have questions!


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    Karla says

    Sorry I haven’t got my check out yet but will go into the mail tomorrow am looking forward to meeting everyone.