My November UFO

Yes, it’s a Christmas quilt and yes, it would be nice to get it finished.

The reason why I said I’m not even going to attempt to finish it — we’re closing on the house very soon and then the construction of the sewing room will begin.  My priorities for November are to get the fire quilts finished and get the several UFOs I’ve been working on, that happen to be strewn about the sewing room, finished and start getting things ready for the movers to come in and once again move us to a new, and hopefully, final destination! Probably every trip over to the new house, we’ll bring a car load of things we can do with out — like boxes that have not been opened since August.  It’s amazing how many boxes say “Judy’s Bathroom”.  I’ll never need to buy body lotion or scrub.  We will not move any fabric or sewing items over til the new room is finished.  No need having to work around “stuff”.

We’re planning on moving into the new house some time right after the first of the year.  Since we’ll probably be packed up and since most of Christmas decorations are in storage, except the poor Christmas tree that has been wet twice already from basement floods, there probably won’t be much decorating around here this year.

And, since Chad will probably only have off Christmas Day and can’t come here to spend Christmas with us, and since we’d be in the Motel 6 which is the only hotel there that allows dogs, and since no restaurants are open on Christmas Day there, my guess is we’ll be working out at the house on Christmas Day .. maybe eating a ham sandwich.

Since our house in MO is sitting empty, the thought crossed my mind . . no, they wouldn’t let us go in and sleep on a blowup bed and fix Christmas dinner in my old kitchen but it was a thought!  🙂

So, when I said my November UFO isn’t getting touched, it isn’t because I can’t do it or don’t want to do it . . it’s because there are other priorities for the next two months.


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    LadyBaltimore says

    I’ve had “moving” Christmases before – not too much fun.
    Set your sights on Christmas 2012 – you’ll be all settled in your new home with a spanking new sewing studio too! Will be thinking of you as you get through these next couple of busy months.

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    How about Christmas earlier or later than the actual day. Once upon a time—I always start stories that happened years ago with “once upon a time”— we were working a job away from home and family in Canada. We were alone for Christmas. But, bless their heart, my Mom & Dad kept all the Christmas decorations up with the gifts under the then “silver tree” until April of that year until we returned home, and we had a wonderful Christmas together then! 🙂

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    Trina says

    I understand about priorities. We have had unusual Christmases and Thanksgivings. our move from MA to CA, we spent Thanksgiving in a motel while my husbamd had to help serve Thanksgiving meal to the troops at the post in CA.Another move which was to Germany, involved us borrowing someone’s Christmas tree because our tree was still in transet along with some Christmas gifts for my daughter who was 6 years old.


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    pdudgeon says

    I’m sorry that you guys have had a tough year. here’s hoping that next year will be much better for all of you. hugg.

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    The year that we moved on Christmas Eve we had a potted rosemary plant for our tree, and rotisserie chicken from the grocery store for dinner.

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    Marla says

    So glad about your house and it will be so exciting to get your new sewing space. Will you get to see Chad at Thanksgiving? If so, maybe you could celebrate Christmas then? I know your heart must be aching over this separation from your child. My daughter can’t come home for Thanksgiving but hopeful she can for Christmas.

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    We moved a few years ago during Christmas. Nobody came to the house on Christmas Day, so I arranged my sewing room with the door closed and cried! 🙁

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    Judy, you reminded me as did Angie’s comment: We often now have Christmas on different dates within the period to accomodate kid’s Christmas plans and N. TX weather. I was reminded that in 1968, my husband’s year in Vietnam, I bought our very first Christmas tree for our apartment. I left it up until the needles fell off, but it gave me hope that he would return home safely and he did.