November UFO

The UFO for November is #3. I came real close to finishing my October UFO (#5) but didn’t but . . I got real close!  🙂  My #3 project is something I really want to finish but there’s no way it’s going to happen this month so . . I’m throwing in the towel this month and not even trying!  How’s that for a quitter attitude?  🙁

Did you finish your UFO for October?


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    SarahB says

    I finished!! Yeah!! This one was a Christmas present three years in the making so I really needed to get it done. I think it’s the only UFO for this challenge that I actually finished… :o)

  2. 3


    I love your present blocks and it would be such a great quilt to finish for Christmas…don’t give up yet…make Vince do the cooking for November!

  3. 4

    Trina says

    My October UFO is nearly finished. Just need to sew down the binding. Unfortunately not able to post a picture.


  4. 6


    Whew! I lucked out this month, as I finished my #3 back in March as a gift for my daughter’s birthday. Now on to finishing my #2, which was drawn a while ago but still isn’t done!

  5. 7


    Is there nothing you can substitute for this month’s UFO? BTW — I’d like to go ahead and throw in the towel for December — you know to get a head of the curve. The last UFO I just don’t see it happening. For that matter, I’m not sure I can pull off November’s. But either way, I will have a UFO finished for both months — just not the ones I picked out last winter!

  6. 8


    You know, I felt the exact same way on the day you pulled October’s number, but I actually got it done — and two more catch-up projects to boot, so don’t give up hope! One thing I know for sure, most of my UFO projects wouldn’t have been finished if it weren’t for this challenge. So, thank you! 🙂

  7. 9


    Today snuck up on me – I didn’t really think about it being the first of the month until I saw the UFO post! I’m so happy to have another top done to share. Thank you again for motivating me to work on stuff I’d set aside.

  8. 10

    Mary D says

    I did finish a UFO this month but it was #11 (september) not #5. #5 may just make next year’s list.

  9. 12

    Karla says

    I have finished two ufo’s so far, working on a third which needs to be finished before veteran’s day. I am unable to upload the pictures but my latest one is on my facebook.

  10. 13


    I don’t think I will get to #3 – it is a 4th of July table topper and not high priority. I was doing real well, then we had the devistating flood from Irene which literally washed towns away. So I dedicated myself with our LQS to a quilt drive for flood victims – donating my own as being on the list of quilters who would finish any donated tops. My UFOs – funny, but I donated them on to another charity. But they have most been completed and into loving/needing homes, which is what they were meant for .

  11. 14


    Actually the #25 finish is for Nancy. She made the table runner and napkins. I noticed it wasn’t linked yet so I did it for her. We’ve had power issues this past week. Major snowstorm on 29th and still there are folks without power. Just got mine back this morning at about 2:30 am and I’m here catching up!

    I did not get my #5 done at all. I have a major league brain cramp when it comes to my project. I’m not sure when it will get done.