Halloween Quilt Progress

Before I started making the pieces, I made a few changes.  Remember where there was purple in the middle . . I changed that to black.  I felt it needed more black in the center.

It’s a fun quilt to work on  .. it makes me smile.  I see witches’ hats, witches’ shoes and weird birds.  I can even see a funny fish in there.  All it needs is a glow in the dark cactus block somewhere!  🙂


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      Judy Laquidara says

      Most of my big print backing fabric is packed so I’ll have to see what I can come up with when I get unpacked. I won’t be quilting it til then anyway.

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    Whew! I am so glad you commented about the wierd birds. When I first saw this quilt I said to myself, “Has Judy lost her mind? Can’t she see the birds and other stuff in that quilt?”
    I really didn’t have time to read anything that day, so it was just looking at the pics. I guess you haven’t lost your mind, that is good to know.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I’m not going to go so far as to say I haven’t lost my mind but yes, I see the secondary creatures evolving.

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    Loretta says

    What about quilting it with glow in the dark thread? The top is looking really good so far.

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    How about quilting it with the glow-in-the-dark thread … That would make it really special. Wonderful pattern and of course I love the Dimples fabrics. Judy C

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I don’t have any glow in the dark thread and I’m not buying ANYTHING ever again! 🙂 I’ll come up with something that will work.

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    Are those Angry Birds??? 😉
    I love the idea of glow in the dark thread….
    It amazes me how you come up with the design, pull fabrics and sit down and make a quilt! All in like 3 days. 🙂

    Hope you have an awesome day!!!

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      Judy Laquidara says

      They could be Angry Birds. I’m seeing way too many of those things these days. (Vince is playing .. not me!)

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      Judy Laquidara says

      Did not. I always know that the day after Halloween, when the candy gets marked down, Vince will bring home a truck load of it!

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    Linda in NE says

    Someone suggested glow-in-the-dark thread…why not quilt some cactus on the quilt with that?…you know there’s no way to stick to the never-buy-anything-again vow.

  6. 12

    Gail Sheppard says

    Hi Judy, I agree with the glow in the dark thread. How could you even consider anything else?? Imagine … glow in the dark cactus! Since you don’t want to “buy anything – I suggest that you simply “purchase” it – it is a necessity, ya know! 🙂 What a fun quilt!!

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    Trina says

    I see birds too.:) I like your designs. I wonder what it would look like with pink fabric. would look like flamingoes, maybe. .


  8. 15


    I am a non believer. I feel like the person that is staring at the picture in the mall that has an embedded image. NO matter how I look, I cannot see the dolphin. Please outline these “supposed” birds. ~ksp