Quilts of Valor Needed

Many of you know Alycia and are familiar with her blog and her continued and very dedicated work to the QOV program.   No matter our feelings towards the war or the politics of the war, I think we all support our troops and the sacrifices they’ve made.  I trust Alycia absolutely with the quilts she receives and she has excellent contacts for getting the quilts where they need to be.

Alycia posted this blog post – she is totally out of quilts and has a waiting list.  On that post, Alycia has the minimum size and other requirements.  The quilts do not have to be patriotic colors!  PLEASE look at your quilts and see if you have anything that’s finished that you can send, or anything that’s almost finished that you can send.  I know I’ve asked you for a lot this year — with the generous help you sent for Joplin, the Texas fire quilts and now this plea for QOV quilts.  Quilters are the most generous folks I’ve ever met and I know that if you can help, you will and if you cannot help at this time, that’s understandable.

Here’s an offer for you:  For everyone who sends Alycia a quilt that is received between now and December 31, your name will go into a pot and one name will be drawn to receive one of my quilts, along with a $50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I can’t even tell you which quilt it will be — I’ve totally lost track of the quilts I have, and  which quilts have been given away in the past year.  If Alycia gets more than 50 quilts from you, I’ll give away two quilts and two gift certificates!  The quilt and gift certificate go to one winner (a double gift) and if there are more than 50 quilts, then the second person will also get a quilt and a gift certificate.

To be counted in the drawing, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a completed quilt, which meets the requirements in Alycia’s blog post, to her by the end of this year.
  2. Put a 3″ x 5″ note card or piece of paper (doesn’t have to be EXACTLY 3″ x 5″ but in that range) and on that piece of paper, write:
  • Patchwork Times Reader
  • Your name
  • Your mailing address (where I would send a quilt)
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

Alycia will stick all those notes in a bucket and at the end of the year, she will draw a name . . or two!

Patchwork Times readers . . let’s fill Alycia’s quilt pantry!


  1. 1

    Linda in NE says

    I have a batch of RWB string blocks I made back in May when the Heartstrings sew-in was held in Fremont and I didn’t get to go. I’ll see if I can get them put together and quilted right soon. Didn’t realize Alycia was running short.

  2. 2

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Judy, thanks for posting this. I saw it on Alycia’s blog this morning. I have 4 quilts all ready except for the labels which will be made tonight and then I will wash these quilts and get them in the mail next week. Over the past few years I have sent Alycia 21 quilts and I plan on continuing to make QOVs. This is such a worthwhile effort and after all, as I was once asked, “What are you going to do with all the quilts you make? You can only use so many yourself!”

  3. 3


    Thank you for posting this! The other day I was thinking I needed to check in and see if they wanted some more quilts for their stockpile but i didn’t htkn there was an actual immediate need. I’ll re-post and get in contact with Alycia!

  4. 4


    You are an amazing woman Judy! I’m sure your plea and your offer will make a huge impact on the amount of quilts that Alicia gets.

  5. 5

    Lori Dunn says

    I will get something to her before the year end. It has been a needful year. I sent to Japan, to Alabama so far and was working on one for Joplin when I got sidetracked.
    Thanks for the link.

  6. 7


    I’m sending Alycia 2 QOVs I have been waiting to give away. I like to give them to local soldiers but thankfully haven’t had any in our area in a while. I too think it is such a worthwhile project. I quilt at least 3 QOV’s every month and send them back to the piecer for distriubtion thru QOV’s website. Once you give one in person you’ll be “hooked” and want to do more and more and more. The soldiers are so appreciative of our efforts.

  7. 10

    Laurel from Iowa says

    Since I don’t do longarm quilting, I contacted Alycia to see if I could send a flimsy, backing and binding. She said yes, so it’s off to the post office! What a great thing QOV is!