Salad in a Jar Credit

I have been chastised (and not by Salad in a Jar Lady) for not giving credit for my Salad in a Jar start to finish post.  When I originally posted about it,  and again in this post, I did give credit to the Salad in a Jar site.  That was definitely the site where I first learned the technique.

My most recent post was simply an “all in one” post of how I do it . . but still, it’s all a synopsis of how I do the Salad in a Jar technique and not my original idea.  Thanks Paula for the tutorial on your blog.

And, to be quite honest, for those who get so upset about credit being given where credit is due, back in 2004, this site talks about sealing salads in jars.


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    Rant! Rant!

    I hate that you are being chastised yet again for sharing information that you give credit for. It seems to me that a few people think it’s their job to police you about everything. Eeerrr, it makes me nuts! At no time have you taken credit for this idea! Gee, if the complainer had taken the time to read your post, they would have seen the credit right there at the top of the post.

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      I added the link to the Salad in a Jar site on the post. It wasn’t there originally but I had linked back to her site on the previous posts regarding the technique. Sealing lettuce in jars has been documented since as early as 2003 so I doubt anyone can actually claim credit for originality but I did first see it on her site and was certainly not trying to steal her thunder.

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    Some people have nothing better to do than nit-pick! Just think of how many seams they could be sewing while they are emailing you!

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    There very few copyright rules concerning recipes and ideas like this. That’s why you see pretty much the same recipes and how-tos all over the ‘net with different pictures and whatnot. Since you used your OWN pictures and your OWN words for this technique, it’s yours by right. It’s a nice thing to do though to give credit to the original source of the idea. However, it seems through your research that Salad In a Jar isn’t all that original since it’s been around long before that. That irks me that people expect credit where credit isn’t due. 🙂

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    pat says

    Do you have to have the vaccum bag machine for this.

    Where can you buy these without going on the internet.
    I would love this but don’t buy from the internet.
    Thank you.

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    When I got my first food sucker (sealer to most people) it came with these jars and I sealed salad as an experiement. I may be the actual person to have done it first and all these others are looneys.

    trouble is, i don’t remember when I got my first food sucker. It seems so long ago. Definitely in a year with a 1 in front of it.

    glen in Louisiana

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    Patty says

    When you really think about it there are relatively few “New Ideas” anymore. Most of the blogs and web sites are seeing something somewhere and they put it on their site and call it their own idea. It is pretty much the same with many of the “New” quilt and bag and tote patterns that are being sold.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the patterns for all of these things so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel but MOST of them are not new ideas.

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    Well, I don’t think I’m going to go out an buy any new equipment….but I was inspired to use the idea of cutting up enough raw veg for my “today” salad that I could put an equal amount into a plastic container and save it in the fridge until tomorrow’s lunch. So now I only have to do all the cutting every other day. Maybe I’ll try three days next.

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    Mel Meister says

    *eyerolling* I think there is enough crap in the world without worrying that you didn’t give credit for the salad technique. You certainly did in the past and I still have the site in a Chrome tab from your first post!

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    Liz says

    Well, I opted to splurge for the little fresh-saver gadget. I checked the item at Walmart, but opted for the one at Amazon since it had a charging station instead of just a plug in. I thought it would look neater in the kitchen. I also ordered a couple of the deli containers to be able to put cheese and other items in.

    Now I just have to locate my collection of Mason jars and hope I can find some lids and rings.

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    barbara says

    good grief! what started out as sharing a great way to extend the life of salad in the fridge has become the best laugh i’ve had in months! 🙂 . does anyone really care where the idea came from or when? you shared it, you gave credit , we thank you. i would love to meet the chastiser and thank her for the laugh she gave me. i gladly give her credit for it. so, thank you, chastiser, for the great laugh. i needed it.