The Hillbillies

Yesterday one of Vince’s very, very nice friends came over with his trailer and moved our basement fridge to the house.  While he was here, he said “Let’s fill ‘r up!”  I had already asked Vince to take the extra recliner over there .. I need a place to nap!  So, we stuck it on the trailer. Then we added a book case and some boxes of books and I’m not sure what was in all the boxes in the foyer upstairs but they made the move too.

Vince was embarrassed.  He said “I feel like the Beverly Hillbillies!  I’ve never moved like this before!”  His friend said “Welcome to Texas!” and off they went.

Isn’t that a sight!  White fridge, off white cabinets, fridge door opens the wrong way.  Vince was all set to switch the door opening direction and I said NO!  That’s right for when it gets in the sewing room.

And all the cords . . up one side and down the other side of the fridge — that’s my unsuccessful attempt to get XM Radio to work.  Vince said “You wanted a metal roof and you got it!”  Even the booster can’t make it work.  We took it outside on the front porch, which has a metal roof but is open on three sides, pointed the antenna in the right direction and it wouldn’t work with or without the booster.  Vince was pretty frustrated so we walked across the yard to where the RV hookup is and there’s a plug out there and he plugged it in . . works perfectly!  Vince is going to see about getting an external antenna mounted . . something . . I don’t know what he said.  I can live without it but I’d rather not.

You can see that out my kitchen window I can see the work being done on my sewing room.  Have I told you how much I love my little house and my sewing room and having a little chunk of land?  🙂



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    That’s a good way to more – a little at a time so you can put things away before you have the whole house to deal with!
    Are you filling the car each time you go?

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    Jennifer W says

    I have to say, I’ve never moved the truck way. Every move my husband and I have made was with a closed stock trailer (multiple trips) and lots of filled vehicles. It also usually involves lots of our friends and food. We always repay the favor when any of them move. I guess it is a Texas thing!

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    Gwen says

    Vince may have been embarassed, but no one on the roads even batted an eye. The closest thing to a moving van most of us have is a rented UHaul truck! You can drive down the highwasy and tell when it is the first of the month, or time to move in or out of the dorm at college by the pickup loads you see! LOL! I guess Texas is really DIY!

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    Liz says

    It’s an Oklahoma thing too. A lot of pick up trucks and trailers around here, so it’s a lot easier moving a bit at a time, get it organized and then get ready for the next load.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the kitchen starts filling up with pots and dishes and pretty soon, you’re cooking all the time over there.

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    Alma says

    Vince needs to pile that trailer with lots more stuff to really be a hillbilly! Way too much wasted space on that trip!! Haha.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    My husband and I have moved liked this. You see it all around Arizona. It is really nice to move things into the new place slowly like this. You get to put things away before the next load is brought in! Have fun Judy. I can already tell you absolutely love your new home.

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    Charlene Tudor says

    Knowing how you feel about white cabinets, I have to smile every time I see your kitchen. My daughter replaced just the doors and has wood doors on a white cabinet and it looks nice – just an idea….

    • 9.1


      I’m actually liking these cabinets. You can see from the contrast with the fridge that my cabinets aren’t WHITE. I think it was the bright white that I didn’t like at all. While I’d prefer stained wood, I can live with what I have and won’t be changing them.

      • Liz says

        I like the beadboard on the cabinets. I have an island in my kitchen that is brick. I am thinking of adding a beadboard facing to the brick, for a change of pace. I’m trying to figure out how to attach it so I can reverse it and go back to brick at a later date.

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    I remember all the times you went looking for land before you moved to Texas. It’s so nice that you finally get to live this dream.

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    Oh Judy, that is not even close to Hillbilly! The recliner should have been tied to the top of the truck with someone sitting in it (maybe knitting 😉 ).

    So excited it’s happening for you.

    • 12.1


      Oh, he knew there was wasted space on the trailer but there’s no place to put anything at the house right now so we only wanted to take things that we can put away. NOTHING is going into the house except what will stay in the house because we have a way of never moving things out. Until we can put things in the shop and sewing room, there’s not much we can take over there.

      We have plenty of time (almost 2-1/2 months) so there’s no need to take anything til we have a place for it.

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    Linda in NE says

    That’s how everybody moves here in Nebr. too unless they’re moving across country or something. Carloads, pickup loads, stock trailer loads, U-Hauls, anything but moving vans. Vince must have always moved long distances.

    We have steel siding on our house and radio reception is terrible. Cell phone not so good either.

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    Marion Morgan says

    Inch by inch, it’s coming. Soon the big steps, big moving days, can’t wait to hear you tell all. And so happy your wishes are coming true at last.

  12. 17


    Well I’m a true hillbilly, so that is my preferred method of moving, LOL. A truck full of boxes is SO overwhelming. Of course if you’re moving very far, that’s your only option, but it is so wonderful to deal with just a few things at a time.

    So is a chicken coop in the plans yet? 🙂

  13. 18


    It can actually be quite fun to move like this – in little trips. Then you can put things away slowly and just SAVOR the process! WOW…you are all set now….you can sew, snooze and see the progress out your window!

    Have a great day!
    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Charlotte Betts says

    We have a 40×60 metal building in which my husband built an office, and he had to put up an external antenna for his computer and television to work. Once he retires, I am hoping that he will turn the office over to me to use as my sewing room. He calls it his “man cave” now, so I doubt that will happen. We moved into our new home 3 years ago hillbilly style after living in our former home for 30 years. You can imagine how many trips that took!

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    LOL – it’s not the hillbillies until you have an old granny sitting in that chair — and only because she wouldn’t get out of it to begin with! I love reading your adventures Judy. It’s nice that you’ll have some comforts of home at the new place while you wait for the moving van.