I may not be able to see the sunrises at the new house.  The woods are thick and pretty close to the house in the eastern direction.  Down the clearing of what will be our driveway I can see the sunset.  Last night, there were too many trucks in the way to be able to get a decent picture but it was gorgeous.  Just before dark, I walked out onto the front porch and saw this:

I didn’t crop out the yard so you could see my side yard.   There are two peach trees in the wire cages.  The one closest to the house didn’t survive and we’ll probably replant it or some other kind of fruit tree.  Right in this area is where I saw 7 deer Monday morning when I got there.  Beyond the fence is a pile of stone that matches the stone on the house in case we ever want to build anything.

Just the area inside the rail fence is all we’ll cut so you can see it really isn’t much and there’s not a lot of grass there — mostly weeds and sand!  It’s the trees and woods and no neighbors that I like.  As we were leaving last night, it was pitch black!  When you look in your rear view mirror  . . it’s just black . . you can’t see anything.  Vince said “It sure is dark out here!”  I think he was scared!  🙂


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    Donna in KS says

    Life out there will only get more lovely! WOW The stars in that sky have got to be overwhelming! That was what I loved about being in the middle of nowhere AZ for part of the winter.
    The nighttime sky! Oh, and UPS worked real well with that gated compound; nary a problem.

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    you can always have a big yard light put in. Some people around here do that – put one by the barn or the workshop – our neighbors across the road from us have one by their barn and it gives just enough light for us too that when we are coming home after dark it kind of gives us enough to make it not scary. We are a distance from them as our house sits down a ways from the road – I would kind of like one just so it isn’t too dark, but then I think about it and like it the way it is – I have porch lights so that is plenty.

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      I’ve had enough lights while living in towns. I love the darkness — the stars are so much brighter! I didn’t wait this long to live out in the country to start making it look like town out here! 🙂

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    Pretty! Not to give you ideas or anything, but if I had a pile of stone that matched my house, I’d build a wood-fired pizza oven! My friend Michele in Australia and her husband just finished one and it’s wonderful. Not that I can eat the nice crusty bread and pizza you can make in there, but I’d sure try! ;p Check out older posts at:

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    Freda Henderson says

    Yep, we live in the country and have a yard light. Makes me feel better. That is a gorgeous sunset.

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    Marky says

    When you mentioned how dark it was at the new house my immediate thought was, “oh my! how lucky she is to have a view of the stars!” Color me envious. While we live in a semi-rural area, ‘civilization’ is moving out toward us too fast, and it’s commercial development with more and more lights. My stars are fading and I’m not at all happy about ‘progress’.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    We have chosen to not have a large outside light at our house out here in the country. We have big spot lights that can be turned on if we need to see something. Otherwise, we enjoy the Milky Way and all those beautiful stars that can be so appreciated without outside lights. By the way, Chad will be wanting to set up a deer feeder and hunt! We have two deer in our freezer right now. Venison chili is out of this world good. We are happiest when we are behind our gate, just us and Sparky, the lab. UPS opens our gate and drives right up to the house. Fed Ex will not open the gate and just throws things over the fence out by the road! Once I ordered a new sewing chair and it was delivered by Fed Ex. They just put the chair over the fence in a plastic bag because it was raining! We didn’t look way down toward our gate for a long time that day. Thankfully, the chair didn’t get wet. Another Fed Ex man turned around at our gate and then backed into the gate! It could be just local, but if there is another option besides Fed Ex, we ask for UPS or the Postal Service to deliver our stuff. We don’t have a gate code or lock on our gate. Just a latch.

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    Liz says

    I have small solar lights at certain spots in my yard and I like them – just enough light to see the path and I pull them out and move them as needed and they do not add light pollution. So, I’m like you – I prefer to see the night sky.

    If you do get solar lights, make sure that they are the ones that you can replace the batteries on… replacement batteries are cheaper than replacing the entire light structure.

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    bcinindy says

    It sounds wonderful. This means that you do not have light pollution. My husband is really into stargazing and it is very hard to find an area that does not light from some source at night. You should be able to enjoy the planets and stars. They are as gorgeous as your sunrises and sunsets.
    Lucky you.

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    Diana in texas says

    there is nothing like sitting on the porch and looking at the stars. We had some gorgeous sunsets while at Brady. Cool crisp air and a beautiful Fall sunset! sounds like heaven to me!

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    It looks beautiful Judy! Enjoy the dark… a pet peeve of mine are those horridly bright lights from the power company people put up… they ruin the beauty of the night sky.

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    It does look lovely and so out in the country! What always strikes me when I go back home, to the country, is how big the sky is.

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    QuiltingBearGal says

    The farther out into the country you go, the darker it is, and the brighter the stars. I miss my grandad’s farm outside of Coleman and Santa Anna just for that reason.

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    peggy says

    I love the darkness. The area where we live has some very low lights on the entry street. It’s been great, but, for some reason, some of the neighbors who built after us have decided they need exterior lights all night long. Annoying for sure. Enjoy those stars and all that quiet.

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    Mary Jo says

    For years the area where we live was nice & dark. Now we have had so much growth with new houses, new businesses, new street light and lots more cars that you can hardly see the stars! I miss the dark!

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    Karla says

    When we lived in Moody the stars were so bright it felt that you could just reach out and touch them. That was the best part of living in the country.