Design Wall Monday – December 12, 2011

My design wall is the extra bed!

Yesterday was spent getting packages ready to be sent off today so there are lots of empty bags and packing materials on the bed but there’s also the quilt that I may never finish . . the second Bears in the Farmhouse top.  Are some quilts just meant to never be finished?   I know I made all the half square triangles for the border and either they’re somewhere at the other house, or packed, or I never made them because I sure don’t have them here with me.  I had wanted to get that finished . . it’s the UFO for December, but if I have to make all the half square triangles, it’s not going to get finished.  I’m going to get all the borders added up to that point and then see if I can find the half square triangles when I go back to the other house.

What’s on your design wall (or design bed or design floor)?


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    I think that some quilts are not meant to be finished in the way we originally thought they were supposed to be. I have many UFO’s that had issues and once I changed my plan (ie. the borders or the layout, etc) the quilt got finished. Maybe you will decide to put a few plain/easy borders just to get it finished?

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    Hi Judy!
    In order to get the UFO done, and if you really didn’t like the project and you really DON’T want to make more HST’s, why don’t you just sew all the blocks together, add 1 or 2 borders, and donate it?
    All objectives met and then you can work on something you really want to do!
    Take care, Leslie

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      I love this quilt! I’ve already made one and am making the second one because some day I’m going to have two twin beds in my guest room and I want these quilts on the beds and I want them to be somewhat identical.

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    Marky says

    I once lived in a house that had 2 kitchens and until I bought duplicate utensils/equipment, whatever I needed was always in the other kitchen. Sounds like you’ve got that situation now with the “other house” and some of your quilting materials. It will make the completion of your studio that much sweeter, won’t it?!

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    Bears in the Framhouse is one of my favorite quilts, and is on one of my spare beds.. thank you Judy.
    My design wall is a bit sad this week.. I have almost finished a foundation pieced bird, but ran out of the green / creamy/ goldie batik fabric. It was bought as a kit in 2009 and I have tried everywhere to get some scraps to finish it but no luck so far. If anyone can help… [email protected]

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    pdudgeon says

    sounds like a good plan to me!
    sometimes the hardest job we have is not to over-think a project. and since you don’t yet have the farmhouse, that second quilt can safely wait (or be re-allocated to a new ufo list) for a while until you get settled in to your new studio with no problems at all.
    I’ve got a set of soft, sunwashed pinky-peach floral material from the very old original Durham line that i’ve had (been hoarding) for several years now, just waiting for the right pattern. I may just re-purpose all of it into one of your “Bears in the Farmhouse” quilts. I’ll let my fabric simmer a few more months until Spring and then take another look at it. No doubt that between your stash and my stash are some beautiful quilts just waiting to happen.