Can Hardly Wait for the Palette Challenge

Yesterday morning, we were up bright and early . . like once at 1:06 a.m. and again at 4:10 a.m. so Vince said “Heck . . I’ll just go to work” and I said “Heck . . I’ll just start working on Bears in the Farmhouse”.  But I started thinking about the Color Palette Challenge and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Bears in the Farmhouse went back into the box and I went to Vicki’s palettes.  Even though I know that I like and use certain colors more than others, I was surprised at how much of a rut I am in when it comes to choosing colors.  I use a lot of purple, green and gold as well as a lot of brights paired up with black.  Several of Vicki’s palettes caught my attention and I printed them to try to plug the correct colors into the EQ design I was hoping to use.  It was frustrating to try to put together colors I don’t normally work with but very rewarding when the design worked nicely using those colors.  This Color Palette Challenge is going to get me to using a lot of new to me colors . . I can see that already.

And then I printed a few more palettes:

And then . . I ran out of ink!  Not really but I did print quite a few palettes before deciding on Colors of Autumn.

The next step was to see if I could find fabric here or if I’d have to go digging through boxes of fabric that are still at the rental.  I miss my fabric so much.

These fabrics are the ones I chose.  The orange is a the Shade Cascade by Blank and has four shades of orange.  That will work!  The black has a tiny little gold star which should work too but I’m not sure I have enough of it. If not, I have several other blacks.  I can use the black with the star for the outer border and then use another black in other areas.

One thing I know I’m going to learn while using Vicki’s palettes – even though we can add a background fabric, her colors don’t normally include a white or ecru so I’m trying to stick with just the colors in her palette and leave off the white and ecru.  That was a real challenge for me.

The fabrics that needed washing (all except the greens and the black) so I got that done and got gold and brown fabrics cut for some flying geese.

In case you haven’t noticed, the lighting in the bedroom where I’m sewing is terrible.  The lighting in the dining room is just as bad so once we finish the sewing room, we’re going to get the electrician over here to do some work on our lighting and adding additional switches.  The sewing room with have fantastic lighting!

For now, I’m happy to have a place to sew . . bad lighting or not!


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    I’m exhausted reading what you get up to so early in the morning! I like the sound of the colour challenge and have started checking it out.. thanks for letting us know about it.

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    That is so weird that you were checking out the color palettes on Vicki’s blog because I was looking at those same pictures on Sunday.

    I’m doing the challenge with a friend and we’re going to try combining the color challenge with a technique challenge. We’re also thinking of smaller sizes, with the current thought of using a 12″ x 12″ format.

    It’s going to be fun!

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    You go, girl! At least you’re inspiring me to get off my butt and on with my day. 😉 The lighting in my house is terrible. I’ve not had the electrician over in the 20 years I’ve lived here because I know the entire house needs re-wiring. The guys at Jerry’s (my local hardware wonderland) keep telling me I can do it myself. Considering I’m always in there to get some obscure part for something I’m fixing, I think they’ve come to have more confidence in me than I have in myself!

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    Linda in NE says

    I’m in a Scrappy Quilting rut, I know that. I’m afraid to look at Vicki’s Palettes because I’m pretty sure it would set me to lusting after new fabric and I already have so much to use…..a few pieces dating back to the 70s. I’d really get more done if I got up early like you do, but I haven’t been able to convince myself to be a morning person. I’ll be waiting to see the quilt you make with the Colors of Autumn.

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    Penny J Holliday says

    Judy ~ You are truly inspiring + today & definately leading me out of my comfort zone & I thank you! Penny in SoCA

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    Roberta says

    I so understand the need or at least the want to do something new. Challenges are the most fun!!!! I just finished up a SITP quilt top so get to move on to laying out a hex quilt. Then I’m going to sew a couple of things that are cut out ready to go. The hexes will have to be in the design wall for a couple days so I can make sure they are in the right order. 😉

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    It’s going to be tough for me to do this because the color palette has to appeal to me. But, I’m looking forward to seeing the results from everybody! 🙂

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      For me, it’s the “challenge” of using the colors in the palette. It’s easy for me to use the colors I love to use but it’s way harder for me to use colors that are not the one I use often. There truly are no colors that I don’t like though . . so it can’t be too hard. Remember, you can make a pot holder! 🙂

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    karla says

    i love the colors of the blue iris unfortunately i have one arm in a splint so sewing is a little difficult.