Dog in the Closet

Speck rarely lets me out of his sight.  If it’s just the two of us here and I’m in the bedroom sewing, he’s pretty content to sleep on the sofa.  There’s one way out of the bedroom and that’s through the family room so he knows I’m not going anywhere without him knowing it.  If Vince is home, Speck’s pillow is in the hallway between the bedroom and family room and he’ll curl up on that so he can watch both of us.

Except . . right now, there are Christmas cookies in the house.  How on earth does that dog know about Christmas cookies?  My first dachshund was the same way.  When I made sugar cookies with icing, that dog would keep us awake at night begging for cookies.  I’ve never been one to give people food to my dogs but I will give Speck the last piece of a cookie.  He knows to sit patiently and wait and once I give him his piece, it’s all gone.

With cookies in the house, he’s never where he can’t see me . . just in case I sneak a cookie and don’t share.  This afternoon I was in the bedroom sewing and I saw something move in the closet.  Speck!  I had tossed my flannel sheets in there because I’ll wash them and put them on the bed right before mom and dad get here.  There was Speck, all curled up in those sheets.

Staying nice and warm in the flannel and watching to be sure I don’t sneak a cookie without giving him a bite!



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    Linda in NE says

    Well, you never know. You MIGHT sneak a cookie without sharing. A dog just can’t be too careful! I have a cat who likes to share….they both want to at least SEE what I’m having.

  2. 6


    Well gee, Judy, I would be the same way if I lived at your house. I’d want to curl up on flannel sheets and be sure I didn’t miss a bite of cookie. Smart dog!

  3. 7

    karla says

    my dogs arethe same way cant sneak any food around them, i walk to the kitchen they are right behind me watching that i dont get anything that they want a bite of lol. smart little beggers

  4. 8

    Debra says

    Lol, as I read this post, I am sitting here eating my Chick-fil-a sandwich and, sitting right next to me, waiting to get the last bite of my sandwich, is my dog, Sooner. I guess some things are universal!

  5. 10

    Diana in TX says

    Had to chuckle at the picture. then I came across your old sunshine blog-sept.2, 2006-there is Speck curled up in the purple fabric!

  6. 11

    lw says

    Speck is adorable. While I was cleaning up the dishes, I gave a few leftover spaghetti noodles to my dogs (all hounds, except Harry’s mixed with german shepard.) I’ve never seen them happier.